Scandinavian Home Decor Ideas Style Guide for 2019

A complete guide to the Scandinavian home decor style for home architecture. Includes massive Scandinavian home interior design photo gallery.
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Welcome to the Scandinavian home decor ideas style guide where you can see photos of all interiors in the Scandinavian style including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers and more.

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Scandinavian master bedroom with parquet floor and white walls.

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Scandinavian master bedroom with hardwood floor and pendant light.
Scandinavian master bedroom with pendant light and white walls.

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Scandinavian master bedroom with pendant light and wood panel wall.

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What is Scandinavian Home Decor?

Elements of Exterior Scandinavian Interior Design

  • Integrates with nature,
  • Simple functional design,
  • Use of natural materials,
  • Vertical and horizontal weather boarding,
  • Tall ceilings,
  • Streams natural lighting,
  • Large or floor to ceiling windows, and
  • Skylights

Elements of Interior Scandinavian Interior Design

  • Predominantly white,
  • Bright colors combine with the main white color,
  • Large mirrors,
  • Principles of symmetry,
  • Furniture pieces are functional and stylish but not too trendy and contemporary,
  • Use of light colored wood and warm colors, and
  • Light wood flooring dressed up with rugs in subtle color,

Example of Scandinavian Home DecorA Scandinavian design with Scandinavian furniture for your interior is all about minimalism, natural light, and simplicity. You’re going to have a whole lot of functionality to go along with it as well, so you’ll be able to get a beautiful interior. The style is based on three different parts of the area, including Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. If you’ve ever been to an Ikea you’ve definitely seen some of the really cool modern Scandinavian furniture designs and ideals that can come from these areas already. If you want to get that kind of Scandinavian decor in your room you’re on the right track, though you’ll see some other standards with design as well.

Distinguishing Design Features

Scandinavian dining room tableThe main feature of this type of modern design furniture is that they are all extremely functional and useful but still affordable. They’re made with quality materials that don’t add too much cost at the same time. The pieces are all useful and functional in some way so you won’t’ find a lot of flamboyant additives or accessories to go along with the pieces. Instead, you’ll find smooth lines and straight features that seem to showcase the utility that they actually offer. You’re going to see a focus on making your life easier so there are a lot of storage pieces or simple pieces that double as some type of storage. There are also a lot of natural materials used to help influence the design and create a unique structure. Unique and unusual techniques are used in order to get the right fit and the right design for all of this as well.


Scandinavian home decor elementThe furniture and other aspects of this design use such materials as form-pressed wood, plastic, pressed steel or anodized, and enameled aluminum. This results in lightweight pieces that are still good in quality and long lasting. There may be pieces that are a little higher end made with leather or with hemp and other natural materials, though these are less common. They will still reflect the same utility as other pieces. Everything is designed in more muted colors and patterns (if any patterns) because the idea is simplicity and function over any type of statement or design setting. The pieces are meant to be pleasurable through simple functionality rather than through any kind of display or attention seeking.


Scandinavian table designThe furniture that you find in this style is definitely going to be unique. Though it’s not designed to necessarily be eye catching it will be at the same time. That’s because a lot of the pieces have a unique style simply through accident. This is mainly because the most efficient and effective method for doing what they are meant to do is entirely different from what most would consider standard. The pieces like chairs and tables, however, will generally be very standard in style and very basic at the same time. This helps make sure they fit into any home.

Décor Accessories

Scandinavian decor lampThe accessories that you’ll find in Scandinavian style are very much an extension of the furniture and other pieces themselves. You’ll find very utilitarian tables and shelves as well as somewhat basic and functional lighting fixtures. These pieces are intended to fulfill a purpose and meet a need but are not really intended to be anything more than this or to provide a lot of design aspects. They are still the same functional and utilitarian design that you find with most other pieces in this design. Where you’ll find some design process is with the actual décor instead of the accessory pieces.

There are often not a lot of accessories at all with this style, but the accessories that you will find tend to be more natural. You’ll find plants and other greenery throughout the space. You’ll also find some soft and comfortable blankets that are functional at the same time. You may find some bolder prints to put on the walls though this isn’t always the case either. In most instances, you’re going to find a few basic prints on the walls and large amounts of open space surrounding. This is considered a design element in itself with Scandinavian style.

Why it Looks Great

Scandinavian home office decorThis style looks great because it’s simple and basic. You’re getting a lot of what you really need without also cluttering it up with other aspects that aren’t important or that don’t add to the utility of the room. Instead of having a lot of clutter and items, the style is mostly characterized by a less is more mentality, which helps to keep space more open and free. This provides a very functional home. If you’re interested in something that is going to offer utility and function over a lot of anything else and that uses simple colors and styles to get there you’re definitely going to like this style.

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