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4 Types of Soundproof Curtains

This is a close look at a set of gray soundproof curtains.

Whether you need to turn an existing room of your home or office into a recording studio, or you just want a quiet room in which to work, soundproofing can help you. Of course, you will find that a lot goes into a soundproof room. You need to soundproof the floor, walls, ceiling, windows, and doors. Each project piece requires a different product. In this article, we’ll look at your options for soundproof curtains and noise-reducing curtains, which block more sound than an ordinary curtain.

You’ll find three main types or categories of soundproof curtains. Which you choose depends on the type of project you undertake and the décor you desire. You could use industrial blankets, insulation curtains, or audio insulation sheets. If you cannot find exactly what you want, worry not. You can purchase soundproof fabric and make the curtains you want yourself or hire a seamstress to do so.

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Soundproofing with Insulation Curtains

BGment Blackout Curtains for Bedroom - Grommet Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains for Living Room, Set of 2 Panels (42 x 63 Inch, Navy Blue)

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Think of these as sound-dampening curtains. They do not actually block all of the sounds from outside. Also, they do not help control sound from within the room. You would not choose these as the sole window treatment in a home recording studio, therefore, but you could use them in a home theater. They look just like standard fare interior design curtains, but they use much thicker material. This heavier material blocks outside noise.

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Many of these options also function as blackout curtains. The material used does a job similar to that of the insulation in your walls, too. They reduce your energy bills by blocking air from entering or exiting through the windows. These provide the most affordable solution. This type of curtain lets you install a decorator look in your home or office environment that blocks exterior noise. You can also use them on internal windows to block noise from office to office.

Audio Insulation Sheets

This is a close look at a stack of audio insulation sheets.

The most effective method of soundproofing windows, these cost the most. An audio insulation sheet hangs from a curtain rod just as a curtain does. Like some styles of the regular curtains, it includes grommets to enable handing from various styles of curtain rods. Constructed of multiple layers of heavy fabric, these sheets work as blackout curtains and sound blocking. Some styles of these sheets resemble thick cardboard though and come in gray, black, or white.

Sometimes referred to as audio screens, some of these fit inside the window frame to temporarily block the window and erase the sound coming from it. You might use these in a room with existing windows that you want to use as a recording studio. It provides the effect of a solid wall. You would, however, hang a traditional curtain of the soundproof variety over it, too.

Industrial Blankets

This is a close look at stacks of industrial blankets.

The interim cost option, industrial blankets were designed to protect fragile items during moves. Their thickness and extreme padding let them double as soundproofing curtains. A few of these designs come with grommets installed, so you can easily hang them. Others require hemming to fit onto a curtain rod. In a pinch or a less fancy room such as a garage, some people tack these up over the windows as a quick, temporary solution.

Industrial Soundproof Curtains

Sometimes you need noise control in a business setting to meet the ambient noise requirement of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It states that you must keep your workplace ambient noise below 85 decibels (dB). OSHA determined that noises of 85 dB and louder can cause hearing loss. Noises less than that can still lead to a loss of concentration, reduced productivity, accident, and injury.

These negatively impact a workplace in many ways, necessitating sound insulating curtains, which can divide a room or wall of a work area from other employees to create a safer environment. To meet this audiometric, many workplaces use industrial soundproof curtains, also called noise control curtains. These sound control curtains block extremely loud noises such as city traffic noise and jackhammer use using a five-layer material design.

These layers consist of quilted fiberglass; waterproof, chemical-resistant coated vinyl; mass-loaded vinyl for soundproofing; and simple coated vinyl. They aren’t meant for home décor and resemble the backside of an industrial blanket in their thicker form. They come in a variety of styles including, soundproof curtain enclosures, in-plant noise control dividers, flexible and drive-thru doorways, soundproof partitions and wall panels, acoustical curtain dividers, fabric housing for compressors and blowers, enclosures for heavy machinery, stamping presses, and fans, flexible room dividers, and temporary construction noise barriers.

Most of these types of soundproof curtains install using a double track mounted roller system. This lets workers and foremen slide the curtain in and out of place to re-configure workplaces quickly to accommodate the movement of work such as on a construction site. These sound dampening curtains provide between ½ pounds per square foot (PSF) to 2 ½ PSF surface protection.

The higher PSF curtains can reduce ambient sound by up to 61 dB. This type of soundproof curtain does not have an opening between two curtain panels because the curtains attach to one another using Velcro closures. This forms a solid fabric wall of soundproofing material. Within this category also falls other industrial soundproof barriers and curtains including acoustic screens, sound blankets, folding soundproofing curtains, acoustical wall blankets typically formed with grommets on the top and the sides, so the curtain can be anchored to the wall for improved blocking.

The grommets on these curtains are heavy-duty brass toothed and spaced every 12 inches. The curtains hang on two-wheel roller hooks instead of in front of windows. You can also find curtains of this type that work with dual 16-gauge roller track systems. This lets you use the curtains as modules to link them together and form mobile rooms of your desired length and shape. Some suspended mounts can also be acquired. These attach to a threaded rod or a beam-to-chain system. Also, common are those that attach to the ceiling, or on a floor mount, or a beam flange mount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soundproofing your home or office requires some complex decisions. This results in many questions and in this FAQ, we attempt to answer the most frequent of these.

What features should you consider when purchasing soundproof curtains?

Because you will find an immense selection of these soundproofing products, you should consider seven criteria:

  • size,
  • weight,
  • materials,
  • color,
  • rod type required,
  • ease of installation,
  • ease of maintenance.

What size considerations are there?

Measure your windows just as you would for regular curtains. You need excess fabric on the sides though because your soundproof curtains need to cover a small portion of the wall on the sides and at the bottom and top of the windows. This means when you hang them, you will not hang them inside the window using tension rods, but above the window using curtain rods.

The curtains you purchase should be about three times the width of the window and at least 10 inches long. You will find the most effective curtains to be those that reach from floor to ceiling. Depending on your window size, this can constrain your choices.

What weight considerations are there?

Choose the heavier of the curtain options for better soundproofing. Heavier curtains block low-frequency sounds better. Heavier curtains mean you will need to carefully install the rods so that you hang them from the wall studs. Anchor them appropriately with one- to two-inch-long wood wall screws.

What materials considerations are there?

Fashionable soundproof curtains use materials such as velvet, polyester, and suede. Thermal soundproof curtains use a triple-weave fabric that makes them thicker. These types also offer home insulation.

What curtain rod considerations are there?

Purchase your curtain rods after you purchase and receive your soundproof curtains. These curtains weigh more than traditional curtains, so you will need to choose a heavier, thicker curtain rod capable of supporting the soundproof material. One curtain could weigh eight pounds or more, compared to about 2 pounds for traditional light-filtering curtains.

You may also want to consider investing in a wraparound curtain rod if you don’t already have one. This style of curtain rod is more effective at blocking sounds since it attaches to the wall at a curve and allows the curtain to provide a more complete sound barrier.

What color considerations are there?

The only color considerations are that soundproof curtains typically come in fewer colors than traditional curtains. You might have your heart set on a specific color for your décor but avoid that. That color may not be available in soundproof materials. You probably will not find prints or patterns although a few patterned options exist in the most expensive options.

Unless you’re a music star, you probably won’t want to shell out for that level of curtains. You probably won’t need to either if you just want a quieter bedroom or home office. You can easily find the gray, navy blue, black, white, and dark green.

What installation considerations are there?

Finally, consider how easy it will be to install and maintain the soundproof curtains you choose. If you decide on insulation curtains, they should have grommets that allow you to easily hang them from a curtain rod. Audio insulation sheets and industrial blankets may be more challenging to install depending on their design. Try to preview the manufacturer’s installation directions, if possible, before making a purchase.

What maintenance considerations are there?

The low maintenance basically takes care of itself option always wins out. These soundproof curtains can go in the washing machine and the dryer. You can read this online since most manufacturers include their products’ care and cleaning instructions on their website.

Choosing something that you have to dry-clean is abominable. Imagine needing to take down an entire room’s worth of curtains and take them to the cleaners just to get them looking fresh and clean.

Can you soundproof existing curtains?

You can create soundproof quality curtains out of those you currently have by adding additional layers of fabric and using the appropriate fabric. You should choose a tightly woven fabric that has weight to it. Use a fabric designed for soundproof curtains such as felt. Sewing this layer onto the back of your existing curtains will solve part of the problem.

You need curtains the proper width though and that means wider than the window so that you can hang them in a way that the curtains extend past the window by at least six inches. You want to block both sound and light leaks.

Do drapes block sound?

Traditional drapes block a small amount of sound, but this depends on their thickness, length, and width. A sheer drape will not block sound; however, a thick wool drape or polyester would block some sound.

How can you inexpensively soundproof a room?

You can dampen the sounds stemming from the outside by adding thick curtains or blankets to the windows as window coverings. This does not actually soundproof a room though. Soundproofing a room requires soundproof materials in the walls, over the walls, in and over the flooring, in and over the ceiling.

This requires specialized materials to create a soundproof environment. You can block noise using blankets or curtains, but you only reduce it. You would need the professional materials to actually create a soundproof room. If you just want a quieter bedroom, you can add a no-squeak bedframe, a silent tower fan, and a noiseless humidifier.

What materials would it require to create a soundproof room for recording music or a podcast?

To create a genuinely soundproof room such as you would find in a recording studio, you would need to add soundproof insulation to the flooring joists, then above the subfloor add a soundproof liner, a carpet pad, and carpet. In the walls, you would add insulation and on the outside of the wallboard, you would add a layer of the soundproof carpet.

In the ceiling, you would add soundproof insulation in the joists, and on the outside of the wallboard, you would add acoustical ceiling tiles. You would need to add soundproof windows and curtains as well as a soundproof door which you hang a soundproof curtain on or attach soundproof carpeting to the inside of the door.

What are double rods and why would you want them?

The term double rod refers to a curtain rod type that lets you hang two sets of curtains for added soundproofing. Hanging two sets of soundproof curtains, one over the other results in greater noise reduction.

Does the grommets’ material matter?

Yes, the grommets might be made of brass, steel, or string steel. The strongest type, string steel grommets, works best when hanging these curtains since they can handle the added weight. Most use steel and those designed for interior decoration as opposed to soundproofing may use brass.

What are some of the popular options for these soundproof curtains?

The top options for these curtains reduce outside distractions and noise, so you can better concentrate, sleep, or enjoy your choice of entertainment such as a good book or a movie. These curtains typically double as blackout curtains and come in a range of colors and sizes.

When you undertake a soundproofing project and hire a professional contractor how many people comprise the team?

Hiring a professional team brings the best results. Expect to meet with three key people in the design and development of your project — the building contractor, sound engineer, and interior decorator. They will work with you to develop the project, then the building contractor will undertake the construction work with a small team of carpenters and finishers. The sound engineer’s contributions include choosing the materials appropriate for the job and their combination. The interior decorator determines with you the styles and colors appropriate for your décor.

What is the difference between sound conditioning and soundproofing?

If you just want to make your home office quieter, you only need to sound absorb or soundproof. If you want to install a room for any type of sound creation or listening, you need to consider acoustics. You would need to determine the needs of the room. Do you need to absorb sounds, soundproof, or sound condition?

• Sound absorption: blocks some of the sound entering or leaving a room.

• Soundproofing: block all sound from entering or leaving the room.

• Sound conditioning manages the room’s sound and acoustics.

You need both soundproofing and sound conditioning when you want to design a high-end listening room, a recording studio, or a home theater. To condition a room, you would need to add more than sound-absorbing or blocking curtains. That only adds to what you block from outside. You would also need to install a soundproof carpet option for sound conditioning.

Who cares about sound conditioning? Well, sound engineers mostly. They use recording studios and listening rooms to create sound recordings and to review them for any editing needs. When you soundproof, you make sure no sound can go through the walls or floors, or ceilings. When you sound condition, you ensure that the sound created in the room does not hang around in the room. A sound engineer wants a sound to only remain for its proper duration — in music the note count of the note.

So, if a guitar player plays an “A minor” chord on their guitar and holds it for a half note — two full counts — the sound engineer wants to record that “A minor” chord for only two full counts. Without sound conditioning, a recording studio booth would cause the note to hang in the air and increase the duration of time it was recorded. The sound engineer needs each sound to only sound for its proper duration, so they condition the room to provide ideal acoustics.

That requires adding materials on all sides — ceiling, walls, floor plus sealing the windows and doors. This might include using an acoustic curtain system, acoustic panel system, or fashioning your own items from acoustic fabric.

When recording sound or closely listening to it for editing, you need no sound from outside the room to enter it. However, you also need a perfectly conditioned room. That means neither too warm nor too cool. That doesn’t refer to the actual temperature. A warm room allows a lot of ambient sounds. You would get a warm recording from a live show in a bar. There would be background noise to cut out, and you would have an energetic air in the room.

Its imperfect structure would allow sound to bounce around the room. You might record some unintended sustains — times when the notes were held for longer than the count and hung in the air. Guitarists use effects pedals to make this happen on purpose, but in a recording studio, you have no warmth. You would have to use the effects pedal to achieve this.

Conversely, a cool room or studio would create an eerily sterile sound. You would have no bounce. If you have ever listened to an old vinyl recording of a classic rock band, it was likely recorded in a warm studio on analog equipment. If you then listen to a later album by the same brand or even a re-mastered version on compact disk (CD) of the same album, you will notice the difference because the later album or re-master took place in a digital recording studio.

That studio would have produced a cool environment and blocked out most of the ambient sound. It would produce an almost too sterile sound with no note ring.

Where can you purchase these sound-absorbing and soundproof curtains?

Many stores offer these types of curtains. You can purchase these online at or You can purchase them locally at most Lowe’s or Home Depot stores. You can also shop at their online stores for a wider selection. Another option includes shopping an audio specialty store, especially one that carries musical instruments. Check stores such as Musician’s Friend which sells musical instruments and recording equipment.

The Nicetown blackout insulated curtains from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

These Nicetown blackout curtains offer an affordable alternative to sound-absorbing curtains, and you can purchase them online and at local Walmart stores making them an accessible choice for most homes.

1. Nicetown blackout curtains: Two layers of polyester triple-weave fabric form the material for these blackout and soundproofing curtains that absorb twice the sound as traditional curtains. While not designed for insulation, they do reduce the air escaping or entering the home. They offer an ecological solution since they do not contain chemical coatings or formaldehyde. Their sizes range from 42 to 70 inches in width and 45 to 108 inches in length.

Choose from 16 color options including coral, yellow, gray, burgundy, black, white, and navy blue. You can machine-wash this option in warm water with mild detergent. They require ironing though. Purchasers report that they stain easily, but they provide an affordable option at about $50 per set.

The Sun Zero Cameron Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Grommet Curtain Panel from Kohls.

Source: Kohls

You can purchase BGment blackout curtains to reduce noise at your local Kohl’s store or from their online store.

2. BGment blackout curtains: Designed as blackout curtains, these curtains also work as noise reduction curtains. They provide a budget-friendly solution. Also, thermal insulated, these sound reduction curtains will also help reduce energy costs. They use a triple-weave microfiber fabric that comes in 24 color options.

BGment Blackout Curtains for Bedroom - Grommet Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains for Living Room, Set of 2 Panels (42 x 63 Inch, Navy Blue)

Click image for more info

You can find them in sizes 38 to 52 inches in width and 45 to 95 inches in length. The two curtain panels feature grommets at the top to make hanging them easier. Machine washable in cold water, you can also dry them in the dryer on low heat. They may not require ironing, but if they wrinkle, use a warm iron to smooth them.

Top-billed as blackout curtains, these extra long curtains also work as sound-absorbing curtains.

3. RYB Home blackout, noise, and thermal insulated long curtains: Constructed of a three-layer design, these all-purpose curtains insulate, soundproof, and blackout light. They provide a removable third-layer felt fabric liner sandwiched between two triple-weave fabric layers. You can wash the two curtain layers in the washer, but not the detachable felt layer.

Toss them in the dryer on tumble-dry setting. You can remove wrinkles from the fabric using a warm iron. Choose from a number of colors including navy blue, white, beige, burgundy, or gray. They fit 52-inch width windows and come in lengths ranging from 63 to 108 inches.

RYB HOME Grey Blackout Curtains - Thermal Insulated Noise Reducing Energy Efficiency Small Window Decor for Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom, 42 inches Wide x 45 inches Long, Gray, 1 Pair

Click image for more info

Choose from a vast rainbow of bright colors with this polyester blend from MUICO.

4. MIUCO Polyester blend curtains: These two-layer polyester blend fabric curtains are not actually soundproof. They dampen exterior sound. You will reduce exterior sounds by about 60 percent using them. They also result in blocking 90 to 98 percent of sunlight and providing some insulation from the outside temperatures.

They come in three sizes that fit windows 52-inches in width and 63 to 95 inches in length. These curtains feature grommets at the top to make hanging easier. You can machine-wash them in cold using any non-chlorine bleach detergent. Tumble-dry them in the dryer on low heat. You can iron these curtains on warm when needed.

Quieten your room with these colorful H.VERSAILTEX blackout insulation curtains known for sound absorption.

5. H.VERSAILTEX Linen blackout insulation curtains: Designed as insulation curtains these thermal-insulated curtains also block sound. You can filter out about 85 percent of sunlight, too. They use synthetic linen that quiets the indoor space but does not quite make it soundproof. It does provide a noise barrier, so you can avoid unwanted noise.

Linen Blackout Curtain 84 Inches Long for Bedroom / Living Room Thermal Insulated Grommet Linen Look Curtain Drapes Primitive Textured Burlab Effect Window Drapes 1 Panel - Ivory

Click image for more info

Available in 14 colors, since these do not use the same type of fabrics as soundproof curtains, they come in a wider array of colors including Aegean blue, sky blue, silver, white, black, mauve, and sage. These curtains come with an amazing eight-year warranty.

You can quickly hang moving blankets such as these Stalwart brand blankets to cover shorter windows.

6. Stalwart Moving Blanket: Many people turn to these cotton-padded industrial blankets as a quick, cheap way of creating silence. They just tack these up over their windows, especially in garages and workshops. They feature a durable, zigzag double-stitched design that makes them last. Since they measure 80 inches in width by 73.5 inches in length, it fits many windows.

This manufacturer makes these blankets in black and blue, so you can use the size that best matches your room. While these go up quickly, they require much more maintenance than curtains designed as soundproof materials. You must hand-wash these blankets in cold water only.

The Deconovo Blackout Curtains Grommet Top Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Curtain from Walmart.

Source: Walmart

Choose from a bright rainbow of colors with this set of Deconovo blackout drapes you can purchase at Walmart and cover the longest windows with their 100-inch length.

7. Deconovo blackout drapes: Developed as blackout drapes, these block about 40 percent of the incoming noise, too. You also block 100 percent of the sunlight, so beware because you will not know what time it is outside without looking at an accurate clock. This brand only packs one drape per package.

Deconovo 100% Blackout Curtains 84 inch Length Thermal Insulated Noise Reducing Window Drapes for Living Room Bedroom Kids Nursery Balcony, 2 Panels, Each 52x84 in , Navy Blue

Click image for more info

It covers a pretty massive area though with its 100-inches of length and 95-inches of width. These come in a wide array of colors including bright orange and deep blues plus the typical white, gray, and black. The Deconovo choice also includes thermal protection capabilities, so you end up saving money on your energy bill, too.

Decorate with style and create a posh look with these Sideli matte velvet curtains that block light and sound.

8. Sideli solid velvet curtains: The opulent choice in sound-absorbing curtains, these velvet curtains offer a fashionable choice with a plethora of colors and styles. The thickness of the fabric and its multiple layers blocks sound from outside the room.

You also get to block 90 percent of the light with these since a side benefit is their near blackout status. These do not soundproof a room, but they make it come close. The fabric remains soft, but it makes it tough to get wrinkles out of it.

Use these Nicetown microfiber curtains to block light, sound, and air from outside. You can get three times the work out of them.

9. Nicetown three-pass microfiber curtains: The Nicetown company makes a bevy of soundproofing and blackout curtains. This set absorbs sound, blocks light, and blocks cold and heat from entering. The company uses a heavy microfiber woven into a second fabric layer, and a third layer backing fabric layer using a high-quality triple weave. Its all attached with high-density black yarn. These also provide a machine washable solution.

NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels for Bedroom - 3 Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Thermal Insulated Solid Ring Top Blackout Window Drapes (2 Panels, 52 x 72 Inch, Gray)

Click image for more info

Nicetown also offers crushed velvet sound-absorbing curtains that originally began as blackout curtains, but consumers discovered their side benefit.

10. Nicetown Red Velvet Curtains: Despite the name which references a type of cake, you can purchase these curtains in a wide range of colors including teal, blue, gray, brown, black, and red. They reduce noise but muffles it from outside. The company designed these as blackout curtains, but they reduce noise as a side benefit.

NICETOWN Red Velvet Curtains, Solid Heavy Matt Drapes/Window Treatments with Grommet Top for Patio Door (Set of 2, W52xL96 inches)

Click image for more info

Choose these reasonably priced thermal blackout curtains from Warm Home Designs for sound absorbing in muted décor colors.

11. Warm Home Designs thermal blackout curtains: Although these cost less than most of the other options, you only get one panel per package. You pay about $29.99 for one package of these. This makes good sense if you only have one or two windows to cover or want to only use one curtain per window.

WARM HOME DESIGNS 1 Pair (2 Panels) of Gray Charcoal Insulated Thermal Blackout Curtains with Embossed Textured Damask Flower Pattern. Each Grommet Top Window Panel is 38" X 84". EV Charcoal 38x84

Click image for more info

That would result in no opening. They block 99 percent of the sunlight as well as blocking sound, so you get multiple benefits from purchasing these. Choose from six colors white, moss, charcoal gray, dusty blue, silver, and midnight blue.

These Turquoize brand curtains only come in wheat (cream) with a black liner, but they soundproof your windows while providing blackout status, too.

12. Turquoize Full Blackout Soundproof Lined Curtain: If the name Turquoize dubbed these curtains with seems like a mouthful, it is but worth it to speak because these curtains do so much for your home for one price. These use a black blackout liner, so they effectively block the sun. The black liner does double duty as a sun and noise block.

It also blocks UV rays to help protect your carpets and furniture from fading. You can machine wash them in cold water on the gentle cycle. You can also toss them in the dryer on tumble dry. If you need to take out any wrinkles, you can use an iron on low heat. Turquoize backs them with a five-year warranty plus a 30-day money-back guarantee.

These WONTEX curtains reduce noise while blacking out the light from outside.

13. WONTEX Noise Reducing Curtain: Choose this noise-reducing, thermal insulation curtains crafted from 100 percent polyester with grommets for easy hanging. The WONTEX option provides a triple weave blackout fabric that blocks noise and sun. Their thermal properties reduce air from entering whether cold or hot. The only reported downside from purchasers is the tendency for the polyester to wrinkles so that you need to iron them or steam them.

WONTEX 100% Blackout Curtains for Bedroom - Thermal Insulated, Energy Saving and Noise Reducing 2 Layers Lined Window Curtain Panels for Living Room, Brown, 52 x 45 inch, Set of 2 Grommet Curtains

Click image for more info

These curtains come in varying lengths from 54 inches to 96 inches long.

14. HLC.ME Camden Decorative Curtain: This lined curtain can help you save up to 30 percent on your house electricity bills. The thermal insulated blackout soundproof curtains retain heat well, so you can reduce your electricity costs. Its unique Camden pattern contributes to your décor. The drapes use a lightweight polyester that is thick without bearing down on the curtain rod too much. It comes in six colors, including white, grey, blue, and taupe.

HLC.ME Camden 100% Complete Blackout Thermal Insulated Window Curtain Grommet Panel Sliding Glass Patio Doors - Energy Efficient, Complete Darkness, Noise Reducing - (100" W x 84" L, Charcoal Grey)

Click image for more info

The only downside to these gorgeous Deconovo curtains is that you must hand wash them.

15. Deconovo Foil Print Wave Noise Canceling Curtains: These Deconovo noise-canceling curtains provide sound reduction, with blackout capabilities, so you get more bang for your buck. Choose from an array of 17 vibrant colors and multiple sizes. You can easily match the decor of your living room, bedroom, or office.

Deconovo Silver Wave Foil Print Blackout Curtains Grommet Light Blocking Room Darkening Curtain Noise Reducing Window Draperies for Living Room 52W x 84L Inch Set of 2 Panels Greyish White

Click image for more info

The foil-printed wave striped pattern adds sophistication to the drapes while the third layer of thermally insulating material helps avoid sunlight and heat exposure to help you save on your energy bills. These thick drapes also enhance your privacy. The grommets of stainless steel let you use nearly any curtain rod with them.

Choose these rod pocket velvet sound blocking curtains for easy hanging.

16. Dreaming Casa Velvet Sound Blocking Curtains: These 52-inch-wide curtains come in lengths up to 96 inches meaning you can purchase them to suit nearly any size window. The size range offers 20 dimensions. The company offers two top constructions — Back Tab and Rod Pocket. Both choices fit up to a 2.3-inch curtain rod.

Dreaming Casa Darkening Black Velvet Curtains for Living Room Thermal Insulated Rod Pocket Back Tab Window Curtain for Bedroom 2 Panels 52" W x 108" L

Click image for more info

These blackout curtains also block sound, so you can get a good night’s sleep. They come in nine different colors including grey, beige, black, burgundy, light blue, pearl, moss, pink, and navy blue. Dreaming Casa offers an unusual service. If a customer emails them with specific size and top needs, the company will make them custom curtains. The company runs an Amazon store to handle direct sales.

17. Amazon Basics Blackout Soundproof Curtain: Crafted in a “green” factory that follows environmental guidelines to reduce ecological impacts, the Amazon Basics soundproof curtains let you feel good about making your home more enjoyable. Solidly constructed of polyester with a back liner to help reduce outdoor noise, these curtains also block drafts.

Amazon Basics 100% Blackout Basket Weave Window Panel with Grommets and Thermal Insulated, Noise Reducing Blackout Liner - 52" x 84", Ivory

Click image for more info

The only downside to these curtains is they only come in one size, 52 inches by 54 inches. Perfect for small windows, but otherwise, you must keep shopping. Choose from six colors and the unique basketweave.

18. BGment Textured Linen Sound Barrier Curtains: Producing these curtains for more than a decade, BGment has become a leader in producing affordable soundproof drapes. You can machine wash these curtains, and they’re wrinkle-free, so you do not need to iron them.

LORDTEX Burlap Linen Look Textured Blackout Curtains for Bedroom with Thermal Insulated Liner - Heavy Thick Grommet Window Drapes for Living Room, 50 x 63 Inch, Silver, Set of 2 Panels

Click image for more info

They also block light and provide thermal insulation. This choice comes in ten fun colors including mustard yellow and lavender to provide the same size selection as a standard curtain. The linen material used in these provides a soft touch that hangs prettily. It blocks 100 percent of sunlight, streetlight, and UV rays completely without being as thick as other curtains.

The unique line and dot pattern on these soundproof curtains offer a sophisticated look while their three layers of material blackouts light and sound.

19. StangH Extra Long Soundproof Window Treatment: Choose these two-layer super soft polyester for a velvety feeling curtain that blocks sound, light, and drafts. These uniquely designed curtains come in six color choices foil printed in silver with an ogee intersect line and dots pattern. This provides a sophisticated, decorator look without a huge decorator expense.

StangH Velvet Curtains 108 inches Long - Full Blackout Lining Gray Velvet Drapes, Extra Long Heavyweight Soundproof Window Covering Privacy Panels for Sliding Glass Door, Grey, 52 x 108 inch, 2 Pcs

Click image for more info

These drapes feature a sewn-on triple weave blackout liner that provides better sunlight and UV ray blocking. This drape design comes in a bevy of size choices to fit windows 52 inches in width by 45 inches in length to 95 inches in length. Grommets at the top accommodate a 1.6-inch diameter curtain rod. You get two panels per package. The only downside of these curtains is that you must hand wash them.

20. Cherry Home Super Soft Luxury Velvet Curtain: As its name indicates, the velvet curtains from Cherry Home will add a luxury feel to any room. Available in 17 color options, these curtains will liven up your indoor places. Together with the light and noise dampening, they will be an ideal option for home use.

Cherry Home Super Soft Luxury Velvet Set of 2 Warm Yellow Blackout Velvet Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel Drapes Ginger Mustard Curtain Panels 52Wx96L for Living Room

Click image for more info

The 280gsm velvet fabric is robust yet still soft to touch. It has weave technology to lower noise outside and promise a peaceful sleep for you against hot and cold weather conditions.  However, this material can block 85%-99% of sunlight and 80% of UV rays, which is not comparable to the 95% or 99% of others. You can choose dark colors to improve this function though.

These ombre curtains transition from a light gray to a dark purple, one of many choices of gradients in this immense line.

21. Yakamok Gradient Color Sound Deadening Curtain: The Yakamok soundproof curtains come in 15 different gradient colors, some brights, some pastels. Designed to offer a fun look to a child’s room, these drapes also compliment a kitschy decor. Think of these curtains as tie-dye for your windows. The ombre colors shift with the light offering a rainbow of hues in your room.

Yakamok Room Darkening Gradient Curtain Panels Ombre Purple Curtains Thermal Insulated Rod Pocket Window Drapes for Living Room/Bedroom (Purple and Greyish White, 2 Panels,52x84 Inch)

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Crafted of 100 percent polyester, these three-layer drapes block sound and light. They may wrinkle after washing, but you can use a warm iron to rid them of these. This option fits many windows. It is available in three widths and lengths. Choose from 38-, 42-, and 52-inch widths and lengths of 72, 84, and 96 inches. You can choose any combination of widths and lengths.

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