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Parts of a Table (Dining Room and Coffee Table Diagrams)

Collage of a dining table along with its parts.

Welcome to our simple, but helpful diagrams illustrating the different parts of a table (dining and coffee tables).

While there are all kinds of tables, at the end of the day, their construction is fairly similar. There’s a top (surface), supports (legs) and depending the type of table, additional storage.

Below you’ll find our simple diagrams illustrating the anatomy of 2 types of tables.

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Parts of a Dining Table

Parts of a dining room table - diagram

A dining table is a pretty simple piece of furniture. Here are the parts.

Top:  The top is the surface on which you dine and place things. They vary by material and shape. Popular materials include wood, glass and metal. Common shapes include rectangle, oval, square and round.

Apron:  Not all dining tables have an apron. The apron serves as a structural component further securing the legs and table top together.

Legs:  Our illustration shows very simple straight, square legs. However, there are different table legs as well as many different types of furniture legs in general.

Side stretcher:  Side stretchers help secure the legs. Some tables have similar type bracing components that stretch the length of the table.

Parts of a Coffee Table

Parts of a coffee table - diagram

There are many different types of coffee tables. The illustration above is one design of many.

In fact, a coffee table is similar to other tables, except it’s shorter and many have a shelf level under the table top.

While most coffee tables are constructed of hard materials, you can opt for ottomans that double as coffee tables.

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