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Country House by Zanon Architetti Associati (zaa)

A country house gets new life by the renovation of the interiors and the expansion of the living space designed with the juxtaposition of a glass and corten steel volume. The extension talks with the natural landscape through the wide windows. From the outside, the glass volume reflects the surrounding nature becoming part of it, from the inside the windows become invisible giving the impression of being outdoor: the living room becomes one whole space with the countryside.

The wide windows has been designed in an unvarnished but highly oxidized metallic material, according with the rustic quality of the site. Particular attention has been paid to the maximization of energy savings and acoustic comfort, using hardware with high thermal-break section bars and high-performing glasses, cooperating to the benefit of the wide glass curtain passive safety.

    • location: Treviso
    • status: completed
    • area: 450 m²
    • timeline: 2012-2013
    • client: private
    • partners: Mogs srl
    • photos: Paolo Belvedere
    • architect: Zanon Architetti Associati

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