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7 Healthy Seating Alternatives to the Regular Chair

An employee sits on a fitness ball while working as a healthy alternative to office chairs.

By now, almost everyone must have heard the health risks associated with prolonged sitting. Sitting for long hours on a chair spells out a sedentary lifestyle which can increase the risk for all types of cancer. It also significantly contributes to obesity and leads to posture defects, among others

This is especially true when you have a nine-to-five job. Conventional offices and furniture are designed in such a way that employees are planted in their desk chairs for their entire working hours. However, with increasing awareness of health and fitness, companies are more keen to promote good health among their employees.

So it’s now easier for a health-conscious employee to ensure regular movement such as standing or walking while working. One of the best ways to make the change is by replacing the regular chair with healthy seating alternatives.

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1. Fitness Ball

A woman sits on a fitness ball while working in her office.

Fitness balls have become a very prevalent chair alternative in the workplace. Using a ball like this is going to allow you to engage your core while you are sitting down. It takes a bit of effort to properly sit on one of these fitness balls. You will be balancing yourself and maintaining good posture while using the fitness ball.

People who have back problems have been able to alleviate them by using this as a chair alternative. You will be able to use this throughout a normal workday to avoid much of the stress that sitting in a normal chair puts on your body. It will make your hips and back feel better at the end of the day. You can also choose to switch out a normal chair for a fitness ball at a certain point in time to ensure that you aren’t sitting too much.


This is going to be an easy chair alternative to make use of. You will be able to purchase a fitness ball at a low price and can use it in the office regularly. You could use this at home, too, when you want to work on your posture or give your body a break from normal sitting. These fitness balls feel good to sit on and help you to engage your core, allowing your abdominal muscles to develop.


There are people who don’t like trying to balance themselves on one of these fitness balls. It can be fairly cumbersome for people who lack balance. Trying to work or do other tasks while balancing on the ball can prove difficult to certain individuals. It may not work out well for everyone.

2. Standing Desk

Four ladies working at a standing desk.

You may have heard that sitting too much is very bad for your health. Recent studies have shown that sitting all day at an office job can really negatively impact your overall health. If you want to find an alternative that will allow you to maintain your health, then looking into buying a standing desk is a great idea. A standing desk is going to allow you to do your work while standing up.

Standing is much better for your health overall. You’ll be able to stand up while doing any work that you need to do. Whether you are writing a report or crunching numbers, you’ll be able to do so in a much better way. Some people buy adjustable desks so that they can stand for part of their workday and sit for a certain portion of the time.


This desk allows you to avoid sitting down while you are working. It is possible to adjust many of these desks so that you can use them with a chair, as well. You will be able to avoid many of the health problems that people get from sitting down too much. It will keep you in better shape, and your back will likely be much better than it would be if you were sitting the whole time.


Standing desks are good for people who want to avoid the negative consequences of sitting too much. Not everyone is going to be in good enough shape to feel natural standing for their entire workday. This may be tough for someone who is carrying a little bit of extra weight. It may be a good idea to start out slow and slowly add more standing time to your workday as you gain strength.

3. Treadmill Desk

A woman takes a phone call while working on her laptop at a treadmill desk.

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This chair alternative is somewhat like the standing desk mentioned above. You know that sitting is bad for your health. It will be possible to change your situation by buying a non-traditional desk. Some desks will even allow you to exercise while you are performing your normal job.

A treadmill desk is a fantastic way to stay in shape. You can walk while you are working on normal tasks every day. You will be able to continue to type up reports, answer phones, and do all of your other daily work tasks. Some people may find this to be difficult, but for those who want to stay in shape, this is going to be a very good chair alternative.


This is a great way to get exercise while you are working. It will be a lot better for your body than simply sitting in an office chair all day long. You won’t feel like you need to go to the gym if you are exercising throughout your entire workday. Desks like this provide you with the tools that you need to stay in shape while using your time efficiently.


Having enough energy to constantly exercise throughout your workday may be difficult. Many people have a tough enough time getting through their workday as is. Adding in an ample amount of exercise to your normal workload may be a bit extreme. The appeal of this idea really depends on how much drive you have to get into shape.

4. Stools

Two men opposite each other working on their laptops while sitting on stools.

Stools are very much like chairs in some ways, but they just lack some of the features that chairs have. The most notable difference between a chair and a stool is that a stool has no back. This forces you to maintain your own posture, which can actually be good for you. People use stools in their homes for many different purposes.

Barstools are commonly used in homes and businesses. Some people have barstools set up in their kitchens to give the room the feeling of a traditional diner. These stools can look aesthetically pleasing while providing people with a comfortable place to sit. They’re good chair alternatives that can really be useful in certain places.


You will be able to use stools in many areas throughout your home. These chair alternatives are common in both residential and commercial circles. You have probably used all sorts of different stools throughout your life. They can look very intriguing, and finding stools that will match up nicely with your desired décor style won’t be too difficult.


Some people simply do not like to sit on stools. It can be uncomfortable for certain people due to the lack of back support. Also, stools will only be a practical chair alternative in certain situations. Stools may not work well in all parts of your home.

5. Beanbag Chairs

A young man works on his laptop while sitting on a beanbag chair.

Beanbag chairs are a bit of an oddity on this list. Most of the chair alternatives being mentioned are aimed at office chair alternatives, but this one is more often seen in people’s homes. A beanbag chair can be a very fun chair alternative for anyone in your family. They are especially popular among children and teenagers.

This is a chair that is a bag that is full of beans or another type of material. Sitting in one of these chairs feels significantly different from sitting in a normal chair or on a sofa. The beanbag chair will sort of conform to your body, and it can be very comfortable. Many people find them to be quite stylish as well, and there are many colors of these chairs available to purchase.


A beanbag chair is a great accessory for any bedroom. Some people even use them in the living room. They can be either large or small, so you can potentially sit multiple people on one beanbag chair. These are great chairs for spending a cozy night inside while watching movies.


It is easy to damage a beanbag chair if you are not careful. If you wind up puncturing the chair or otherwise damaging it, the chair may be difficult to save. There are some more durable beanbag chairs on the market, but those models usually cost more money. These chairs can be fun for those who are willing to be careful enough while using them.

6. Kneeling Chairs

A woman poses and sits on a kneeling chair while working on her laptop on her workstation.

People who have problems with their hips or the joints around their hips may want to look into these kneeling chairs. These types of chairs are very good at relieving pressure from your hip area. When you first see these chairs, you’ll probably think that they look a little funny. They do have an unusual design, but sitting in one can actually be fairly comfortable once you are used to it.

Kneeling chairs can also help to keep your spine aligned better than a traditional office chair. If you are worried about back issues, then using a chair like this is a good idea. It doesn’t have a traditional back, and you will need to maintain a good posture. This may be too uncomfortable for some people, but it is gaining in popularity among those worried about fitness and spending too much time sitting down.


Being able to alleviate the stress on your hip and your hip joints will be nice. If you have issues with your hips, then this is going to be a good seat to consider. You can help to keep your spine aligned properly and will generally feel more energetic if you use seating options like this regularly. It may take some getting used to, but those who have used these chairs regularly typically begin to really like them.


There are many people who find these kneeling chairs to be absolutely uncomfortable. This isn’t going to be a seating solution that will appeal to everyone. Many people even have problems getting up and down when using this type of seat. It can be difficult to sit down in the chair properly for some people, so you may want to try it out before you make a purchase.

7. Saddle Seats

Saddle Chair

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Saddle seats are starting to become very popular among office workers as an alternative to a traditional office chair. One of the biggest benefits of using this type of seating is that it forces you to improve your posture. This is basically a chair with no back to it, and you will need to position yourself properly to make use of it.

The way that you sit on a saddle seat is different from a traditional chair, too. Your legs will hang more naturally, and this reduces the stress on the back of your thighs. Many people who have switched to these types of seats have noticed less back pain over time. It is a seat that is worth considering for those who want to maintain good posture.


You can help to reduce leg pain and back pain if you get used to using this seat. Your posture is going to naturally improve due to needing to compensate for the lack of back support. This seat is very small too, so it will be easy to store it away when it is not in use.


This seat is not going to be comfortable for everyone to use. There are going to be many people who will feel that this chair is a bit cumbersome. It does allow your legs to hang more naturally, but the lack of back support will feel too awkward for many. It can be tough for people who aren’t in good shape to use seats like this for long periods of time.