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The 21 Best Sofa Brands of 2023 (Affordable to Luxury): We Asked the Experts!

Luxury sofas, collage photo.

Do you know how many different sofas there are to choose from? Sofa brands?

It’s a lot.  It’s mind-boggling actually.  It makes choosing the perfect sofa difficult. I often wonder how all these brands and companies sell enough to stay in business.  

Which is why we put together this article. Instead of listing specific sofa models, we thought it would be far more helpful to get experts to weigh in suggesting their go-to sofa brands.  With a short list of brands, the number of sofas to choose from is far more manageable. 

The list below is a carefully vetted list of the favorite sofa brands used by the pros, that is interior designers.

These folks know what they’re talking about, and we are here to listen. We’ve prepared a list for everybody’s taste and financial means. We asked the experts their opinion on their favorite luxury sofa brands, mid-grade sofa brands, and low-cost sofa brands — there’s a little something for everyone!

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Price ranges put to experts:

  • Low-cost: Sofas under $1,500
  • Mid-grade: Sofas costing $1,500 to $5,000
  • Luxury: Sofas costing more than $5,000

Quick list of the best sofa brands suggested by interior designers

If you just want the list, here it is. Below you can read the full in-depth write-up and quotes from the many interior designers we spoke with.

Best Budget Sofa Brands: Under $1,500

A. Best Low-Cost Sofa Brands (Under $1,500)

We asked several interior design experts “What is your preferred low-grade sofa brand?”

Here were their responses.

1. CB2, Article & Rove Concepts Brands


Article, CB2, and Rove Concepts are some budget-friendly options with solid, well-designed looks. Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s recent collections for Living Spaces also deliver high design at accessible pricing.

Straight from Breeze Giannasio’s website, her choices of sofas choices reflect her ideals. Every interior designer needs to be prepared for lower budgets, and Breeze generously gave us 5 different furniture companies who can fit these needs!

I did a little hunting and found some super affordable and stylish options from each of Breeze’s company recommendations.

From CB2 Furniture, the Tablon Snow Sofa has a really cool wooden frame with marshmallow-looking cushions. It is absolutely to die for.

Visit CB2

This is what Jarret Yoshida had to say when asked about his favorite affordable sofa brand. I bet you’re just itching to know what brand it is. Drum roll please….


“When this [CB2’s Boho Daybed] goes on sale and goes for $1000, GRAB IT. We’ve sold it to clients with penthouses overlooking Waikiki, to smaller, darker apartments in Manhattan needing a breath of fresh air. Chic, open and affordable, it reminds me of Hoffman dining chairs. I love this daybed and the ability to dress it up or down with pillows. It also serves as a sleep space for that extra guests, which is fantastic!”

CB2's Boho Daybed
Check out this CB2 Sofa

Rove Concepts

And from Rove Concepts, the Luca Sofa is shockingly affordable (especially if you’re a member) and is the perfect size for smaller spaces.

Visit Rove Concepts
Rove Concepts Sofa

Article Furniture

From Article Furniture, the Sven Birch Ivory Sofa. A super cozy heather grey color, with a somehow simultaneously rigid yet plush frame would be suitable in any space.

Visit Article
Article Sofa

Article Furniture is seemingly a very popular choice for low-grade sofas! Carmit from Carmit Oron Interior Design seems to be particularly excited about what Article Furniture has to offer. I mean, who doesn’t love saving money?


I also love using Sven from Article Furniture. It has a rich velvet look, and it is a deep and comfortable sofa (see our list of the best deep-seated couches). It gives a nice modern, mid-century feel, yet in the right combination with other furniture, it can fit in any home. You can pair it up with beautiful linen pillows, and it’s ready to go!

Funnily enough, Lauren Winter from Inside Stories Design recommends this exact model to her lower budget clients as well! See our list of the best deep-seated couches.

From Article Furniture, the Sven Pacific Blue Sofa.

Visit Article
Article Sven Velvet Sofa

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent

At the Living Spaces online shop, you can find stunning budget-priced sofas by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. This is the Matteo Estate sofa.

Visit Living Spaces
Matteo Sofa at Living Spaces



Beth Welash – Interior Changes

Beth Welsh from Interior Changes had a little bit of a different opinion on entry-level sofas. Though she doesn’t have any favorite specific models, she certainly knows what folks should be looking for in a sofa that is going to live a long life. Take notes! These are some valuable tips.

“I don’t know a specific line to recommend for entry-level sofas, but these are some things that I would look for in that price point to try to get longevity and a higher level of durability: hardwood frames with sturdy joinery (no staples or glue), sinuous springs to keep from sagging, padded edges on the frame and arms as these are the places that break down and also create comfort, legs that are integral or screwed in, high resilient foam cushions that fit snuggly in the frame, and fabrics high in polyester content, because they’re usually more durable and easy to clean with water (acrylic fabrics and microfibers are also tough wearing).”

2. World Market Sofas

Ruthie Staalsen from Ruthie Staalsen Interiors truly has longevity in mind when she makes her furniture choices. She understands that sofas are going to be around for a long time, and she wants to suggest pieces that clients will be able to pass on through the family.


“World Market has a great sofa at a lower cost. Perfect for furnishing your starter home, games room, or you new college students apartment.” 

The Brynn Feather-Filled Sofa at World Market is a great example of comfortable and stylish at an affordable price.

Visit World Market
World Market Brynn Sofa


I bet you were wondering when we were going to mention the ever famous Ikea, and Maite Grande is the first one to recommend it! Ikea has been there for us in all phases of our lives, and Maite knows the value of a stylish bargain.


“I truly love the Friheten Sofa sectional from Ikea.”

I myself have owned and loved this particular sectional. It fits in almost any space, you can stuff many friends onto it, and it even pulls out into a sofa bed! What’s not to love?

And here comes the rolling in of Ikea recommendations. Michelle from Design by the Jonathans understands that it’s important to have choice, and if Ikea has done one thing perfectly, it’s giving you tons of choices.


“For a stylish, low-cost sofa, it’s Ikea. Ikea has great style and will give you a current look on a budget — if you have a low-use sofa need, it’s a great choice.” 

The Friheten Sofa by IKEA

Visit IKEA
Ikea Friheten Sofa

4. west elm

“LilyMae Design is most appreciated for her ability to integrate her clients’ personality and lifestyle into beautiful, timeless spaces. Her use of clean lines and the interplay between fine textures and color create sophisticated and functional living environments.”

Take right from the LilyMae Website, this statement has been made wonderfully apparent based of off Lisa’s sofa recommendations. All the way down to our low-cost options, she has something stylish up her sleeve.


“If you’re on a tight budget, it’s the Paidge Sofa from West Elm. It’s available in two sizes and has the option of a down or poly fill cushion. West Elm also has an array of performance fabric options to choose from.” 

The Paidge Sofa by west elm.

Visit west elm
Paidge Sofa by west elm

Check out more of the best affordable sofas here.

B. Best Mid-Grade Sofa Brands ($1,500 to $5,000)

We put the question “what is your preferred mid-grade sofa brand?” to numerous experts.  Here are their responses.

1. Interior Define

Breeze Giannasio from Breeze Giannasio Interiors used to have a career as a corporate lawyer! It turns out that a lot of these skills transfer seamlessly into interior design — implementing discipline and high standards, her attention to detail ensures that clients get exactly the results they imagined.

When it comes to Breeze’s preferred mid-grade sofa, she recommends customized sofas from Interior Define.


They [Interior Define] allow retail clients to customize their own if they don’t have an interior designer, but generally we would provide direct services to a more tailored approach.

Sloan Sofa by Interior Define
Visit Interior Define

2. Van Gogh Furniture

Susan Bilbey from was kind enough to chime and said here favorite mid-range sofa brand for clients is Van Gogh Designs. Specifically, she says:


Van Gogh is a Canadian company with an office and facility in BC, and they work with local suppliers where possible. Their lead time is not too long and they have a large range of styles and materials to work with!

The Charles sofa by Van Gogh Designs
Visit Van Gogh Furniture

3. Lee Industries

Beth from Interior Changes holds a heft Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts & Communication from the University of Wisconsin. These skills are directly implemented to her interior design finesse. Beth is also a fan of what Lee Industries has to offer. They have so many options of mid-grade sofas that she really can’t pick just one!


“Lee Industries is a very nice mid-grade company that offers a variety of styles for sofas that can be customized with hundreds of fabric options. The quality is worth the price, and with many different body styles, most clients can find one that will dress up or dress down to meet their needs.”

I checked out a few models and found No. 1075 to be particularly charming. With a funky, plush, cinnamon upholstery, the sofa will fancify every space.

Lee Industries' No. 1075

4. west elm

Carmit Oron Interior Design works very attentively with their clients. No project is too big or too small, and the intent is to create a space with timeless beauty paired with quality furniture choices. Even when working with a smaller budget, Carmit is adiment on finding the best possible option.

Carmit’s preferred mid-grade sofa is made by West Elm — specifically, the Axel Leather Sofa.


“I love the comfort, the color of the leather, and the finish of the sewing of this particular sofa. It has a rough edge detail on both sides. I love the modern and clean line along with the color, texture, and comfort. The price range for this sofa is very reasonable, and I recommend this model often.” 

West Elm's Axel Leather Sofa
Visit west elm

5. Anthropologie

Ruthie from Ruthie Staalsen Interiors gets excited about combining antiques and historical pieces along with fresh modern pieces. This marriage is perfectly portrayed by her choice of mid-grade sofa.


“I’m all about adding color into your home, and Anthropologie has great selections to choose from.

This one is my personal favorite: The Carroll Contrast Piping Sofa”. This sofa is just gorgeous, with the perfect shade of mustard yellow and plush cushions, Anthropologie can bring style and kitschy-ness to any space.

Anthropologie's Carroll Contrast Piping Sofa
The Carroll Contrast Piping Sofa
Visit Anthropologie

6. CR Laine

Kelly Sohigian has over 20 years of interior designing experience, and she is well versed in exceeding expectations of all clients. Kelly Designs comes with an impressive collection of interior designing awards, due to her drive to go above and beyond for clients.


“The 8101 Series Taylor sectional is one that I have used in quite a few different applications – and customer just love it! The quality and styling is exceptionally good.”

Kelly highly recommends Cr Laine Furniture when it comes to choosing a quality mid-grade sofa.

Cr Laine Furniture's 8101 Series Taylor

We’ve got another fan of the Cr Laine furniture line! Lauren from Inside Stories by Duet Design Group knows where to find high quality furniture at any price point. With a timeless and fun aesthetic, they truly know how to bring life to a room.


“Their styles hit a variety of different clients and the pricing is great for the quality! My favorite right now is their new Nelson Sofa. The wood detail on the front and the clean lines make it a classic, contemporary piece.”

Cr Laine's Nelson Sofa

7. Rove Concepts

Floridian Maite Grande, is capable of finding luxurious and high quality items no matter the price-point. She finds unique pieces with ease, and Maite was super excited to share her favorite mid-grade sofa choice with us. Obsessed with color and texture, this choice was a no brainer.


“The Milo Sofa & Sectional from Rove Concept meet all the requirements of luxury and comfort within a reasonable price range!”

Rove Concept's Milo Sofa & Sectional
Visit Rove Concepts

8. Charles Stewart Company

With emphasis on function coupled with easeful beauty, Michelle from Design by the Jonathans understands that sofas get a lot of use! With durability in mind, Michelle told us that the Charles Stewart Company can give you gorgeous models too.


“Charles Stewart Company out of Hickory, North Carolina, is my favorite resource for custom mid-range upholstery. The quality and comfort is great, and it will hold up very well over time or in tough situations. They have a ‘Transitions’ line and a ‘Traditions’ line to suit most clients’ needs. I particularly love their Sahalie sofa.” 

Charles Stewart Company's Sahalie Sofa
Visit Charles Stewart

9. Wesley Hall Furniture

Lily Mae Designs commit themselves to a relaxed, yet elegant design aesthetic. With a very diverse portfolio, Lisa is able to help every client create a space under any budget, and any sense of style. Lisa gave some great information on her preferred mid-grade sofa brand.


“I use Wesley Hall Furniture Company. The pieces are made with care and are 8-way hand tied, a high quality option for this price range. I like to use the Toya Sofa which is a super comfy tight back sofa that always looks neat and tailored. They have a wide range of custom fabrics/finishes to choose from, and many are pet and kid friendly fabrics.”

Wesley Hall Furniture's Toya Sofa
Visit Wesley Hall Furniture

10. Lazzoni

“Ask me anything” is the motto that Jarrett Yoshida likes to abide by. Jarret Yoshida Design likes to explore all possibilities when it comes to designing a space, and makes any request a reality. A super relaxed person who likes to reflect this mentality in his work, he was very specific about his favorite mid-grade sofa.


“Lazzoni has the most beautiful sofa that marries a classic traditional sofa, the Chesterfield, with the sleek lines of a contemporary furniture piece to create The Modern Chester. This goes well with any interior and has a comfortable but firm seat, which I love.” 

Lazzoni's The Modern Chester
Visit Lazzoni

C. Best Luxury and High-End Sofa Brands (More than $5,000)

Finally, we asked several experts “What is your preferred luxury sofa brand?” 

Here are their responses.

1. Lawson-Fenning

Breeze Giannasio comes from Malibu, California, but serves an impressive number of surrounding locations. Breeze Giannasio Interiors are the first choice when it comes to spaces of sophistication and fresh style. When we asked her this question, she was enthusiastic about suggesting Lawson-Fenning sofa’s.


“They have an incredible range of beautiful, timeless looks.”

Lawson-Fenning allows you to choose your model, and then decide which upholstery suits your lifestyle best, for a super customized experience.

The Ojai Sofa is incredibly unique model. A piece you won’t encounter very often, the Ojai is a statement sofa that brings freshness and style to any room “The Ojai Sofa features a solid white oak or solid walnut base and a single tufted leather cushion with leather straps.”

Lawson-Fenning's Ojai Sofa
Visit Lawson-Fenning

2. Century Furniture

Beth from Interior Changes is passionate about what Century Furniture has to offer — and we trust her! With over 20 years of experience designing residential and commercial spaces in the Lake Geneva area of Wisconsin, she is certain that this furniture company can make something dreamy for any client. Customizable sofas are all the rage, and Beth said this about their service:

Century Furniture has a fully customizable sofa called the Cornerstone which offers every option for suiting almost any style. You can create a modern deep seated 9′ sofa with wide track arms in a lush fabric or go a completely different direction and sit more upright with a rolled arm traditional box welted 7’couch in a linen fabric. Both will have lifetime frames and great wearing cushions to carry you through until the next generation hauls it off to college.

Century Sofa
Visit Century Furniture

3. Lee Industries

It seems that a huge portion of furniture companies are offering customizable products, which is so wonderful considering how unique everyone’s needs are. Carmit from Carmit Oron Interior Design uses Lee Industries as her go-to for customized sofas. Carmit is based in Sunnyvale, California, and loves having the opportunity to surprise her clients with her impeccable design skills.


“For luxury sofa’s, I like using Lee Industries and customize it to my needs. For super comfortable sitting, I recommend going with a deep sofa and add lots of pillows that add textures and colors and always makes a room feel complete. Whenever I can, I recommend going with a full mattress for seating vs. two or three pillows. Here is my favorite model by Lee Industries.” 

Lee Industries' 1967 Sofa
Visit Century Furniture

4. Montauk Sofa

Susan Bilbey from also chimed in with her favorite high-end sofa brand which is Montauk Sofa. Montauk Sofa is a also a Canadian furniture maker based in Vancouver.  Susan explained why it’s her go-to high-end option as follows:

“It’s also a Canadian company, and they make really fantastic quality products. The materials are fabulous and construction is well-made, and they last forever. Their sofas are so incredibly comfortable and well-proportioned. Their lead times might not be the fastest, but it’s worth the wait.”

Here’s an example from Montauk Sofa (the Mary Jane Sofa):

The Mary Jane Sofa by Montauk Sofa
Visit Montauk Sofa

5. Room & Board

When it comes to creating a relaxed atmosphere, Ruthie Staalsen is the expert. Serving Grapevine, Texas, Ruthie Staalsen Interiors is passionate about gathering families together, and turning spaces into places that are simultaneously casual and elegant.

If you’re part of a big family with a love for pets, Ruthie insists that leather sofas are a win. Leather for easy cleaning, soft cushioning for everyone’s comfort, and “mid-century design and channeled back makes it sophisticated”. Room & Board has the answer to all of these needs, and Ruthie recommends the Goodwin model.

Room & Board's Goodwin Model
Visit Room&Board

6. Neiman Marcus

Hailing from Fairfield, Connecticut, but serving locations far and wide, Kelly from Kelly Designs combines 15 years of fashion design with 15 years of real estate experience to exceed her clients’ needs. Kelly knows sophistication, and shared her love of this astonishingly posh sofa for a study re-design project. Found on the Neiman Marcus website,

Neiman Marcus' Marian Leather Sofa
Visit Neiman Marcus

7. Casa Desus

If you were looking for a little Spanish flare, this is where you’ll find it. Maite Grande is a Cuban-born designer who grew up in Madrid, and now graces America with her unparalleled send of style. Maite Grande Designs serves the Key Biscayne area in Florida, and she is intent on ensuring a space has a zen balance, but with tasteful color and texture.

When we asked Maite what her favorite luxury sofa was, she ecstatically replied: 


“I LOVE the Alex Sofa & Sectional from Casa Desus.”

This particular sofa offers a variety of shapes and pieces, allowing for a truly customized composition. It looks amazing and is very comfortable – ideal for lounging and as a reading sofa.

Casa Desus' Alex Sofa
Visit Casa Desus

8. A. Rudin

New Haven, Connecticut, is lucky to have a design team such as Design by the Jonathans. Their priorities are friendliness, reliability, and a flare for all things beautiful. Michelle graciously shared her personal opinion, and didn’t hesitate when stating her go-to luxury sofa brand.


“I would highly recommend A. Rudin. If you want to see a beautiful showroom filled with stunning and unique furnishings, go to A. Rudin. They are the highest in quality and innovative design. Nothing typical here. It’s my go to resource for clients with nice budgets who want a quality piece that you won’t find just anywhere.”

No. 2769 is a sofa that you would half expect to see Marilyn Monroe draped over.

A. Rudin's No.2769
Visit A. Rudin


9. Hickory Chair

Lily Mae Designs is here for all dwellers of Washington, DC, who are looking for that fine interplay between sophisticated and functional living environments. This design team really likes to focus on upholstery, and Lisa told us that “one of my favorite sofa lines is Hickory Chair…”


“…the quality and lines of their upholstery is unmatched. I especially love to use the 9th Street Sofa. All of their upholstery is 8-way hand tied and lasts a lifetime. They will also let you customize to a bench seat and it comes in any fabric or finish you choose. The design possibilities are endless.”

Hickory Chair's 9th Street Sofa
Visit Hickory Chair


10. Cliff Young

When you’re looking for the latest styles, you go to New York City. And if you live in New York City, you call Jarret Yoshida to get your living space in order. Jarret Yoshida Designs want to allow any client to access indulgence and luxury in the context of everyday living.


“Homegrown in the United States, Cliff Young makes a sofa that both looks and feels like luxury. The Calinda’s Sofa entices everyone near it to sit and relax. We are showing it now to a prospective client in Hudson Yards who loves it for his open living room.”

Cliff Young's Calinda's Sofa


Visit Cliff Young

11. Thayer Coggin

Lauren Winter is on the design team for Inside Stories by Duet Design group is based in Denver, Colorado, and seeing her impeccable taste is enough to make you move there and have her design your whole life. A team who is very sensitive to spatial and financial restraints, they are dedicated in creating sanctuaries for anyone and everyone.

When we asked Lauren about her preferred luxury sofa, she mentioned Thayer Coggin.


“…since I’ve been working on more modern projects, they have some really interesting metal details with their bases that make them almost like a work of art. The Drop In is absolutely stunning!”

Thayer Coggin's The Drop In Sofa
Visit thayer coggin

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