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What’s the Best IKEA Sofa? Read Our Epic IKEA Sofa Reviews Guide (After Spending 5 Hours in IKEA)

Photo collage of IKEA sofa.

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Before I jump into the reviews, though, let me lay out what is important to me when choosing a sofa for my home. You may have different criteria. But I’ve tried to provide as much detail and honesty as I can.

Even if I didn’t like a particular couch, I decided to imagine the situation or lifestyle that it would work in. For me, I’m looking for a sofa for my living room. My living room is one of the most-used places in our home, and we spend the majority of our waking hours there.

I gravitate towards items that are comfortable and create a cozy atmosphere. When it comes to choosing a sofa, where I like to spend most of my time at home, nappability is of the utmost importance. If I can’t nap on my couch, it’s useless.

Second to comfort is size. It’s me, my partner, and our 40lb Husky-Corgi rescue hound, and we all like to be on the couch at the same time, but not on top of each other. We have a decent-sized home, and we also want to host our friends and family, which include nine energetic nephews between the ages of 10 and 1.

So, durability is also essential. With that out of the way, here is our ultimate review of all the sofa options at IKEA!

Sofa & Sectional Reviews


Ektorp sofa


  • Size: 85.875″w x 34.625″d x 34.625″h
  • Color / Upholstery: 8 upholstery colors / 2 leather colors
  • Additional Notes: Configurations also available in 4-seat corner sectional, 3-seat sectional, armchair, loveseat, and ottoman


  • Lots of different configuration options to choose from, so you can pick the one that’s right for your space
  • Matching furniture pieces make this a good option to make sure all your furniture matches in your room


  • More firm than expected
  • Not really nappable

Overall Impression: While I love that there are so many different options available with Ektorp, I’m disappointed with how firm it is. It is actually very deceiving looking because you’d expect it to be comfy. This is not nap-worthy, in my opinion.

While I love the fact that all my furniture would match if I choose the Ektrop family, I’d pass on this one.


Stocksund sofa


  • Size: 78.375″w x 37.375d” x 35″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 4 upholstery options / 2 leg options
  • Additional Notes: Matching armchair, loveseat, and bench available


  • Arm structure makes Stocksund subtly unique and gives your space a bit of flair without being over the top
  • Very deep seating, which is good for snuggling up
  • Removable back pillows
  • Removable cover


  • Deep seating can be uncomfortable in a more formal space
  • Short people will have  a “Lilly Tomlin” moment with their feet dangling off the end

Overall Impression: I’m didn’t think I’d like this sofa too much at first look, but I got to say that the deep cushions are nice! You can snuggle up on here with plenty of room for someone else. Remove the pillows, and you could take a serious nap!

It’s a smaller two-seater, which is good for a small space, but it did look a bit worn on the showroom floor. Fortunately, you can purchase additional covers to freshen it up, plus they’re machine washable.


Fröslöv sofa


  • Size: 89.375″w x 38.675d” x 34.25″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 2 upholstery color options
  • Additional Notes: Cover is not removable


  • Comfortable for sitting on and having a conversation
  • Seems well built, with solid arms


  • Definitely not comfortable to  take a nap on

Overall Impression: While I like the look of this sofa, it’s not as comfortable as I’d like in my home. The construction seems solid, and I like how the arms swoop down to create a nice line. If I had a formal living room that I didn’t stay in very often, this would be a perfect piece.

It may even be a good choice for a waiting area. But for everyday sitting and watching tv (AKA napping), I want something softer that you can fall into.


Lidhult sofa


  • Size: 102″w x 38.625d” x 40.125″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 5 removable cover color options
  • Additional Notes: Multiple configurations available including 4-seat, 5-seat, and 6-seat sectionals, corner sectionals, plus matching love seat, armchair, and sleeper sofa


  • Multiple configuration options enable you to create a custom solution for your space and needs
  • Removable covers are machine washable


  • Cushions themselves aren’t removable
  • Not very sturdy (maybe because it’s easily configured?)

Overall Impression: I wanted to love this couch the moment  I saw it. It looked comfortable. I loved all the pillows, and I wanted to fall into it.

Unfortunately, when I did, I felt one of the springs pop into my lower back. When I bounced around on it, the pieces moved individually, and I felt like I was going to fall through it to the ground. While I wanted to like this because it looked like a great sofa for a family room, there is NO WAY that this would survive even a mildly rambunctious child.

Stockholm 2017

Stockholm 2017 sofa


  • Size: 89.75″w x 44.125″d x 28.625″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 2 velvet upholstery color options
  • Additional Notes: Matching ottoman is also available


  • Super deep-seated, with a variety of removable throw pillows instead of large back pillows
  • Not only nap-worthy but also functions as a sofa bed without pulling  it out


  • Not a big fan of the velvet/velour upholstery texture
  • The cover is not removable and can only be spot-cleaned

Overall Impression: Full disclosure – I have a borderline obsession with throw pillows. I love the way that they make everything look so comfy and cozy, and I’ve always wanted a room covered in pillows, like a  bohemian den. This couch fits that fantasy!

Not only does it look fantastic and comfortable because of all the pillows on the back, but it actually is comfortable! This couch is almost like a daybed with how deep it is. You can pull all the pillows off and literally sleep two full-sized adults and their two large dogs comfortably.

Not just nappable, but can probably function as your full-time bed if you live in a studio or smaller apartment!


Kivik sofa


  • Size: 89.75″w x 37.375″d x 32.625″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 6 upholstery options / 2 leather options
  • Additional Notes: Also available in 3-seat, 4-seat, 5-seat sectional, chaise, 4-seat, 5-seat, 6-seat corner sectional. Plus matching loveseat, and ottoman with storage


  • Very low arms make a good ledge to perch on or to place a non-glass item
  • Configurations available for any size home
  • Removable covers are interchangeable and washable


  • VERY firm, which isn’t my favorite

Overall Impression: Again, another one of the couches that I wanted to love because it looked super comfy and squishy. Unfortunately, looks are deceiving. I bounced onto it and met with quite a  bit of resistance.

It’s incredibly firm! This would be good in a living room or environment where you’re entertaining guests more formally. It’s a good conversation couch since you can perch on the arms as an extra seat, and anyone wearing a dress won’t have to struggle to try to extract themselves from the cushions when they get up.


Vimle sofa


  • Size: 31.5″w x 94.875″d x 38.625″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 5 upholstery options / 2 leather options
  • Additional Notes: Also available in sofa with chaise, loveseat, ottoman with storage, 4-seat sectional, 3-seat, 4-seat, or 5-seat corner sectional, and other modular options


  • Super sturdy with removable cushions
  • Configurations available for any size home
  • Removable covers are interchangeable and washable


  • Firm and not very cozy

Overall Impression: Another multi-functional sectional with tons of options to fit your space and needs. This is another substantial couch, but I found it to be much sturdier than the other firm ones we tried. While it’s not as cozy as I would like it to be, I think this would be a good option for anyone looking for a piece for their family room.

It looks like it will be tough enough to withstand kids jumping on it, while also maintaining its shape. The cushions did bounce back as soon as I got up, so that counts for something. I’d give this an “okay” rating.

It’s good if you’re looking for something that’s going to last, maintain its shape and function, and can withstand everyday usage without wearing it down. But there’s nothing about this that makes me say, “wow!”


Delaktig sofa


  • Size: 80.375″w x 33.125″d x 31.125″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 6 upholstery color options
  • Additional Notes: Completely modular, with a sofa bottom and three maneuverable backrests, additional attachable side tables, arms, or ability to add a chaise


  • Very modern with a variety of modular configurations
  • Sleek design fits into a contemporary space well
  • Covers are easily removable and washable


  • Aluminum frame doesn’t seem very durable

Overall Impression: I’m pretty sure the first thing out of my mouth when I saw this couch was, “Well, that’s weird looking.” First of all, it doesn’t look comfortable, which was accurate. I felt like I was sitting on a hard bench rather than a sofa.

The backrests are low, and while I did like the idea that you could maneuver them so that you can use the same sofa with seating on both sides. That’s pretty cool. I do, however, don’t think that this is a very durable couch.

When I go to sit, I plop. And not only do I think I’d eventually bruise my tailbone, but I would also be afraid that I’d bend the legs quickly. It’s a good showpiece for your room, but not very functional, in my opinion.


Söderhamn sofa


  • Size: 78″w x 38″d x 32.625″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 4 upholstery color options
  • Additional Notes: Each piece of this collection can stand on its own, but you can get combinations that include 4-seat sectional, 4-seat corner sectional, add a chaise, or the matching armchair and ottoman.


  • The deep seating is suitable for sprawling out
  • Removable back cushions are adjustable
  • The cover is removable and machine washable


  • Very low to the ground
  • Doesn’t feel sturdy
  • Cushions aren’t very “cushiony.”

Overall Impression: This sofa seems to be a step up in comfort from Delaktig, where it’s a very modern design but is a bit more inviting thanks to the removable back pillows. However, the bottom cushions are not cushiony at all. I feel like they’re stuffed with a thin sheet of batting like you’d find on the inside of a quilt, rather than some actual cushioning.

The frame construction is weird, and again, my “plopping” habit probably would reduce this to firewood pretty quickly. Again, I’d suggest this as a showpiece, or for a room that you don’t use very often and don’t do a lot of lounging in. The modern aesthetic would look lovely in a loft or larger space, where there are other, more comfortable seating options.


Knopparp sofa


  • Size: 68.5″w x 29.875″d x 27.5″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 2 cover options
  • Additional Notes: None


  • Good for small spaces


  • Zero cushion or comfort available
  • Very pragmatic and doesn’t  look inviting at all
  • More like a covered bench than a couch

Overall Impression: I’m not even quite sure you can call this a sofa. It’s a metal bench with a cheap-looking cover thrown over it. It would work as extra seating in a tiny space, but it’s definitely not something that I would put in my home.

Maybe for a dorm room or home office, where you just need to put something? I didn’t enjoy sitting on it, let alone try to nap on it.


Klippan sofa


  • Size: 70.875″w x 34.625″d x 26″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 6 upholstery fabric options, 3 “leather” options
  • Additional Notes: Love seat, rather than a couch


  • Firm back forces you to sit up straight, but the bottom cushions make it comfortable
  • Variety of really bright colored covers available that are machine washable
  • Contemporary design without feeling too utilitarian


  • Cushions aren’t removable
  • The leather option looks and feels fake

Overall Impression: First of all, you should note that this is a love seat rather than a sofa. But it’s a spacious love seat, and I love the lines and design of it. I thought I would sink right into it, but it had very little give when I plopped down, and I was immediately surprised by how unforgiving the back was.

If you have trouble maintaining a straight posture, this love seat is great for making you sit up straight! The back does hit right in the middle when you sit, so it doesn’t have much in the way of shoulder or neck support, but would be a good addition to a home office or waiting area, especially in the bright pattern that they have available! It just looks cheery!


Ekebol sofa


  • Size: 70.875″w x 35.25″d x 34.625″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: Aluminum, birch shelving, and natural cushions available only
  • Additional Notes: None


  • Interesting design combines a place to sit, relax, and study
  • Built-in shelving all around the couch
  • Can sit in the middle of the room rather than against a wall, thanks to the detailed mesh on the back.


  • Doesn’t look sturdy
  • Maybe too utilitarian looking for most spaces

Overall Impression: I’m pretty sure that this couch was explicitly designed for the younger person who moves around a lot, lives in smaller areas that require imaginative solutions for storage and use. Ekebol looks like it should be a futon-style chaise lounger, but doesn’t fold down. It has an efficient design that can go with a more contemporary look that mixes metals and natural fabrics and colors.

I would suggest this sofa to someone who lives in a tiny space that also needs to incorporate creative storage solutions. This is the type of sofa that functions as guest seating, napping, working, and relaxing. So, if you’re space requires something that has multi-functions, this may be the choice for you.

If I were still a new graduate entering the workforce and sharing an apartment with 15  other people, I’d totally buy this for my room.


Landskrona sofa


  • Size: 80.375″w x 35″d x 30.75″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 3 leather options, 2 leg options
  • Additional Notes: Also available as 4-seat or 5-seat sectional, 5-seat or 6-seat corner sectional, as well as a chaise add-on. Matching love seat, armchair, and ottoman are also available.


  • Deep-seated
  • Arms are unexpectedly cushioned so that you can perch on them comfortably


  • Only available in leather

Overall Impression: I typically don’t like leather couches. They’re slippery and cold, and I often feel like I’m going to slide off of them. But the Landskona was surprisingly comfortable when I sat on it.

Not only did I feel like I wasn’t going to end up on the floor momentarily, but I was surprised by how deep the seat is! The leather felt nice and didn’t have a fake or cheap look to it that you sometimes find on a couch. The arms were also really cushiony so I could perch on them without my bottom going numb, which is always a plus in my book!

Surprisingly, enough, I’d give this a nap score of 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Wouldn’t be my top choice, but I also wouldn’t hate it if my partner bought it without consulting me first (not that they ever would!).


Knislinge sofa


  • Size: 80.75″w x 35″d x 37″h
  • Color / Upholstery / Hardware: 1 leather option, 1 fabric upholstery option
  • Additional Notes: Also available in love seat


  • Supportive of your back, with a medium seat depth
  • Both fabric and leather options


  • Leather “feels” fake, but looks okay

Overall Impression: While there is a fabric option for this couch, I only tested out the leather version. It looked like a nice leather couch, and it wasn’t shiny like you typically find when you see fake leather couches. But once you touch it, you know it’s fake.

I didn’t like the feel of it at all. (I also have a thing about texture, so I’m super sensitive to how things feel.) I didn’t mind the seat depth and felt like I could sit for a while, but I don’t think I’d nap on this and not just because I wouldn’t want my skin to touch the couch, but it’s just not an inviting nap space.

But, I do think this is a good option for someone who wants a smaller couch that looks nice and isn’t terrible to sit on occasionally. The leather does have the advantage that it’s easy to keep clean, but of how it feels, I question how durable it really is over the long term. I feel like it would be susceptible to cracking and peeling sooner rather than later.

IKEA Sofa Round-Up Winner

After trying out and thoroughly reviewing every single couch that was available in the showroom of Jacksonville, Florida, IKEA, there was one clear winner at the end of the day: Stockholm 2017! This model hit all the right notes for what we were looking for. Not only is it super comfortable – in fact, the most comfortable sofa we sat on, but I did notice that my wife seemed to doze off as I was running around.

Nappability rated a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10! It’s so deep and luxurious with all the different throw-pillows! We can all fit comfortably on it without being on top of each other.

Plus, it’s like a sofa bed without being an actual sofa bed, since when you take off all the pillows, it’s pretty much a queen-sized bed! All the nephews can gather on it, and we can play a board game in the middle! I loved this sofa so much that I’m going to redesign our living room around it.

I want a bohemian-inspired space, with long, flowing jewel-toned curtains, floor pillows, and plush ottomans, and, of course, different kinds of throw pillows for a little bit of texture! It’ll be our comfortable, stress-relieving, meditative space, where we’ll want to spend all of our time!

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