25 Swimming Pools with Cabanas (Photos)

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Swimming pool with large cabana

By Pool Craft

As if having a pool isn’t lucky enough, some very fortunate swimming pool owners splurge for a pool cabana.

The cabana is a structure adjacent to a swimming pool.  It’s a broad term and as you can see in our photo gallery below, can include a variety of structure types including fully enclosed, partially enclosed such as gazebo and entirely open (i.e. pavilion).

Most of our cabana photo examples were provided by Pool Craft.

Photo Gallery

The mansion also boasts a Roman-Grecian style pool with a cabana sitting beside it.

A stunning view of the property's outdoor swimming pool with blue furniture around it.

Source: Trulia

The tennis player's private property includes this large outdoor swimming pool with an open-air cabana.

Source: Trulia


Source: Trulia


Source: Trulia


Source: Trulia

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Why build a cabana?

I have to admit I can’t handle too much heat and if I exposed to a lot of heat, I like some shade.  I love swimming in pools, but once I get too hot, I run for shelter.  That’s why I love cabanas so much.

I don’t require an extravagant cabana with bathroom, kitchen and lounge.  A simple structure with some comfortable seating that provides full shade does it for me.

In my view, any pool can be enhanced with a cabana.  The only exception may be if there’s a covered deck / patio adjacent to the pool from an awning or roof extension.

Types of Cabanas

Fully Enclosed

Some cabanas are like a guest house on the property.  They have interior rooms such as a living room, bathroom, bar and/or kitchen.

Partially Enclosed

Other cabanas are partially enclosed and partially open to the pool area.  This is more common than a fully enclosed type.  These usually consist of a large covered lounge area but may contain an enclosed bathroom and/or changing room.  Other features may include a covered outdoor kitchen, sleeping quarters such as a bunk house or guest quarters, a bar, a patio dining area and/or covered patio lounge area.

Fully Open

This is the simplest structure.  It may be four posts with a roof, which is also referred to as a pavilion, but qualifies as a cabana when adjacent to a swimming pool.  Usually these are covered lounge and/or dining areas. They’re designed to provide a shaded area in the swimming pool oasis backyard.  In a nutshell they’re pavilions or pergolas.

Cabana Design

Some extravagant homes will build a solid structure cabana in a replicate style to the main home.  This is obviously over the top, but can look fantastic and provide a great guest house in addition to an additional lounge/dining area outside.

Most cabanas are much simpler and are built as a simple structure containing four posts and a roof.  The design is basic; usually constructed of wood.

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