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18 Types of Shower Curtain Connectors and Rings

Bathroom with shower curtain with tree mural

A shower curtain is an alternative to glass shower doors. However, while glass showers are all the rage these days, many people (including us) have shower curtains, especially for the tub/shower combo.

If you have a shower curtain, then you need to suspend the curtain some fashion. While rings are the standard, there are many different types of shower curtain connector options. We did the research and put together an extensive list of those options below.

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Ring shower curtain connector

Source: Etsy

When you buy rings for your shower curtain, you want to make sure that it is going to stay up and won’t accidentally fall off when you are opening or closing the curtain. Unfortunately, this is a common problem for some people depending on how quickly they open and close the curtain, the weight of the curtain, and other factors. Shower curtain rings are a great way to attach your shower curtain to your rod without worrying about the shower curtain coming down. Because the rings close completely, there is no chance of the shower curtain accidentally slipping out of the ring and coming down. While these are a little more difficult to put on your shower curtain and then to attach to the rod the first time, once they are installed, the shower curtain won’t be going anywhere.


Hook shower curtain connector

Source: Wayfair

Shower curtain hooks are another great way to attach your shower curtain to the rod but it’s important to be a little careful when using them as it is easier to accidentally pull the shower curtain down off of the hook when opening and closing it. They slip over the rod and then the shower curtain hooks onto the hook. If the curtain is pulled too quickly or is yanked downward, it is easy to either pop it off of the hook or, if the shower curtain is a thinner plastic, then it may accidentally rip. They are relatively easy to install and don’t take much effort or time but may be more difficult to operate.



Ceramic shower curtain connector

Source: Houzz

These hooks aren’t going to have ceramic on the part that hooks around the shower rod but will have ceramic decoration on them. Choosing a hook with ceramic decoration allows you to update the appearance of your bathroom and even choose a brighter color or design that will work with the overall appearance of the room. If you want to match or find shower curtain hooks that will complement your space, then choosing ones that have ceramic is a good idea.


Wood shower curtain connector

Source: Houzz

Shower hooks that have wood on them are going to look more rustic and are perfect in a cabin or in a farmhouse. While they will generally look out of place in a modern or contemporary home, they can really improve the appearance in the right bathroom. Make sure that you have enough ventilation in your bathroom if you are going to be using wood on your shower curtain rings or hooks as you don’t want to have a mold problem. If you do not run the fan in the bathroom or open a window when it is very humid and steamy, then you can actually risk damaging the wood. While most pieces will be protected against this issue, it is still a very real problem if you are not careful.


Metal shower curtain connector

Source: Hayneedle

Metal shower curtain hooks and rings are the most common types available. You can either buy ones that are very plain and only have the hook or the ring or get ones that have some metal embellishment on them. No matter which ones you choose, you can rest easy that they will last for a very long time as the metal will be coated to withstand the humidity of your bathroom. This means that you won’t ever have to worry about them corroding or becoming rusty. When picking your new shower hooks or rings, you may want to consider the metal that you have in the rest of the bathroom as you can easily match it to the hardware in the room for a very cohesive look. Buy quality rings and hooks as yanking on the shower curtain can easily bend ones that aren’t as high-quality, causing you have to buy new ones to replace them.


Acrylic shower curtain connector

Source: Home Depot

For the look of glass without the inherent danger of bringing glass into your bathroom or shower, look for acrylic or plastic decoration on your hooks or clips. You can find these in any color, shape, or style, making it easy to update your bathroom’s appearance and draw attention to the shower. Because there are so many different color choices to choose from, these are a great way to update the bathroom without spending a lot of money or making permanent changes. These are beneficial because they do not mold easily, are difficult to damage, and tend to last for a very long time. Make sure that the ones you choose are large enough to stand out in your bathroom so you can really enjoy them.


Resin shower curtain connector

Source: Houzz

Resin embellishments on shower hooks are very popular as the embellishment will stand up to years of abuse without cracking or becoming damaged. They are a great choice since they come in so many designs and you can buy ones that will match the theme and color scheme of your bathroom. Make sure that you get ones where the resin is firmly attached to the ring or the hook so you don’t have to worry about it breaking off when the shower curtain is opened or closed.


Plastic shower curtain connector

Source: Home Depot

Some of the most basic shower curtain rings that you can buy are plastic. They generally come in either clear or white plastic, are very sturdy, and are easy to use. You simply slip the shower curtain and liner into the ring and then close it over the rod. They form a closed circle that will not pop open, no matter how hard you pull on the curtain to open or close it. These rings last for a very long time as they won’t be adversely affected by humidity or heat in the bathroom and don’t mold very easily.


Adjustable Width

Shower curtain connector with adjustable width

Source: Wayfair

If you know that you are going to be moving soon or simply have a shower curtain rod that is not a traditional size and have been struggling with finding hooks or rings that fit it, then you will want to buy ones that offer the ability to adjust the width. These are generally very easy to use and make it simple to switch to a different shower curtain rod or to make sure that they fit your current one. Instead of spending a lot of time, energy, and money trying to find rings or hooks that fit, simply buying ones that offer adjustable width will make this process a whole lot easier.


Rollers shower curtain connector

Source: Home Depot

To ensure that your hooks or rings move as smoothly as possible on the rod without catching or getting caught up on each other, opt for ones that have roller balls. These small balls are located where the hook or ring will touch the rod itself and make it very easy for them to move. While these may be a little more expensive than shower curtain connectors without the balls, the ease with which they can be used makes the smaller increase in price worth it for many people.

Double Hook

Double hook shower curtain connector

Source: Home Depot

If you want to be able to hang both a shower curtain liner and a shower curtain, then you will need a hook that allows space to do both. These aren’t in the typical S shape of most shower curtain hooks but actually have another space for hanging the curtain on the bottom of the S. They are ideal because they keep the curtain and the liner separated from each other. This not only allows the user to put the liner inside of the tub and the curtain on the outside but also gives them enough space from each other to decrease the chance of mold growing between them. In addition, these hooks provide a smooth motion for pulling the curtain and liner back and forth at the same time without any hassle or frustration.

Open Rings

Open rings shower curtain connector

Source: Wayfair

If you have a ceiling support that is attached to your curtain rod, then you may struggle with finding shower curtain rings that can operate around it without problems. This is when you will want to buy open shower curtain rings. They are specially designed to slide past the support without any problems due to being open at the top. These rings are flexible, making them easy to attach to a shower curtain rod even if yours is not a typical width. These rings are usually very heavy-duty and are designed to withstand the wet air of a bathroom without corroding.



Brass shower curtain connector

Source: Wayfair

Brass shower curtain hooks or rings are a great way to brighten up the space and really bring out the colors of the rest of the fixtures and hardware in the bathroom. If you have brass on your door hinges, shower, and sink, then brass is great in this instance as well.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel shower curtain connector

Source: Wayfair

For a modern look in your bathroom, you will want to opt for stainless steel. These hooks and rings will look classy and modern. They stand out because of their shine and their quality but are just as functional as other options that you can buy.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oil-rubbed bronze shower curtain connector

Source: Wayfair

Perfect for a more industrial-looking bathroom, oil-rubbed bronze will make the shower curtain look a little heavier-duty and a bit stronger. It adds visual interest to a space, especially when matched to the rest of the hardware in the room.


Black shower curtain connector

Source: Wayfair

Black hooks and rings are interesting in a bathroom because they are usually such a contrast to the rest of the space. Look for ones that have fun shapes as they will draw the attention of everyone in the bathroom.


White shower curtain connector

Source: Wayfair

White shower curtain rings and hooks are great if you want to have a very open and airy-feeling bathroom. They won’t add any visible weight to the curtain rod and since they are white, they are great for blending in if your shower curtain is white as well. When you choose high-quality white rings or hooks, you won’t have to worry about them showing mold.


Rainbow shower curtain connector

Source: Wayfair

If you have a bright and fun bathroom and want to bring a little rainbow into the space, then look for hooks or rings that have multiple colors. These are a fast and easy way to update the bathroom and brighten it up with colors that your whole family will love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about shower rings and connectors.

What are shower curtain rings?

A shower curtain ring is a small device that attaches your shower curtain to the shower curtain rod. They’re built to provide a smooth, seamless motion when opening and closing the curtain. Typically, shower curtain rings come in packs of twelve rings, although larger packages of twenty-four are also available.

Rings should be manufactured using plastic and durable, water-proof metals to prevent rust formation in the humid environment of your bathroom. Metal shower curtain rings are available in a variety of colors and finishes, like silver, nickel, copper, and oil-rubbed bronze. They’re designed to slide easily over shower curtain rods of all varieties, including adjustable tension rods and curved rods.

The most common type of shower curtain rings are designed to slide through small slits along the top edge of the shower curtain. However, some shower curtain rings come with a small clip to hold up shower curtains that don’t have holes.

Can plastic shower curtain rings be recycled?

Plastic shower curtain rings and liners cannot be recycled. They’re typically manufactured using PVC-based plastics which are not recyclable. There may be eco-friendly alternatives on the market that are safe to recycle, but these would be specialty items and are not considered standard. Instead of recycling your plastic shower curtains, you should consider creatively re-purposing them as napkin rings, wine glass charms, and for hanging scarves in your closet.

Can metal shower curtain rings be recycled?

Stainless steel is a sustainable material and is fully recyclable. Even stainless steel shower rings with a finish like nickel or chrome are recyclable. The metal shower curtain rings are melted down and separated from the alloy metals so they can be used again. Alternatively, you can upcycle your old metal shower rings to use them around your house in a DIY project.

Can plastic shower curtain rings be painted?

Plastic is a slick and nonporous material, so getting paint to adhere to your plastic shower curtains properly will be challenging. If you’d still like to give it a shot, you may have some luck with spray paint. However, you’ll have to do some preparation work beforehand. You’ll need to use sandpaper to rub down the shiny surface and create a rougher texture for the paint to adhere to.

You should also apply a primer to the shower curtain rings before spray painting them to create a better painting surface. By following these extra steps, your newly painted curtain rings are more likely to survive the damp, humid environment of the shower without smudging or getting tacky. That being said, painted shower curtains are not likely to last as long or look as nice as plastic rings colored by the manufacturer.

Can metal shower curtain rings be painted?

Although it’s not one of the most popular DIY projects, you can technically paint metal shower curtains rings. Certain metals and finishes will adhere better to paint than others, so it’s best to double-check your rings before you start painting. Matte colors like black and white can create a modern look, while metallic and mirror-finish paints that mimic silver or gold look a little more natural. Be sure to use an oil-based paint like Rustoleum so the water from your shower doesn’t damage the paint.

What materials are shower curtain rings made from?

Shower curtain rings should be made from materials that can survive the humidity of a shower without rusting or tarnishing. The most popular materials for shower curtain rings are plastic and stainless steel. Both plastic and stainless rings come in a variety of colors and finishes to match your style. Popular finishes for metal rings include brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze. Plastic rings can be transparent or solid colors like black or white. Both types of shower curtain rings are designed with durability, style, and ease of movement in mind.

How many shower curtain rings do you need to hang a shower curtain?

A standard shower curtain requires twelve shower curtain rings. Shower curtains are built with a series of small holes on the top edge of the curtain where you insert the rings. This is true for all types of shower curtains–plastic, cloth, and even clear plastic liners. Once the rings are attached to the curtain, you can simply slide the shower curtain rod through the rings and affix the rod to the walls of your shower.

How can you make shower curtain rings slide easier?

Some shower curtain rings have a tendency to stick or squeak when they move. Sticky rings are annoying and can reduce how well your shower curtain slides on the shower rod. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed by simply rubbing petroleum jelly or car wax along the shower rod to create a smooth, quiet movement.

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