100 L-Shaped Kitchens with an Island (2019 Photo Collection)

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White L-shaped kitchen with island

We have a U-shaped kitchen with no island (peninsula instead).  You could say our island couldn’t be more different than the collection of L-shaped kitchens with an island in this gallery.

This kitchen layout works very well in an open-concept living space because it opens up and out to the other areas of the space such as dining area and/or living room space.  The island serves as a barrier of sorts, but also a great gathering area that straddles the entire open living space.

Below you can browse the many l-shaped kitchens each with an island.

The kitchen also offers a dining nook and top-of-the-line appliances.

Another look of the kitchen showcasing hardwood center island and pure white kitchen features.


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What is an L-shaped kitchen?

It’s a kitchen where the cabinetry forms an L-shape.  There are two sides.  One is usually longer than the other, but not always.  This layout is perfect for an island because there’s a large space in the center.  Some kitchens instead put a table in the center, but most have an island.

Relatively new design

The L-shaped kitchen is relatively new and its rise to prominence is a result of the growing popularity of open concept living spaces.  You can imagine that a L-shaped kitchen doesn’t make sense in an enclosed kitchen.  Those kitchens are typically U-shaped (like ours).  But in an open concept living space where there’s a dining area and/or living room in the same room, the L-shaped design is perfect for efficiently using space and creating a great aesthetic.

“L-Shaped Kitchen” trending chart

Check out the upward trendiness of this type of kitchen:

“Kitchen Island” trending chart

The upward trending chart trajectory of “kitchen island” is also impressive:

“Open Concept” trending chart

Finally, check out the trending chart for “open concept”:

“Open concept” trends along in sync with L-shaped kitchen (uncannily so):

Will these trends last forever?

No. Trends come and go and while open concept, l-shaped kitchen and kitchen islands are popular and trending in an upward direction now, rest assured, new and different kitchen layouts and designs will come along in due course.

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