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6 Different Types of Soundproof Pet Crates

A collage of different types of crates for pets.

As a dog owner, I know exactly what it is like to look for the perfect item for a pet. My dog is a bit anxious and needs careful attention. I love my dog and would do anything for him, but he can be challenging. The sound of my dog barking does start to wear on me (and my neighbors) after a while. I have spent a significant amount of time looking for the right items for him.

A cat inside a plastic pet crate.

I have found that a soundproof crate has worked wonders to calm and ease him. They are ideal for travel and even times at home when he is feeling a little anxious. Keep reading this article to find out more information about the different types of soundproof pet crates.

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What is a Soundproof Crate?

For safety reasons, a crate is not able to be completely soundproof. Some crates are more soundproof than others, while some are better at reducing noise for your pet. A soundproof crate is made from materials that absorb sound. These materials cover all sides of the crate. Every side that is covered will help prevent noise from entering inside the crate.

What to Look For in a Soundproof Crate

There can be many differences between crates that include the design, material, and size that can impact your pet. Some features to keep in mind when looking for your next crate are:

Your dog requires plenty of air for ventilation, but crates that are more cave like comfort your dog more than a cage design. Your pet prefers a dark and secluded crate.

You want to make sure that the kennel is the appropriate size for your dog. One that is too small will not fit your dog properly. On the other hand, if the kennel is too big, it will not feel secure to your dog. Your dog may feel exposed and therefore not feel secure. You should measure the height and length of your pet and then select a crate that gives your dog room to stand up, lie down, and turn around inside it.

You should make sure that the crate does not have any places on which your pet can chew. Dogs that have separation anxiety tend to chew on anything they can find.

Ways to Help Soundproof Your Pet Crate

A close look at a pet beagle dog inside its cage.

There are ways that you can make your existing crate a little more soundproof. Remember, you cannot cut off all the air coming into the crate because your dog needs to be able to breathe. These steps should help muffle the sound of your dog barking.

One thing you can do is put your pet’s crate in a room with many soft surfaces and soft materials. When your dog barks, the sound can be prevented from hitting hard surfaces when it is surrounded by soft items. This can help soften any loud noise.

You can line your crate with old pillows and blankets. If that does not muffle the noise enough, you can get soundproof blankets to put in the crate. When you are using blankets in the crate, consider the age of your dog and if he is chewing everything in his sight. If so, a blanket may not be the best idea in the crate. 

You can use a moving blanket to line the bottom of the crate, as well as drape a blanket over the top of the dog kennel. You can get a dog crate cover to cover the crate.

If you have an outdoor kennel for your dog, you can soundproof it by adding acoustic material to it. You can use acoustic foam products by attaching them to the existing kennel, crate, or dog house. The foam prevents sound from bouncing off the walls by absorbing it.

You can try items such as an acoustic panel, acoustic tile, absorption sheets, or acoustic foam. Placing foam panels in your crate may significantly decrease the sound of your dog’s bark.

If you opt to use acoustic tiles on your pet’s crate, they are great for soundproofing because they will not allow sound to pass through them. You can place these tiles on the ceiling, walls, and floors of your pet’s crate. These tiles are created from cotton materials, typically recycled ones. Acoustic tiles have been created to reduce the way that sound echoes in a space.

This helps reduce the echo that is created when your dog barks. Remember, you cannot completely close off the kennel because you need to allow your pet to breathe. If you completely close off all spaces, your pet will not be able to get air or ventilation.

Sound baffles are a great way to reduce the sound that comes from your dog’s kennel. These are materials intended for soundproofing that are hung from the ceiling of your kennel. They are suspended vertically from the ceiling of your kennel. They are lightweight and simple to install. A great thing about sound baffles is that they are decorative and can enhance the decor instead of being just something else you shove in your room.

Soundproof Pet Crates

It may be a surprise that there are not many truly soundproof kennel options out there for your pets. The main reason is because they need to be able to breathe, and a completely soundproof environment has no holes or spaces in it. You can buy materials to add to your existing crate, as mentioned above.

If you still need other noise control you can consider some other options for your anxious dog. You can also consider one of these crates or cages mentioned below that may provide more sound absorption than your current option. You may find they are helpful sound reducing dog crate options.

Padded Soft Crate

A woman checking the padded soft crate for her dog.

A soft crate is usually collapsible, and you are able to fold it up and move it out of the way when you are not using it. They also have some amount of padding to make them quieter and more comfortable for your pet. A padded soft crate is washable, which is important because it does not take long for your pet’s things to smell.

Most soft crates have walls that you can roll up, and your pet can see and hear what is happening outside. They often have a top portion that you can roll out of the way. Underneath is a mesh material that still keeps your pet contained but allows them to hear and see.

The downside to a soft crate is it is not the most soundproof crate you can find. This type of crate may not be intended to be soundproof but can soften some sound.

Quiet Kennel

A black and white border collie dog in a wooden doghouse.

The Quiet Kennel is intended to be completely soundproof and closed. It has polycarbonate doors that are transparent but completely turn off outside noise. There is no soft material or mesh on the quiet kennel. It has a double circulation fan to give your pet airflow inside the crate. The fan uses a motion sensor, and it only turns on when the dog is inside. The doors are also motion sensors and open and close based on motion and weight.

The downside to this crate is it may not be easy to find or readily available.

Anxiety Relief Crate

The Smart Anxiety Relief Dog crate from Zencrate.

Source: ZenCrate

The ZenCrate is intended to provide anxiety relief for the most anxious pet. This crate looks like a piece of furniture in your home. It is wood and fits in just about any decor. This crate must be plugged in, but it does have a battery back up in case the power goes out. This soundproof dog crate has a camera, speakers, and a fan that are all motion enabled.

The ZenCrate has WiFi so that you can check on your crate at any time. It comes with a mobile app that allows you not only to check on your pet but also to adjust any of the settings in the crate. The music that pumps through the speakers is specially composed to help reduce anxiety.

The inside of the crate has a bed made of memory foam that is also waterproof to ensure maximum comfort for your pet. The feet of the crate are vibration dampening to help stabilize it during a thunderstorm.

The downside to this crate is its price. This is an expensive crate.

Sky Kennel

A shiba inu and a husky in their own pet crates.

This is a plain and no frills type of kennel. This is also the one that you are most used to seeing. Despite its simple design, it is a quality kennel that will keep your dog or cat safe and comfortable. This kennel is great for travel on an airplane but also helps keep your pet calm while you are working.

The Sky Kennel is mostly plastic with a metal grate on the front of it. It provides a significant amount of ventilation, and your pet remains comfortable and able to breathe. It is heavy duty which makes it perfect for larger pets. The hard plastic shell makes it impossible for any pet to escape. It is just dark enough to help calm your anxious pet. This is an ideal cat carrier or any type of pet carrier.

These kennels are made of high quality material, which also puts them on the expensive side.

Metal Crates

This is a close look at a puppy inside its metal crate.

Metal crates are the common type of crate that you will find in a dog owner’s home. They usually have thick wires on them. The spaces between the wires are wide enough that your pet gets plenty of air and will be able to breathe. A metal crate is easy to move and durable. They are relatively lightweight. Most metal crates can be folded up and stored out of place when not in use.

A metal crate has front or side entry making it easy to get your pet in and out of the crate. They usually contain two slide bolt locks. One is at the top of the crate and the other is at the bottom of the crate. Your pet should not be able to open the locks to get out of the crate.

The down side is there is not a visual blocker with a metal crate. Your pet will be able to see everything happening around them, which may prompt them to bark more.

Acrylic Bird Cage

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An acrylic birdcage is the best type of soundproofed cage you can have for your bird. This is ideal if you plan to travel with your bird. You may also hear this type of cage called plexiglass. The plexiglass is a sold piece with no holes or gaps to allow sound to leave the cage.

The more holes a cage has, the more noise that is going to be able to escape from it. Even though the cage is solid plastic, it has some holes in it to allow your bird to breathe. The plastic is transparent, and your bird will be able to see. It will not appear any different to your bird.

The acrylic cages are more expensive than a standard metal cage. This is a great soundproofing option if you have a pet bird. You may love to hear the sounds they make but at some point it becomes unwanted noise.

What Else Can I Do?

If you have done everything you can to dampen the sound of your dog’s crate and it really is not soundproof enough, there are some other things you can try.

It has been shown that dogs sometimes bark because they are bored, anxious, or want attention. If you can exercise and play with your dog as much as possible. If you can tire out your dog, your dog will sleep. The more exercise you can give your dog, the more likely it is to sleep and therefore not bark. This can also get some of the energy out that your dog may have.

When you are leaving your dog, it may cause some anxiety inside your dog, which means they might bark once you leave. You can help to ease that anxiety. While you may think that petting and hugging your dog when you are going to leave is a good thing, it really is not. Those actions make it more emotional for your dog, which leaves him feeling lonely once you have left. This may result in your dog barking until he falls asleep or until you return home.

You can hire a dog sitter or dog walker to come and care for your dog while you are gone. This can help your dog feel less lonely while you are gone, which will help to reduce the amount of barking he does. This can help restore your relationships with your neighbors.

Another thing you can try is to train your dog to stay in the kennel. Often your dog will bark because it is in a new environment that he does not like. Now your dog may be lonely and feel like it is in a cage. Your dog may bark when in the kennel as a sign of refusal or dislike being in the kennel.

You can train him to stay in the kennel and learn that barking is not going to get him out of the kennel. It will only take a few days before your dog realizes that barking is not going to get him our of the kennel. You will have to remain firm. You cannot give into your dog’s whining and barking.

It is just like the way you discipline a child, you cannot give in. If you give in, you will have to start all over again. Your dog is going to think that more barking and whining is going to get him out of the crate or wherever he wants to go.