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How to Request the Pier 1 Imports Catalog (Should You?)

Pier 1 Imports Store

Opening in 1962, the first Pier 1 Imports was located in San Mateo, California and catered mostly to hippies. Their original name was Import Cargo, and their main products were love beads and incense. The company continued to encourage individuality and expression as it grew into a chain. Pier 1 Imports is currently headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and operates nearly 1,000 stores in the US and Canada.

If you’re looking for well-crafted conversation pieces, Pier 1 is the place to go. Their team searches out gifted artisans to design and craft unique furniture and decor for their customers. Pier 1 Imports has a wide variety of home furnishings and decorations — from couches and chairs to tablecloths and wall hangings. When you flip through one of their catalogs, you’ll find pages filled with color and unique patterns, along with seasonal decor and fun conversation pieces. Hopefully, those pages will inspire you and help you discover ways to take your room from simple to extraordinary.

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How do I Order a Pier 1 Imports Catalog?

Order online button

Pier 1 Imports makes it easy to order their catalogs. If you’re looking to receive a copy every month, you can get it by mail, by email, or through both means. All you have to do is visit their sign up page and fill out the boxes. There are checkboxes for both email and mail near the top of the page; simply keep whichever one you want checked, fill out the information, and you’ll start receiving your mailers and/or emails – all for free!

The company releases 12 catalogs every year – one for every month from January through November, then a holiday guide near the end of the year. Every version features new, trendy products and seasonal decor. By signing up, you can trust that you’ll receive each edition right on schedule.

Can I View the Catalogs Online?

If you want to see their catalogs right away or don’t want to give out any personal information, you can do that, too. Pier 1 Imports has a page where you can view over a year’s worth of their most recent catalogs. So whether you’re looking for the most recent catalog or past inspiration, it’s all right there.

The online versions of the Pier 1 Imports catalogs have a neat additional feature. Each product has a little plus symbol over it. When you hover over that plus symbol with your mouse, a button pops up with the words “View Product.” If you click the “View Product” button, a window will pop up that displays a clearer picture of the product, a product description, the price of the product, and a link to the purchasing page for that product. In other words, the online version of the catalog makes it quick and convenient for you to learn more about a product and to purchase it.

Benefits of a Pier 1 Imports Catalog


When you receive a Pier 1 Imports catalog, you’re not just getting an overview of some new products. The catalogs are, of course, a great way to find new items that you might want to add to your home, but they’re also so much more than that. First of all, the catalogs give you advanced notice of any specials, offers, coupons, and events that can save you money on what you’re purchasing. Is Pier 1 Imports having a Labor Day sale? What do their Black Friday deals look like? Are they having a sale on candles soon? All of these questions can be answered by your Pier 1 Imports catalog.

Furthermore, Pier 1 Catalogs are designed to inspire. Each page showcases an area set up by a professional designer. By flipping through the pages, you just might find inspiration for your “blah” dining room or unfinished bedroom.

Pier 1 Imports also releases a yearly holiday gift guide, which can be a great asset to those who are struggling with gift ideas. The guide also comes filled with decoration ideas to help make your Christmas just as unique as your home.

What does the Catalog Look Like?

Just like all of their products, the catalog for Pier 1 Imports is bold. This isn’t your typical catalog where you’re transitioned from one page to the next in a gentle and dull manner. Every page is bold and designed to wow the reader. The products on each page create an attractive setting together and yet stand out on their own at the same time. Overall, the rhythm of the catalog is upbeat and fast-paced, and every page has a completely different feel from the last.

One page may be a close-up of a shelf adorned with interesting knick-knacks and decorations, followed by a two-page spread featuring bold colors and intricate patterns. You’ll find yourself in love with every room set-up and every piece in it as you flip through the pages, taking it all in. And once you’ve finished going through the catalog, you’ll find yourself wanting to look again. You’re sure to find at least one room that you fall in love with, and perhaps you’ll find the courage to create such a bold space in your home.

While Pier 1 Imports features items for every part of the home, the catalog tends to focus mostly on items for the dining room and living areas. That’s not terribly surprising, considering the fact that those tend to be the areas where people congregate and many people decorate both to please themselves and to impress their guests. Items you see a lot in Pier 1 catalogs include living room chairs, rugs, dining sets, wall decor, and table-top items.

The number of pages in each catalog varies greatly, though they generally have around 20 pages. The Pier 1 Imports catalog is filled with a mix of two-page spreads, single page room set-ups, and pages divided into boxes to show different items/sets of items. While each catalog has the same upbeat feel, every issue is completely different. You may not find much inspiration in one catalog, but love every page of the next.

Is the Pier 1 Imports Catalog Worth Getting?

The Pier 1 Imports catalog is great for many reasons. First of all, the catalog shows all the sales going on for the given month. Several pages feature amazing products, along with the discount you’ll receive by purchasing them this month. (In fact, most issues feature sales on nearly every single page.) In some cases, you’ll see the actual price that you can purchase the featured products for.

You’ll also find products for multiple rooms and different tastes. Whether you’re looking to give your living room a classic look with a few bold accents or you want your dining room to be full of bold colors and patterns, you can find inspiration in the Pier 1 Imports catalog.

And whether you’re looking for seasonal decor or a timeless setup, Pier 1 Imports is the catalog for you. You can find decorations to create a great temporary setup for the holidays or a permanent space for your life. Pier 1 Imports sells everything you need to furnish and decorate your home, including chairs, couches, tables, tablecloths, bedding, wall decor, table-top items, rugs, and more. Their holiday guide is well-structured and actually features some really good, unique gift ideas.

The Pier 1 Imports catalog is one of the more interesting catalogs to look through. It features eye-catching colors, bold designs, and interesting pieces that will make you enjoy even just a casual flip-through. If you’re always looking to redecorate your space or if you’re just considering doing so, you should order the Pier 1 Imports catalog.

How Else can I Shop Pier 1 Imports?

In addition to their catalogs, you can shop at one of Pier 1 Import’s 973 physical locations in the United States and Canada. If you’re interested in shopping in-store, Pier 1 Imports’ convenient store locator will help you find a location near you.

You can also find all of their products online on their website. Pier 1 Imports has both ship-to-store and ship-to-home options for many of their products. In addition, you can find sales and coupons that may be applicable both in-store and online, or they may be exclusively online deals. Their online site even has an inspiration page that can give you additional ideas on how to decorate your home.

What Other Catalogs should I Get?

Other furniture catalog options

Let’s be honest, almost no one gets everything for their home from one location. Most people want lots of options so that they can find the perfect furniture and decorations for each room in their house. So if you’re looking for more inspiration and you like Pier 1 Imports, here are a few other catalogs to consider:

1. Wayfair

Like Pier 1 Imports, Wayfair encourages bold colors and conversation pieces. Wayfair is a bit more conservative than Pier 1 Imports, however, with an emphasis on right angles and only one focal point rather than several. Furthermore, Wayfair is e-commerce only and therefore has no brick-and-mortar stores. You cannot view Wayfair catalogs online, and their catalogs are only available in the United States.

2. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn emphasizes color as well, but it takes a different approach. Unlike Pier 1 Imports and Wayfair which tend to feature bold colors throughout the room, Pottery Barn tends to showcase rooms that are a muted, single color with bold pops of color. Their rooms are bold and beautiful, but in a different way. Pottery Barn does have physical locations, and their catalogs can be viewed online. They produce more than twice the catalogs than Pier 1 does every year, along with regular catalogs for Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teen.

3. Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel seems to be inspired by large spaces. They manage to make a room feel full and bold with just a few pieces and one large, colorful focal point. Crate & Barrel places a large emphasis on both adult spaces and kid spaces, releasing regular Crate & Barrel catalogs along with intermittent Crate & Barrel Kids catalogs.

4. Jonathan Adler Furniture

If the unique and quirky elements are what you like about Pier 1 Imports, you’ll love Jonathan Adler Furniture. This designer creates furniture and decor that are real conversation pieces. Everything is designed to be fun and chic, with an emphasis on Jonathan Adler’s first love – pottery. Johnathan Adler Furniture only releases a few catalogs per year, and they only have a handful of physical locations.

5. Restoration Hardware

Is it possible to be bold without strong colors and super quirky conversation pieces? Restoration Hardware proves that it is. They often feature a few bold pieces in their catalog, but they often manage to be bold with nothing more than a couple of main colors and a few subtle accents. But if you do like fun conversation-starters, Restoration Hardware certainly has those. In addition to their main catalog, you can also shop one of Restoration Hardware’s subsidiaries: RH Modern, RH Teen, RH Baby & Child, and RH Outlet.

These are just a few of the great home decor catalogs that we think you’ll love. To see a full list of our favorite catalogs, check out our list here.

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