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Deportes by Open Architectes

Deportes by Open Architectes

Architect: Open Architectes
Owner: Private
Surface Area: 235M2
Location: Sivry-Rance
Status: Delivered in June 2020
Photos: U.PEKLI

General Contractor (invert): BCCH Spr
General Contractor (timber frame): Naturhome
Stability Engineer: Bei²
Landscaping: Archivert

“…  in the open air … “

Single-family dwelling

An open plot of land, views of the surrounding fields, an ideal orientation, a constraining westerly wind… The foundations are laid… A relatively solid frontage insulates from the road. A fully open façade at the rear guarantees permanent contact with the landscape… In fine weather, the opening of the large sliding doors erases the interior/exterior boundary. Sheltered from the wind by the extension of the gable wall, the terrace and the water feature are integrated into the living areas and finally become one… for the pleasure of long summer evenings…