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Do Brick Wall Hooks Actually Work? If So, Which Ones Are the Best?

Photos showing brick wall hooks with decorations

We recently moved into a house with a brick exterior.

The brick looks great. We love it. The problem we encountered recently when putting up Halloween decorations was hanging stuff on the exterior brick wall.  We didn’t want to put screws into the brick.  Decorations aren’t worth that despite what our sons might think.

What did we do?

We did as most homeowners in this day in age do and that is head to Amazon to see if there are any low-cost products that solve this problem.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a good variety of brick wall hooks.

We bought two types that look good and didn’t require adhesive or screws of any kind.

Here are the two we bought.

Single hook:

You can get the single-hook style here.

Single hook brick wall hook

INCREWAY Brick Hook Clips, Metal Brick Wall Hook Heavy Duty Wall Clips for Hanging String Lights Wreaths Pictures or Decorations (Red Bronze)

Double hook:

You can get the double hook one here.

Double hook for brick wall hook

Brick Hook Clips - 4 Pack Bricks Hook Clip for Hanging Outdoors Wall Pictures, Metal Brick Hangers Brick Hooks Fireplace (Fit Brick 2-1/4 to 2-2/5 inch)

Brick Hook Clips - 4 Pack Bricks Hook Clip for Hanging Outdoors Wall Pictures, Metal Brick Hangers Brick Hooks Fireplace (Fit Brick 2-1/4 to 2-2/5 inch)

Notice how on our wall the bottom of the hook doesn’t extend past the brick. That’s okay. It still works just fine.

What’s the best brick wall hook?

Our favorite is the second one – the one with the two hooks on it.

Does it really keep decorations up on the wall?

Yeah, it does. Okay, if you have a storm that might blow lighter-weight decorations off the wall but aside from that, we had all kinds of decorations hanging throughout the Halloween season.  We’ll do the same for Christmas.

How much weight can these hooks hold?

As you can see from our first use, nothing we hung up weighed very much.  At Amazon, it says it can hold up to 25 pounds. I believe it. It’s a strong metal.  I’d be more concerned about the brick chipping hanging that much weight than the hook breaking.

How do they stay secure on the brick wall?

Look closely at the part that clips on to the brick – it serrated that grip the brick.  

Also, if you have the right-sized brick, the bottom of the two-hook style has a clamping mechanism. It didn’t work for our brick, but that didn’t mean we could use it. They still worked just fine.

Can you buy the in different colors?

Not that I could find but it’s possible.  I like the weathered brass look; it’s a good color for brick.  I think some bright color would clash with the brick.  If you really want to change the color, just spray-paint the hooks. That would take no more than 15 minutes.

Can you use them on brick inside the house?

Yeah, absolutely. As long as there is sufficient edge to hang the serrated clip on, it’ll work.

What should you look for when choosing brick wall hooks?

  • They actually look good.  They may be visible and if they are, you don’t want an eye-sore.
  • They don’t require screws or nails.
  • No adhesive involved – adhesive doesn’t work well on brick.

Get these hooks here.