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What is a Chesterfield Sofa?

This is a close look at a brown leather chesterfield sofa by the glass window.
  • Chesterfield Sofas have been around for centuries, and they have a rich history.
  • They have been considered stylish, luxurious, and elegant. 
  • You can find Chesterfield sofas in various materials, like genuine leather, linen, and velvet. You have many color options, also. 
  • No longer for the rich, you can find a Chesterfield sofa that fits your budget in many online stores, including Amazon. 

When you think of a sofa, does a deep brown leather sofa come to mind? If you are thinking of a high-end and stylish sofa, you could have a Chesterfield sofa on your mind. While it has its roots in the British aristocracy, recently, it has been given a more modern vibe. This makes the modern Chesterfield sofa one of the most popular sofa options today. Continue reading to find out more information about what is a Chesterfield Sofa.

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What is a Chesterfield Sofa?

While in some cases, the term Chesterfield sofa has come to refer to any sofa, that is not entirely accurate. A true Chesterfield sofa is a large sized sofa with rolled arms. The arms and the back of the sofa are the same height. It is typically a dark leather sofa that is upholstered. It has nailhead trim and deep button tufting.

You will find more modern versions of a Chesterfield sofa that is a little more streamlined with thinner arms and back, tall legs, and velvet upholstery or cloth upholstery. This sofa is usually large, around 94 inches long, but you can find shorter versions.

This is the Birchlane Adelbert Rolled Arm Chesterfield from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

The Adelbert Rolled Arm Chesterfield Sofa is an example of a classic Chesterfield style. It is made of cowhide leather, with high arms and a button tufted back. It is 95 inches wide (this is the length), 40.5 inches deep, and 30.5 inches high. The leather chesterfield sofa is soft but has a vintage look to it. Not only is this sofa functional, but it is stylish and artistic.

This is the Mercer41 Machuca Velvet Rolled Arm Chesterfield from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

A more modern example of a Chesterfield Sofa is the Machuca Velvet Rolled Arm. While this sofa has a retro vibe to it, it is a modern twist on the original Chesterfield style sofa. It has channel tufting that gives your family room and welcoming and inviting vibe. This sofa is 90 inches wide and comes with removable seat cushions.

The Chesterfield sofa comes with many material options, including linen, leather, velvet, wool, or a cotton/linen fabric blend.

Types of a Chesterfield Sofa

There are many Chesterfield furniture options available, so you are sure to find one that fits your style.

Two Seat Chesterfield Sofa

This is a close look at a brown leather chesterfield sofa.

This is a smaller version of the Chesterfield sofa. It is ideal for two people. This version can fit in just any space, so it is ideal for apartments and smaller living spaces. It usually has details that are intricate and authentic leather upholstery.

Three Seat Chesterfield Sofa

This is a three-seat brown leather chesterfield sofa.

The three seat Chesterfield couch is a large size that is ideal for three people. This version often comes in different colors like green, brown, red, and black.

Chesterfield Club Chair

This is a gray tufted chesterfield club chair.

The Chesterfield Club chair provides a stylish place for one person to sit. These Chesterfield chairs are available in various colors. They have the same button tufted sofa design and high legs as you find on the Chesterfield sofa. It has a high back allowing it to fit easily in the corner of any room.

Chesterfield Sofa Bed

This is a yellow tufted chesterfield style bed at the corner.

The Chesterfield sofa bed is not as common or known as well as a traditional Chesterfield, but they are perfect when you host overnight guests and want a Chesterfield sofa. They provide you ample seating and are available in two seater and three seater options.

Chesterfield Queen Anne Armchair

This is a brown leather Chesterfield Queen Anne Armchair beside a coat rack.

The Chesterfield Queen Anne Armchair is the traditional chair when you think of high end luxury. It has a high back, thick armrests, and the classic button tufted design.

An Alternative to a Chesterfield Sofa

There is no real alternative to the Chesterfield Sofa because it is a true original. You can try the alternative listed below.

Wooden Platform Sofa

Using a wood platform with a sofa cushion on top is a great alternative to the classic Chesterfield sofa because it makes great use of space in your living area. It can also act as a storage space. It brings a touch of style to your room.

Pros and Cons

There are many features that are well-liked about the Chesterfield Sofa. This type of sofa is not for everyone.


  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Stylish design
  • Always current
  • Plenty of comfortable seating


  • Take up a significant amount of space
  • May give your home a stuffy look
  • Reflects a specific type of style

Where Can I Place a Chesterfield Sofa?

You can literally place a Chesterfield Sofa anywhere in your home. Depending on your style or decor, that will dictate where you might want to place your Chesterfield Sofa.

You can place it up against the wall to minimize the amount of space it takes up in the room. You can also make it the main anchor of your room by placing it directly in the middle of the room. You can then decorate around the sofa. Your Chesterfield Sofa can match any decor based on the other decorations in the room.

History of the Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield Sofa has a long and rich history. It dates back to the 18th century and Lord Phillip Stanhope. When he was the Earl of Chesterfield, he commissioned a sofa that closely resembles the Chesterfield that we know and loves today. He was a trendsetter, and everyone wanted to be like him. He gifted the commissioned piece to his godson, and the rest is history.

When Queen Victoria came along, she added some additional touches of comfort. While they were already incredibly popular with the wealthy, her additions made the sofa even more coveted.

Cost of a Chesterfield Sofa

A Chesterfield Sofa is typically on the more expensive side of furniture; however, you can easily find a range in prices depending on the store and features your sofa has. On the low end, you can find a Chesterfield Sofa that is going to cost well under $1,000. You can find one for around $300. On the high end, a Chesterfield Sofa can cost thousands of dollars. You can find one that costs over $8,000 if you really wanted to spend that kind of money.

You may get what you pay for, so you want to make sure that you are purchasing a high-quality sofa that is going to last you a long time.

Where Can I Buy a Chesterfield Sofa?

You can purchase a Chesterfield Sofa in any furniture store that you prefer. You can also purchase a sofa on Amazon. You can find them on websites like Wayfair. If you are interested in touching and sitting on the sofa before you buy it, you should consider purchasing it from a store that has a showroom where you can see it in person.