33 Pergola Design Ideas for 2019

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Pergola on the beachThe pergola is a way to enjoy the sun yet have some relief from the heat.  They’re commonly build above decks and patios in the backyard.

We put together a huge photo gallery showcasing 100 pergola designs and ideas.  Browse the photos below.

Pergola Photos

A gorgeous set of stone steps surrounded by flourishing bushes leads up to this garden pergola. The cottage pergola has a rustic wooden appearance with lattice on either side and a beautiful hanging flower pot.
This aesthetic set of pergolas uses very simple pillars and rafters in a rustic wooden color. On top of the pergolas blooms an amazing amount of bright flowers for a wild pop of colors.
This pergola is simplified to fit the look of the rustic wooden fence. Between the pillars is stacked stone that adds a fluid movement from the driveway to the fence.
This unique pergola uses a different colored stain for a bright pop against the tan pillars. The stain matches the wooden furniture for a unified appearance.
This amazing pergola has been transformed into a garden swing! It holds a wooden swing as well as petite vines and blossoming hanging flowers.
This design uses a stone wall with the wooden pillars for an especially private sitting area. It adds a splash of color and privacy to the pool deck.
This minimalist pergola doesn’t take any spotlight away from the stunning flowers and plants that sit at it’s base. It’s magnificent enough to stand out, but it isn’t overpowering in color or design.
If pretty garden pergolas are a little too fancy, try out this arched pergola instead. It’s covered in a thick brush of vines and uses very rustic wood for a country finish.
This pergola has been transformed from a simple outdoor structure to a magnificent patio. It’s decorated in lattice and hanging flowers for a really beautiful finish.
This pergola steps over the edge of the pool and hangs over it. It’s rafters are topped with lattice for more shade, and it’s wood is stained a deep chocolate brown.
This romantic pergola is arched as a perfect addition to a walkway. It adds class to the steps leading upwards with it’s magnificent egg shell color and lattice design.

This pergola extends down a stone pathway as a bridge cover. Flowery vines trickle down it’s pillars and into the green river below.
This structure follows the traditional pergola look. With towering stone pillars and only a few rustic rafters it looks like it was pulled from the past.
Adding lattice to a pergola can create a romantic garden structure. This garden pergola holds different vines and hanging plants and shades a little bench.
This train of pergolas is absolutely breathtaking. The rustic wooden pergolas house many different kinds of vines and foliage. The walkway is wild and stunning.

This pergola extends from the concrete deck and over part of the pool. You can enjoy the shade of the pergola from inside the pool on from a chair on the deck.
This pergola is much more rustic with stone pillars holding wide rafters. Bare vines climb up the stone and wrap around the rafters for a country atmosphere.
This all natural wooden pergola makes a gorgeous sitting area for the backyard patio. A lighting fixture hangs easily from it to make hassle free lighting in the yard.
This pergola has lattice between it’s pillars that keep the space private. It is draped in bright flowers and makes a great garden sitting spot.
This poolside beauty looks absolutely stunning on the stone patio. The pergolas pillars match the white wicker furniture it keeps cool.


What is a pergola?

A pergola is a structure with four posts and a roof that’s a series of boards or slats with gaps in between.  They both shield the sun but let sun through as well.  They are usually built in a deck, patio, poolside deck (i.e. cabana) or over walkways.

The pergola dates back to the 1600s, and it is a flawless choice for an outdoor feature that is cheap and beautiful. It doesn’t take up a lot of space (if you don’t want it to) and it can be decorated in any way you want.

The pergola is easily personalized, whether you want it stained or hot pink, it’s your choice. You can cover it in flowers, or leave it nude and standing freely.

Throughout history, the pergola could be made of all wood, or out of wood with stone or brick pillars. Modern day pergolas stand tall and mighty on wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum or even CPVC.

You can use a pergola as a beautiful addition to your backyard by staining the wood and putting some seating under it. If you want to use your pergola traditionally, you can add plants and flowers for a shaded walkway along with a wooden lattice.

The pergola can also be used as a private sitting area. Add sheer white curtains to the pergola that can be drawn shut to enjoy some quiet private space in your backyard.

Pergola vs. Gazebo

A pergola is different than a gazebo in several ways.

First, a pergola’s roof, which is the defining element, is a series of boards with gaps in between, whereas a gazebo roof is solid.

Second, a pergola doesn’t necessarily have a wall, although it can (but is unusual).  Gazebos have partial walls with the upper half usually open or screened in.  Some gazebos have walls that span floor to roof.

Third, gazebos are stand-alone structures that may or may not sit on a deck or patio.  A pergola, on the other hand, is often built on a deck or patio or walkway.

What materials are pergolas built with?

The most common material is wood, but you can build them out of steel as well.

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