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4 Types of Portable Soundproof Rooms

There are different types of portable soundproof rooms that you can purchase or even create using a variety of acoustic and soundproofing equipment. From acoustic panels and isolation booths to DIY soundproof rooms and sound isolation shields, you can record your own music or books without renting a studio.

This is a close look at an acoustic sponge foam with two layers.

There are many options when it comes to creating a soundproof booth in your home and a portable one at that. As I navigate my way through becoming a published author and striving to record my own audio version of my books, I have finally created an in-home recording studio in a walk-in closet I had available in my home but a portable soundproof booth would have been a great option to utilize also.

A portable studio is very convenient in the fact that it allows not only authors to record audiobooks but musicians, singers, and other artists to record and produce their very own CDs and audio tracks for purchase. It is a way for all of us to get our work out into the world in a great format and portable soundproof rooms are being created in homes across the country to achieve this very situation. An isolation vocal booth is basically the same thing as a portable soundproof room in the fact that you can record in each and should not have outside noise interference.

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What are Portable Soundproof Rooms?

Portable soundproof rooms are also known as portable isolation booths and including in-home recording studios like the one that I have created. In this article, we will take a look at the various ones available and the options there are on the market today to create your own portable soundproof room or booth so that you can get your project recorded very soon!

Here is our list of the various types of portable soundproof rooms you can purchase or create in your home so you can begin recording today!

Portable Vocal Booth

A portable vocal booth or sound proof booth is a great option for you to be able to record and grow your business right from your own home or studio. You simply set it up and start recording. The fun part is that you can take it with you if you need to go to another location to record your audiobook, CD, or other projects.

There are many portable vocal booth options on the market and they are priced from very reasonable to thousands of dollars for more sophisticated ones that have many built-in features. Here is one option from Amazon that should fit most people’s budgets:

Snap Studio Ultimate Vocal Booth – Portable Pop Up Home Studio for Voice Recordings

Snap Studio Ultimate Vocal Booth — Portable Pop Up Home Studio for Voice Recordings — Unique 360 Degree Reverb Isolation Shield & Easy Set Up — #1 Recommended

Click image for more info

This particular pop-up style portable soundproof room was designed by a Grammy-nominated music producer and it is used by singers, producers, authors, and even podcasters to produce clear professional-sounding vocals in their living rooms, bedrooms, or garages. It retails for a little less than 500 bucks.

Soundproof Partitions

Soundproof partitions can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to partition off a room in which you will have multiple workers who may have to be on different phone calls at the same time or for some type of conference that you are having in which there will be people divided into different groups.

You can also use a soundproof partition to create your own soundproof booth or you can use it in addition to a room you have already soundproofed to create even more protection from outside noise. Soundproof partitions are a great option and are very affordable for most people.

Here is an example of a soundproof partition or room divider from Amazon.

VERSARE MP10 Economical Portable Accordion Partition | Arrangement Versatility and 360 Rotating Hinges Red 10 x 5

VERSARE MP10 Economical Portable Accordian Partition

Click image for more info

This option is a high-quality portable soundproof partition that will not only help you maximize the use of a facility space by using it as a room divider but it can act as an acoustic partition for a sound booth or vocal booth in your home, office, or even your garage. This one comes in a variety of colors and can be used to form an L-shaped room or a C-shaped room so it is very versatile and includes wheels so it will be easy to move but then the locking castors will hold the partition in place once you have put it in the location that you want it.

This acoustic partition has been created using sound dampening acoustic panels made of fiberglass and it is fireproof safe. This one is 6 by 6 but you can get different sizes depending on what you want to use it for it is very durable, replaceable, and made of 100 percent cotton.

Do-It-Yourself Portable SoundproofRoom

This is a close look at a professional recording studio.

You can create your own isolation booth, recording booth, DIY vocal booth, or soundproof room that is portable by using a variety of different items, including soundproof partitions or acoustic foam panels. You can use the foam panels and acoustic room dividers to create your own walls by gluing them together in utilizing acoustic blankets also to help keep unwanted sound waves from interfering with your make chef sound isolation booth. This type of portable sound booth will include all of the sound absorption materials that you need for noise reduction and to block out any background noise.

You can create one of these to stay within a tight budget or get really elaborate with it and spend more money, that is up to you. You can also use the acoustic panels and acoustic soundproof blankets to create a soundproof booth in your home from a closet or other room like I did but it will not be portable so keep that in mind. Here is an example of a do-it-yourself portable soundproof room.

I created my own soundproof room but it is not portable simply because I did not need it to be and I had a walk-in closet that was available to me that I did not need to use for anything else now that my children are grown. I used these acoustic panels and acoustic blankets along with sound absorption panels on the walls to create a very amazing recording studio from my audiobooks. I spent about $800 altogether which I did not think was bad for the amount of equipment that I had to purchase to go along with the room that I created, such as a good microphone, a mic stand, a piece of carpeting for the floor, a desk so that I can put my laptop there and my tablet and other recording equipment.

It is up to you whether or not you want to create your own soundproof room, a portable soundproof room, or if you want to bypass the whole thing and shell out a bunch of money to rent a studio every time you want to record.

Microphone Isolation Shield

TONOR Microphone Isolation Shield, Studio Mic Sound Absorbing Foam Reflector for Any Condenser Microphone Recording Equipment Studio, Black

Click image for more info

A microphone isolation shield is imperative to have in place, along with a mic stand, a microphone, and various other things you will need for recording vocals. A microphone isolation shield is an example of what you will need whether you are creating a soundproof room in your home or you are purchasing or creating a portable soundproof room. A microphone isolation shield is needed to help with sound insulation and room reflections of sound as you are recording your music, vocals, or audiobook for others to listen to since you do not want any outside noise to interfere.

The fun fact about an isolation shield is that it also makes your voice sound way better than normal. As a reporter, I work for a radio station, and every year at Christmas time, we have to record a greeting that will be played throughout the month of December for our listeners. I do not like the way my voice sounds on recordings but because of the isolation shield and the great microphones that we have, I sound amazing. This is the only reason I am recording my own audio version of my book that I am self-publishing because I know I can make myself sound great with the right equipment.

If I could not do that, I would have hired an author-narrator instead. The one listed and pictured here is the one I purchased for my home recording studio and it works amazingly well and did not break the bank or my budget.

Well, there you have it. There are many ways to create an amazing portable soundproof room so that you can record all of your amazing projects and put them out into the world for all to enjoy.

FAQs About Portable Soundproof Rooms

Can a room be completely soundproof?

Yes, but it can be very costly since you will need to use a soundproof insulated drywall, which is expensive, as well as soundproof windows if needed along with tearing out walls to install soundproof insulation or putting it over top of the existing wall, although it will not be as effective. All of this is in addition to using items, such as acoustic panels and soundproofing curtains on walls and windows along with plenty of padded carpeting on the floors of the room you are attempting to make completely soundproof.

It is easier to completely soundproof a building, house, or room during the initial construction process since you can simply use all of the necessary materials in the first place, although it can still be very costly.

Why use a temporary soundproof wall?

By using or creating a temporary soundproof wall, you will not have to change any of the aesthetics in any other room in your house plus you can take it with you if you need to take it somewhere to record with others, including if you need to use it as a drum room for your band to practice at someone else’s house or you’re recording an audiobook with a coauthor and need to go to that person’s house or studio. A portable soundproof room just gives you more options when you need them and you want to record.

Can you soundproof an existing wall?

Yes, and you can do it inexpensively by using items, such as acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling as well as items you may have lying around your house. For example, I had an egg carton-style mattress that no one was using at my house so I used that on the ceiling of the closet I converted into a recording studio for audiobooks. You can spend a lot of money doing it the best way with soundproof drywall and insulation but the cheaper method can be pretty effective in providing you with the desired results.