30 Spice Rack Ideas – Clever & Practical Spice Storage Options (Photos)

Did you know there are many types of spice racks? Within each type there are many styles and designs. This is an epic list of different, clever and practical spice rack ideas for your kitchen.
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Spice rack on the counter

Today’s market offers many different spice rack designs for storing all the different types of spices you should have on hand.  Choosing the right one can add to or detract from the flow of your kitchen. When shopping for a spice rack, you will need to consider aspects like design, size, cost and location. To help you find your perfect spice companion, here are a few key components to keep in mind.

Choose a rack type based on how often you will be using your spices, how many you like to keep on hand and where you will be storing them. Do you want them on display for all to see? Do you want them out of sight when you’re not cooking? You’ll need to consider all of these variables when deciding on a particular design.

Where should you store spices?

For spices to retain their flavor and freshness, they need to be stored in the right environment. For the best results, they should be stored in a cool, dark, moisture-free area. Nobody wants clumpy garlic powder or wilted oregano leaves in the spaghetti, so choose your location wisely, and select the best spice rack for that location. For instance, if a cabinet is the only place in your kitchen that is cool and shaded, then you may want to stick with a cabinet rack. Likewise, if you have a free counter that is far from the oven and away from direct sunlight, a countertop style may be your best option.

How much does a spice rack cost?

If budget is your primary concern, many plastic spice racks are available for under $20. However, those constructed of solid wood, stainless steel and other durable materials are commonly priced in the $30 to $75 range.

How many spices should you have on hand?

The number of spices you have on hand in your kitchen will in-part dictate the spice rack you get. If you’re an avid cook with 30 spices, you need a sizable spice rack.  If, on the other hand, you have 6 spices, you can get away with a much smaller rack.    If you’re looking for a magic number, it doesn’t exist.  However, 20 to 25 different spices is a fairly large selection that will serve you well.

Now, let’s move on to spice storage options.

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Wall-Mounted Spice Rack Ideas

If space is your primary concern, a wall-mounted variety is a great option. It frees up valuable counter space, keeps your spices easily accessible and generally enhances the look of your kitchen.

Wire Wall-Mounted

Stainless Steel Wall-Mount Spice Rack

Keep your cabinets clear of clutter for years to come with a stainless steel wall-mounted spice rack. With three spacious shelves, it can accommodate a variety of bottle sizes, so you can store all of your spices in one convenient place.

The wire-mounted design is very common. You can find all sizes.  It’s easy to hang or mount as well.  All you need is some bare kitchen wall space.

Floating Shelf Spice Rack

Built-In Spice Rack

Featuring a sturdy construction of solid pine, this Wall Mounted Spice Rack can be set into your kitchen wall for a seamless, built-in look. Each shelf features wooden dowels to contain your spices, and it includes a birch back panel to finish off its natural look.

Like the wire wall-mounted racks, the floating wood racks are simple and do the job.  You can get plenty of shelving space or just a little – whatever your needs. Again, you just need some bare kitchen wall space.

Spice Rack Ideas for Small Spaces

Cabinet spice organizer

Our first spice rack is for small spaces because it’s an adjustable rack that will help any small or large kitchen because it gets all your spices nicely organized inside a cupboard or cabinet.

Our first cabinet spice organizer is a simple shelf system you can buy that you insert into cabinet spaces.  It creates multiple levels around the perimeter of the interior on which you can line up all your spice bottles. It’s a fantastic way to organize and declutter your kitchen.  Check it out.

Spicy Shelf Deluxe - As Seen on TV

Here’s the box that it comes in.  As you can see, the shelf unit is adjustable so it fits different width cabinets and cupboards.

Spicy Shelf Deluxe - As Seen on TV

Click image for pricing and to learn more.

Here’s what it looks like without anything on it. Super simple, but very, very effective.

Spicy Shelf Deluxe - As Seen on TV

Inside Cabinet Door

This solution is also good for small spaces or small kitchens.  Most cabinet door interiors is wasted space. This enables you to make use of that surface area – and as we all know, surface area of any type is super valuable in a kitchen.

SimpleHouseware 30 Spice Gripper Clips Strips Cabinet Holder - 6 Strips, Holds 30 Jars

Side of the refrigerator space saving spice rack

The side-of-the-fridge design only works if your have an exposed fridge.  Most are built-into a cabinet system but not all.  If not, this is a solid option.

Haotian FRG150-W, Refrigerator Side Storage Rack for Kitchen Storage Wrap Rack Organizer,3 Tiers Kitchen Shelf Spice Rack Kitchen Cabinet, White

Large Spice Rack Ideas

Large wooden countertop spice rack

AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack, Includes 60 4oz Jars- Cherry Stain

Large wall-mounted spice rack

4 Tier Black Country Rustic Chicken Wire Pantry, Cabinet or Wall Mounted Spice Rack Storage Organizer

Floor-to-ceiling spice shelf

Floor to ceiling large spice rack

Source: Wayfair

Cabinet Spice Rack Ideas

Attaching to the inside of a cabinet door, this rack is another great space saver. It may not be the most glamorous style, but it is out of sight, and it does the job right. Depending on the exact model, it may attach via screws or heavy-duty tape, and it may be constructed from plastic or stainless steel.

Interior Cabinet Door Mounted Rack

Cabinet-Door Spice Organizer

Crafted of high-quality materials, a cabinet-door spice organizer includes 20 sturdy clips that attach to your cabinet door. For added versatility, they can be used with different-sized containers, and the strip of clips can be broken into segments to fit any door.

Pull-down cabinet spice rack

Pull-Down Spice Rack

Mounted inside of a cabinet, a pull-down spice rack arranges spices efficiently, providing quick and easy access whenever you need it.

Spice Rack Ideas for Drawers

This style sits inside of a drawer and is great if you do not want to add anything else to your walls or counters. Many designs feature tiered layers and are expandable to fit any-sized drawer.

Custom spice storage drawer

Wood Spice Drawer

Make efficient use of your drawer space with this wooden spice-drawer insert that features a tiered construction for easy access. Crafted of maple hardwood, it features a natural finish to complement any drawer style.

Spice Cube Storage for Drawer

16-Cube Drawer Spice Rack

Countertop Spice Rack Ideas

Sitting on your counter, this type of rack is always visible, so most varieties feature sleek designs for visual appeal. They may be made of any material such as wood or stainless steel, and they are available in a range of sizes.

Tiered countertop spice shelf

Tiered countertop spice rack

The above is an attractive 3-tier spice shelf for the countertop that stores up to 18 different spice jars.  You can learn more here.

Wire freestanding spice shelf

Countertop 2-Tier Spice RackCrafted of stainless steel, the countertop spice rack features an elegant, tiered design that adds to your existing kitchen decor. Making efficient use of your vertical space, it can hold numerous spice bottles in various sizes.

Revolving Spice Tower

Revolving Spice Tower

A Revolving Spice Rack features a stainless steel construction with secure, slide-in slots. Conveniently designed, it includes 20 glass bottles that are fitted with no-waste sifter caps and labeled for easy identification.

16-Cube Stand-Alone Spice Rack

16-Cube Stand-Alone Spice Rack

A 16 Cube Bamboo Rack features a beautiful bamboo finish to match a variety of kitchen decors. Including 16 premium spices in elegant glass jars, it comes with a complimentary refill program.

Auto-Measure Spice Carousel

The auto-measure carousel features 12 canisters on a convenient rotating base that can be placed on a counter or mounted under a cabinet.

The auto-measure carousel features 12 canisters on a convenient rotating base that can be placed on a counter or mounted under a cabinet. Generously sized, each container holds 4.5 ounces and automatically dispenses its contents in 1/4-teaspoon increments for precise measuring.

Magnetic Spice Racks

Magnetic bar

Hanging magnetic spice rack

Magnetic Wall-Mounted

12-Tin Magnetic Spice Rack 2

Made of stainless steel, a 12-tin magnetic spice rack is a sleek, innovative way to store your spices. It features an easel-back design that can sit on a counter or mount on a wall.

Over under magnetic rack

Over under magnetic spice rack

Source: Wayfair

Table Top

Table top spice rack

Hanging Spice Rack Ideas

By “hanging” some people are referring to a wall-mounted spice rack. If so, see our wall-mounted section above.

In our hanging section, we feature spice racks that actually hang in some fashion.  Here are a few ideas.

Hook-suspended spice jars

Hanging spice rack under upper cabinets

I love this 12 hook-style spice rack for under upper cabinets.  You can order this at Etsy here.

Over-the-door hanging spice organizer

Household Essentials 6-Tier Basket Over-The-Door Organizer, Red

Rustic Spice Rack Ideas

Wood spice cage

Rustic wood spice rack

Simple rustic wall-mounted rack

MyGift Wall-Mounted Rustic Torched Wood Spice Rack with 3 Utensil Hooks

Spice Rack Organizer Ideas

Contemporary Spice Rack Stainless Steel 20 Jars Revolving Rack for Easy Access,Spices Included Plus Free 5 Years of Refills, Filled in USA

Wood Spice Rack Ideas

McCormick Gourmet Organic Wood Spice Rack, 24 Herbs & Spices, Holiday Spice Gift Set, 27.6 oz

Metal Spice Rack Ideas

Sorbus Spice Rack Organizer [4 Tier] Country Rustic Chicken Herb Holder , Wall Mounted Storage Rack , Great for Storing Spices , Household Items and More (Black)


Hidden Spice Rack Ideas

Concealed cabinet pull-out spice rack

Built in hidden pull out spice rack

Source: Wayfair

Multi-Spice Shaker

Coghlan's IUYEHDUH Multi-Grill Spice and Herb Assortment Shaker 2 Pack (6 Spice)

Portable Spice Rack Ideas

6-spice travel bag

Wealers 6 Piece Stainless Steel Spice Shaker Jars Salt and Pepper Holder BBQ Spice Herbs 3 Size Cover with Bag for East Travel, Great for Home or Outdoor Use,

4-spice shaker on a keychain

4 Spice Keychain with Salt -Pepper-Curry-Paprika- Good for Camp Cooking

DIY Spice Rack Ideas

Test-Tube Wall-Mounted

DIY test tube wall mounted spice rack

This cool DIY spice rack was designed and built by Noahw.  I think it’s clever by using test tubes, although you probably have to refill them more often than larger spice containers or jars.

Magnetic Suspended Spice Rack

DIY magnetic suspended spice rack

The above is by Edsobo.  It’s a great “out-of-the-way” spice rack design where spice container lids magnetically attach to the underside of upper cabinets.

DIY Pallet Spice Rack

DIY large Pallet spice rack apr18

Here’s an example of what you can do with pallets – it’s spice rack built with old pallet wood by jlink3.

Corner spice racks

Plastic tiered corner rack

3-tier plastic corner spice rack

Source: Wayfair

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