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What are Grommet and Eyelet Curtains?

This is a close look at a gray striped curtain with grommets and eyelets.

Curtains are a significant part of any room décor. Are you seeking for stylish, modern, and trendy curtains to complement your décor? Grommet and eyelet top curtains combined with color, pattern, and texture set a unique decorative style.

  • Grommets are made up of two pieces of material; a grommet and a washer used to reinforce a hole for heavy-duty material.
  • Eyelets are one piece of material punched through the material to reinforce a hole.

Curtain styles contribute to room formality. Grommet and eyelet curtains are the most common curtain type. Grommets and eyelets are simple formats of hanging curtains. Grommets are similar to eyelets as they are both used to reinforce a hole. Within the page, we peruse more about grommets and eyelets.

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What is a grommet and eyelet curtain?

Grommet and eyelet curtains use rings embedded in the header to serve as the guide for the curtain pole. The rings are rigid to help form well-defined, even pleats. Grommet and eyelet curtains work well with stiff materials to give a crisp look to the fall of the fabric.

Grommet and eyelet rings allow the panels to slide easily over the rod. The rod in the grommet and eyelet curtain is visible in drapery headers. Brass and wood rod materials compliment grommet top curtains.

Eyelets are metal T-shaped materials punched through a fabric. It is compressed to make sure it’s in place. Grommets encompass two metal rings placed on either side of the fabric, then compressed to form a durable grommet.

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The eyelets have smaller holes compared to the grommet. The larger the flange diameter, the stronger the grip. Grommets are more practical for industrial uses, such as tents, banners, flags, tarps, and substantial curtains.

Eyelets have a more attractive finished appearance, thus used in apparel like belts, shoes, and hats.

Dimensions of grommet and eyelet curtains

This is a close look at a gray blackout curtain and white sheer curtain that has grommets and eyelets.

Grommet openings vary in size ranging from 3/8 inch up to 1 6/16 inches. Contrasting rod width with the size of grommet openings plays on the variations of shape. Grommet hole sizes measure 1/8 inches to 1 ½ inches. Eyelets hole size measures 3/16 inches.

Is it in style or popular today?

Grommet and eyelet are popular curtain headers in the modern world. Some of the popular finishes include metallic such as nickel, bronze, and silver.

Materials used            


These are various brass curtain eyelet rings in different tones.

They are the most common grommets and eyelet curtain rings. They can efficiently be designed to various patterns. They are multicolored and patterned grommets that come in different sizes.

Brass grommets and eyelets are high-quality solid materials with strong and durable elements. They are used for heavy-duty tarp, banners, flags, and outdoor canopy tarp cover.


LANDGOO Curtain Grommets 48 PCS 40mm Plastic Curtain Grommet Kit Inner Diameter (1-9/16") Nanoscale Low Noise Curtain Rings for Curtain Rod Shower Curtain Rings Matte Silver

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Plastic grommets and eyelets integrate a unique look as they come in many colors and designs. They are ideal for modern bathrooms. They offer the lowest prices. Plastic eyelets and grommets blend in flexibility and strength.


A rubber grommet is used when a wire must go through a hole in metal for safety grips. They are suited to protect lines and cables from chafing on rough surfaces. More so, they reduce vibration. They are weather-resistant and high heat resistant.

Types of grommets and eyelet used in grommet and eyelet curtains.

Plain grommet/Washer grommet

These are gold flat washer grommets in different sizes.

They are typically made from brass or lightweight metals. Mainly, they are used in lighter-duty applications like curtains. They are easy to install with a hole cutter, and plain grommet die set.

Spur grommet

These are small spur grommets sewed onto the dark fabric.

They integrate small teeth on the female portion of the grommet. The spurs dig into the fabric around the male portion providing a solid grip and deterring spinning. They are usually made from heavy metals such as nickel and stainless steel.

Punched eyelets

They are most common on sneakers and dress shoes. They are punched on the fabric but tend to rip out.

Webbed eyelets

They are loops of fabric sewn into the upper material of a cycling and dance shoe. If pulled tightly, they may tear and rip.

Alternatives of Grommets and eyelet curtains

Rod pocket curtains/ pole top/casement curtains

The bedroom bay window has a layer of sheer curtains and a layer of blackout curtains.

Would you like to hang your drapery in a quintessential way? The pole top curtain panel integrates a sewn casing. When the curtain is closed, a small portion of the rod will show at each end.

The curtains are classy in that the valences hung above the curtain to hide the rod, especially when the curtain is open.

Rod pocket curtains require no hardware to fix the curtain to the rod. The curtains work well with layered window coverings and are often used on French doors and sidelights. Sheers can be mounted under the main panels to provide privacy while allowing light to come through.

Rod pocket curtains are more challenging to open and close, especially when the materials don’t slide easily along the rod. Customize rod pocket curtains by attaching curtain rings to the back of the panel along with the pocket. The rings make adjusting curtains easier.

Rods slip through the top and bottom casements of the panel; hence you can secure the curtain at both hanging edges and ends. Minimize the appearance of the hardware seen by selecting finials that reflect light rather than draw the eye to the end cap.

Back Tab Curtains/Hidden tab curtains

These are French doors complemented by their white sheer curtains.

Would you like to create clean line décor and an illusion of a curtain floating in space? The back tab curtains are tailored to fuss clips or pins. The curtain header has its back sewn with tabs/loops.

The elegancy of the hidden tab curtains is that they are ideal if you don’t want to open and close the drape very often in the living room. The drapery forms clean line pleats over the rod as the curtain fabric rises above the rod.

You can customize the hidden tab curtains by adding clips or rings over the tabs for an overall elegant look. The back tab curtains support and distribute the weight of heavier fabrics without sagging. Additionally, they work well with curtains with lace or other decorative trim.

Pleated Curtains

These are pleated beige and white sheer curtains with grommets and eyelets.

They are retro-classic curtains ideal for a formal setting. Header tape is sewn to the back of the top panel to form pleats. They are made of thicker fabrics.

Pros of Grommet and eyelet curtains

They are suited to reinforce the connection between pieces of fabrics

Suitable to hold heavier fabrics

They are lightweight

Easy to draw

They are ideal for decorating fabric and textile materials

They are perfect for regular use

They give off a modern look

Cons of Grommet and eyelet curtains

Rod shows through grommets

They tend to rip and tear fabric materials

Unusable with a traverse rod.

Where can the grommet and eyelet be used in the home?

These are white sheer and gray blackout curtains mounted with black rods and black eyelets.

They are perfect for use in the patio or bedroom. Grommets are used for heavier drapes and curtain fabrics. They are used to hold rings that slip through a metal rod.

Eyelets have ribbons and cords that are drawn through the perforation to reinforce the connection within the curtain fabric.

Brief historical overview

The word “grommet” dates to the 1620s, meaning ring. Metal eyelet dates back to 1769 to mean a small hole. According to Norah Waugh, in 1828, initial metal grommets were used on Corsets and Crinolines.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, grommets were commonly used in boots and shoes. Metal lacing rings were used in the medieval and renaissance eras.

Who invented eyelets? 

W.H. Rodgers invented the first eyelet machine patented in the United States on November 15th, 1859.

Price of the Grommet and Eyelet curtain

You can purchase a grommet and eyelet curtain for as low as $16.

Where to buy

You can access the classy grommet and eyelet curtains in online stores such as Wayfair, Amazon, and Quick-fit blinds and curtains.

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