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Steel Log Siding Cost, Pros and Cons

Photo collage of different types of steel log siding.

Steel log siding is getting a lot of attention from homeowners and design experts as a way to get a great log home look. But a lot of people don’t really know that much about this innovative siding product that can transform the look of your home and is durable, sustainable, and perfect for all climates. If you’re looking at siding options or are just curious about what steel log siding is here is a quick look at everything homeowners and future homeowners should know about this unique siding option.

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What Is Steel Log Siding?

Steel log siding is a unique type of siding that was only created a few years ago. It combines the strength of heavy duty steel with the beautiful look of natural wood to create a siding option for homes that is durable, easy to maintain, and has the look of real wood without the hassles and problems that wood siding has. Steel siding is the perfect choice for homeowners that want their homes to have a vintage charm and natural look but don’t want the cost and upkeep of natural wood.

Steel log siding is made of individual siding panels that are created from 28 gauge or 26 gauge steel. The steel panels also have a one-inch underlayer that provides additional strength and insulates your home from the elements and from street noise. The top layer of the siding is painted with durable paint to look like natural wood.

It is available in several different natural wood colors. And to make the siding look like real wood there are hewing marks, wood grain, and chinks etched into the panels. Because the natural elements are etched into the siding and not just painted on the steel log won’t lose the look of real wood.

It is installed just like any other type of siding. It is relatively easy and fast to install, similar to vinyl siding. But it is a lot more durable and looks better than vinyl siding, especially on homes that have Craftsman or vintage architecture.

An outdoor view of a brown house focusing on its steel log siding.

The History Of Steel Log Siding

Steel log siding is the product of old-fashioned American experience and innovation. It was developed in 2014 by a Colorado man who had 30 years of experience working with and installing siding. He knew there had to be a way to create a product that would look as beautiful as natural wood but had the strength and durability that homeowners need to keep their homes safe even areas with extreme climate problems like excessive heat, heavy snow, and hurricane-speed winds.

He used his experience and modern technology to create siding with the look of a real wood log but the strength and durability that only steel can provide. And since steel is light and easy to maintain it was a fantastic choice for this new type of log siding.

Outdoor view of a house with a steel log sliding in red color.

How Steel Log Siding Is Made

Steel log siding is made of individual panels that are cut from heavy steel then backed with a one-inch underlayer that helps provide insulation and reduces noise from the street. Then the top layer has hewing marks and grain lines etched into it so that those natural looking markings will last as long as the steel does. Finally, the panels are painted in one of several different natural looking wood colors like cedar and red cedar.

It’s is available in a range of colors from very dark brown to very light wood color so that there is a color to match any homeowner’s taste and vision for their home. Steel log siding is easier and cheaper to produce than wood logs and it gives homeowners the look of wood without having to cut down swaths of living trees to create wood siding.

The Pros Of Steel Log Siding

There are a lot of reasons why homeowners should consider investing in steel log siding. One of the biggest benefits of choosing steel log siding is that steel log siding is extremely durable. The strength of steel gives this siding the ability to last well in any climate.

And it also is fire resistant, insect and pest resistant, mold and bacteria resistant, and moisture resistant. It won’t fade, crack, peel, buckle, or warp like other sides of siding. Hail won’t damage it and neither will debris that might hit the house during storms.

Even heavy snow and driving rain won’t damage it. It’s practically indestructible which is exactly what homeowners need. When you invest in steel log siding for your home you won’t have to take on the cost of residing your home every ten years.

Steel log side is guaranteed to last at least 30 years. Another benefit of steel log siding is that it is extremely easy to maintain. Other types of siding need to be regularly pressure washed and cleaned with chemicals to prevent bacteria and mold from growing on them.

But steel log siding just needs to be rinsed off with a hose every now and then and it will look fantastic.

The Cons Of Steel Log Siding

There are not many cons to replacing the siding on your home with steel log siding. Steel log siding looks great and is really the most durable siding you can get. But that great natural look and easy maintenance come at a cost.

The con of using steel log siding is the cost. In general steel log siding costs a few dollars more per square foot than vinyl siding, which is the most popular type of siding because of the low cost. But vinyl siding needs a lot of maintenance and you can expect to have to replace vinyl siding every ten years or so and that can be very expensive over time.

Steel log siding may cost more up front but it needs much less maintenance and it lasts much longer than vinyl siding. If you have a large home the costs of regularly replacing vinyl siding can be prohibitive. Investing in more expensive steel long siding that will last longer than vinyl siding will save homeowners money in the long run.

The Cost Of Steel Log Siding

The cost of steel log siding can be higher than some other types of siding, and that’s a concern for some homeowners that are on a tight budget. Prices do vary a bit but the average price for premium 26 gauge steel log siding is $5.75 per square foot. And the price for standard 28 gauge steel log siding is about $4.75 per square foot.

In order to figure out what the cost of steel log siding for your home you will need to know the measurements of your home. Measuring your home isn’t as difficult as you might think. The key to getting an accurate measurement is to divide your home into squares, rectangles and triangles.

To get the square footage of the squares and rectangles of your home you just multiply the height and length of your home. That gives you the square footage. Just make sure that you subtract the area where the windows are.

And to get the square footage of dormers or the triangle areas of home you just need to multiply the height and length then divide by 1.5. Those formulas apply to any size home.