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Call Me Crazy, But this is Why Carpet is My Favorite Staircase Material

Carpet protects your staircase and has a decorative purpose if you want to explore some step runners check out our input on various styles and colors.

Luxury carpet stair close up

As a child who oddly accumulated more bruises from running up versus down the stairs, I did appreciate carpeted staircases then.

Thirty years later, I didn’t realize that some carpets in this part of the house have a decorative purpose. Just now, I explored some step runners, and I have some input on various styles and colors I found.

For Victorian Homes

Here’s one that meets at least some Victorian architecture criteria.victorian carpet stairs

I would prefer a brighter house because of combating depression, but I do appreciate the colorful textures against the red-stained, varnished wood and intricate staircase rail carvings.

This specific staircase, by the way, is considered a piece of rare architecture located in Lviv, Ukraine. If you want to lighten up this area of your house, you could always opt for white, beige or gray tones that have at least some overtones of the stair’s wood color.

Subtle Contemporary ShadeSubtle Contemporary Shade stair case design

Check out: Subtle Contemporary Shade

I like the color scheme of this, whereas the carpet runner print stands out the right amount – not too loud and not too bland. It adds texture to what would otherwise appear to be a “natural drywall” colored area. This runner’s pattern also looks divine above the wood, which the homeowner has revealed enough of.

I think the carpet should extend maybe a half-inch further on both sides, however. It seems a little too narrow for the width of the stairs.

On Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircase with red carpetI would actually prefer a lighter carpet shade, but a dark spiral staircase runner probably would conceal dirt from shoes. It also does provide a balanced contrast to the neutral stairwell wall color.

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My preference would be black carpeting with white accents in it and white walls if I were going to incorporate black textiles onto my steps. Notwithstanding, I know everyone has different tastes.

Completely Covered Stairs

Clear Stair Treads Carpet Protectors Set of 2

If you want a brighter carpet and prefer to completely cover the stairs, this one may suit you. If you can keep it clean, a clear staircase runner would look exquisite.

If I decide to move into a larger place and get a dog, I would hope to be able to afford to hire a cleaner to keep it looking sharp for me. I know white doesn’t seem as practical as brown or black, but it sure does look like heaven to me.

Solid Colored Non-Slip Stair Rugs

Ottomanson Solid Softy Stair Treads, 14 Pack, Red, 14 Count

Lee Wallender of “The Spruce” states one of the cons of carpeting as it being “slippery.” It’s not that you can’t fall on carpeted stairs, but you’d probably experience fewer scrapes or bruises with the carpet as a cushion than without it.

Not only that, but you can use your creative powers to improve the appearance of an otherwise “drab” area of the house. I’m not sure how I feel about these non-slip stair rugs though.

They do come in many of the same colors and patterns as traditional runners, and it appears to take less work to apply them than one long piece. However, I’d prefer a print rug if I have neutral-colored walls in my stairwell.

Print Colored Non-Slip Stair Rugs

SUSSEXHOME Stair Treads - 100% Polypropylene Carpet Strips for Indoor Stairs - Easy to Install Runner Rugs W/ Double Adhesive Tape - Safe, Extra-Grip, Decorative Mats - 13-Pack - Gray

Here’s what a print instead of a solid-colored anti-tread rug could look like on stairs. I think this style covers more of the steps, which I like.

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If you can find a pattern that appeals to you, it may add a bit of texture as if you were to decide to install an entire runner but shows more wood. It’s a practical solution, but it may not do aesthetics justice if you’d rather have a full stair runner or carpet.

Some Challenges With Carpeting Steps

It’s sometimes tough to find a pattern that you like, although you’ll see endless options. However, using smartphone apps that show you how a carpet would look before you buy it could help you with this decision.

Fining the right size also may be an issue, which increases the challenge of finding your preferred colors and styles. It may take a while to acquire the stair runners you want, but if you do find the right patterns, it may be worth the wait for you.

Don’t give up if you don’t find the one you want as soon as you start shopping. These decisions take time and remember that you’ll be “stuck” with it, so it’s worth giving it some thought.

Advantages of Carpeted Stairs

Six years ago (circa 2017), Dana Rasmussen of “The Spruce” asks, “Is it just me or does it strike anybody else a bit strange to just carpet only the stairs?”

However, Rasmussen does say that it can add to your interior design. As of 2021, people believe that it could help you redecorate without having to repaint the walls or replace the stairs.