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Recently my wife and I visited Palm Springs and while there did a self-directed tour of several iconic Midcentury homes in the area.  We used this terrific Midcentury architecture in Palm Springs website to guide us.

Below we set out in more detail exactly what the Midcentury design style is.

What is Midcentury Style?

Simple midcentury bedroom.The mid-century modern style is from aspects of the middle of the 20th century including the architecture, mid-century vintage furniture or retro furniture, a pinch of art deco, clean lines and the special design ideas. With this modernist style, you’re going to see a unique style and look that has designers salivating. After all, this particular interior design style is something you definitely can’t miss. When you look at something and think it’s very unique from the outside you’re definitely looking at a mid-century modern design. There is definitely little to no symmetry here and very little in the way of what you would expect from any framework, outside or inside.

Distinguishing Design Features

Vintage midcentury room.There are some design features that are common with mid-century styles, but you’re actually going to have a whole lot more differences than anything. Primarily, mid-century design is about things that don’t conform and don’t match the other things in your home or other design styles. The distinguishing features are still important for functionality and a chic style. You’ll also find natural elements throughout and a whole lot of clean and simple lines to accent the entire thing. Wood details are quite popular in a mid-century style as are softer colors. All of these things pair well with contemporary styled furniture and accent pieces which we’ll talk about a little bit more as we go along. You may even find a little bit of vintage going on with this style.


Mid-century Interior Design StyleThe main materials for midcentury design are very basic and clean-cut. You’re going to have some sleek lines in the strange styles. You’ll have colors of white, tans and beige and other basic type colors. This style isn’t going to have a whole lot of bright colors but it will have a whole lot of natural brightness. You may experience black, silver and gold as accent colors to this ideal. You’re definitely going to love the heavier fabrics that go along with this style as well as patterns like squares and circles. Some are even going to be a little more vintage style. The overall color palate should be a little bit old-fashioned. Think more moderate ‘60s or ‘70s in terms of color schemes. Don’t be afraid to try out something new with your colors and your patterns. It’s going to be a little bit classic and definitely fun.


Midcentury dining room decor.The furniture that goes along with mid-century modern is going to be fun and random to go along with everything else you find in this style. The furniture will be low so it’s close to the floor and this is true for everything from tables to the bed you sleep on. Pieces are usually sleek and clean with very smooth lines and not a lot of accent. You’ll find that there are solid and basic colors in blocked styles. The furniture itself may, however, be a little bit patterned or may be accented with just a few pieces that have patterns. Maybe it will be showcased with some throw pillows or a couple chairs that will help.

Décor Accessories

Mid-century post-and-beam room design.When it comes to décor you’ll find some patterned items but you’re mostly going to see solid colors. You’re also going to see some more modern style to these pieces with sleek lines and strange styles to go along with it. There will be some texture and a whole lot of angular pieces rather than too many curved lines. The mid-century style helps you get some variety to the pieces that you accent with and it’s definitely going to let you put plenty on the tables and around the room as well as on the walls.

You can easily find something fun to put up with this style but it’s mostly about the vibrancy of the pieces. They don’t need to be bright or have specific colors. Instead, the wood pieces that are a little bit wild but with mild tones and colors are going to be the best. They’re going to add some texture and some style to the walls, which is definitely important for improving the style. These can help balance with the more basic furniture pieces. Your décor may come in with tones of gold and silver, however, to add a little bit more uniqueness.

Why it Looks Great

Mid-century living room interiorThis is a great architectural design style if you’re interested in more modern looks and want something a little bit wild. The style isn’t going to be too crazy, which you’ll find with some different styles, but it definitely lets you emphasize your own favorites. The mid-century modern furniture and style is all about class combined with elegance and a little bit of your wild side. Just don’t let things get too out of hand or you’re going to find yourself sucked into an entirely different style. This one is something you’ll really want to check out for yourself and your household before you go choosing anything else.