90 Stunning Dining Rooms With Chandeliers

Enjoy our post of 90 Stunning Dining Rooms With Chandeliers, featuring dining rooms from all different designs and styles with gorgeous chandeliers.

A chandelier is an excellent ceiling light for a dining room. It works even in dining rooms with regular height ceilings because even though it hangs down, it does so over the dining room table. This means you don’t have to worry about someone walking into it, although taller people when bending over the table may whack their head when standing up (I’ve been there and done that… more times than I can count).

I think you’ll find our dining room chandelier gallery super helpful in seeing different styles of chandeliers in different styles of dining rooms.

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Must-Have Chandelier Feature: Dimmable

If possible, get a chandelier with a dimming feature. It’s often nice to dine with lights slightly dimmed. We have a dimmable chandelier in our dining room which is terrific. It’s usually dimmed when eating in there.

Are chandeliers are good lighting choice for dining rooms?

Absolutely. I think it’s a must-have choice, especially enclosed dining rooms. Because it’s suspended above the table it’s not in the way. In fact, it illuminates the table which is what you want in your dining room. It’s much more apt than a chandelier in a living room (which of course is not out of the question).

In fact, it’s probably the most common type of light in the dining rooms we have on our site. A close second would be pendant lights, which is really a simpler version of a chandelier.

What’s the best style for a dining room?

There is not one style that’s best, although I’d avoid long chandeliers that extend too far down unless your dining room ceiling is quite high. This means 4 plus tiers is probably too long. I suspect most 3 tiered options would be too long as well.

At the end of the day, the style you get really depends on your dining room style.

What about recessed lighting?

What I like about recessed lighting is you can have it with a chandelier. Again, ensure the recessed lighting is dimmable. In fact, recessed lighting is an excellent additional lighting source with any other type of light, be it ceiling, lamp or wall lights.

What about flush-mount lights?

I’m not too keen about flush mount ceiling lights in the dining room. It’s too plain. Flush-mount is great for living rooms and bedrooms, but the dining room needs something a little extra, which the chandelier provides.

How many chandeliers should you have in the dining room?

One will do. The real issue is whether to get a smaller one or a massive one that really is the showpiece of the room.

I tend to prefer slightly smaller chandeliers over gargantuan, grand types that are 1 to 2 tiers. While placing it above the table is the best placement, having it hang down to the table is too much. One to two tiers will do.

Fancy or casual?

Whether you get a fancy type such as crystal or waterfall or empire chandelier or something more casual like a rustic, shade, craftsman or sputnik style depends entirely on your dining room design. For example, you wouldn’t want an empire style in a mid-century home.

Where to buy chandeliers?

The following are online stores with a huge array of chandeliers:





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