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42 Stunning Log Homes & Mansions (Photos)

A collage of different style of log houses.

Log cabin homes are absolutely beautiful. The look of the cabin, the contrast of color between the wood and the lush green surrounding, the serenity…all of this, plus more is what makes log cabins so picturesque.

There is no doubt that a log cabin home catches the attention of anyone nearby; but, most times, the inside of these homes are even more beautiful. This gallery includes both exterior and interior designs of a log cabin.

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As you know there are many different types of wood out there and choosing the correct wood can be difficult. There are plenty of factors that should be thought about while choosing the right wood.

Is the wood prone to bending, twisting, or shrinking? Is it durable and will it last long? It’s important to make sure you know a thing or two about the different wood species before you begin the process of planning a log cabin.

Popular Species of Wood for Log Homes

  • Eastern White Pine or Pinus strobus: This wood starts off lighter, but becomes darker with more exposure.
  • Western Red Cedar or Thuja plicata: A more expensive wood, especially in the United States. It’s beautiful but often hard to get a large abundance of.
  • Douglas Fir or Pseudotsuga menziesii: Also called Red Fir or Yellow Fir. It’s a very strong wood and is barely impacted by mold and fungus.
  • Atlantic White or Cedar Chamaecyparis thyloes: Commonly referred to as Juniper. It’s light brown, doesn’t decay easily, and holds paint well.

For more types of wood used in log cabin homes, click here.

There is a different way to build a log cabin – buying a kit. But, there are many downsides to doing so. If the kit doesn’t come perfectly made from the factory then it will not work on your home. It also takes several people and a fairly long amount of time to put it together.

It also takes some pretty technical carpentry skills. These kits can also get incredibly expensive and if they’re not done correctly it will be an immense waste of time.

Below is an incredible photo gallery of 39 log homes. The range in design showcases the wide variety of log home designs. You’ll note that some of the interiors are truly spectacular as well. If you love these log cabins, you may also enjoy our collection of rustic home interiors!

Enjoy the galleries.

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Log Homes

5-bedroom ski chalet log home

Large ski chalet log home

Here’s a 3,700 sq. ft. 5 bedroom log home ski chalet in Colorado. There’s an authentic great room plus multiple bedrooms to accommodate many people (two bunk rooms).

See the rest of this home here.

Log Home Interiors

Below is a smattering of log home interior designs.

The following log home photographs are provided by this premiere architectural designs website. who feature a photo gallery of over 200 log home plans and designs.

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Large log home with tower

Log home illuminated at night with a tower

rear of log home

Side view of log and rock exterior home with wrap around deck backing onto a forest.

Rear view of mountain log home on the edge of a ravine. The home boasts 3 floors and 2 decks.

living room of log home

Living room with vaulted ceiling and beams in a log home. Large fireplace forms the center of the home’s living space.


Open concept living room of log home

View of main living space of spacious log home with exposed beams and towering windows.

Wood kitchen of log home

Kitchen in a log home with custom pendant lighting, granite countertops and extensive use of wood cabinetry.

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Log home spiral staircase

Spiral staircase in a log home.

Log home mansion

Contemporary log home design with light-colored logs, A-frame center at the apex of a circular driveway.

kitchen of log home

Large exposed beamed kitchen with island and mixture of wood and stone materials.

Cathedral ceiling of log home

The cathedral-style living area in a large log home with 2-story stone fireplace and loft.

Massive custom log home with lots of windows

Rambling log home situated on the edge of a forest.

Front view of mountain home

Towering 4 story log home with rock pillars and multiple decks with a green roof.

Log home illuminated at night

Contemporary log home mansion with A-frame center illuminated at night.

This lodge house features large logs on its exterior. It has a wide lawn area as well.

This lodge house features large logs on its exterior. It has a wide lawn area as well. See this entire home here.

This house features both stone, wood and logs in its exterior. The design of this house is so stylish.

This house features both stone, wood and logs in its exterior. The design of this house is so stylish. See this entire home here.

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