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96 Sunroom Ideas – Big, Small, Budget-Friendly and More (Photos)

Here's a bright and sunny photo gallery featuring sunroom design ideas. We include all kinds of sunroom furniture ideas, big examples, small ideas, budget-friendly options and more.

Large sunroom boasting elegant floors and window curtains. The rattan seats perfectly fit with the room’s style.

The brick walls in this sunroom are a classy addition to the room together with the elegant brown leather seats set on the tiles flooring.

This sunroom offers many decors and furniture sets. The lighting looks perfect together with the room’s style. This is a wonderfully funky room! Who else wouldn’t to spend their entire life in here! What’s with that miniature bicycle on the wall?

A stunning large sunroom featuring green built and elegant ceiling lights, giving more life to the indoor plants. This is a truly magnificent room with multiple doors and intricate iron metal work. Truly a marvel to look at. It almost seems like this room should be in a museum.

This sunroom features gray walls with white accent together with the hardwood flooring and glass windows. Very clean, very chic, overall a lovely place to hang out. I mean look at that couch in the corner!

White sunroom featuring white cozy sofa set near the fireplace. The glass doors lead to the home’s beautiful garden area. This room is super appealing because the large sliding glass doors allow you to just step right outside whenever you please. Just because on side of the room is windows, really doesn’t make it any less of a sunroom.

A simple set up sunroom with modish gray sofa set along with beige walls and multiple indoor plants. This room is super kid friendly, with a chic bean-bag chair, funky little tables, and plenty of carpet space to fool around.

Okay, HOLD THE PHONE. Have you ever seen a more amazing space? This room is a hexagon. This room is made of windows. This room has green wicker furniture. This room can fit a very sizeable part of people. This room is blowing all of our minds right now.

A massive sunroom featuring white walls and ceiling along with white tiles flooring. The glass windows overlook the stunning surroundings. Though mostly minimalistic, the pattern rug gives a lovely splash of funk.

White sunroom with cherry accent and blue cushion seats along with multiple indoor plants. This is a really lovely country style sunroom complete with tartan, an indoor birdhouse, and a butterfly hanging on the wall. To die!

The warm cherry accent of this sunroom is so perfect together with the greens and the white tiles flooring. The rattan seats and table match the room’s style.

This sunroom is lighted by an elegant chandelier. Cozy sofa set on top of a classy rug provides a perfect resting place as well.

A modish and large sunroom featuring white walls and ceiling together with stylish gray tiles flooring matching the gray rattan seats with cushion. You can sitting on a rocking chair, at the dining room table, on plush chairs, or on wicker chairs. The sitting options are endless!

A huge white sunroom with lots of space unused. The ceiling is stunning together with the glass windows. Maybe I’m crazy, but it almost seems like this giant and amazing room isn’t being utilized properly! Where’s the indoor hot tub?!

An elegant sunroom with yellow walls and classy tiles flooring with a charming rug.

The sofa set in this sunroom looks very lovely. The hardwood flooring fits just well with the yellow walls and white ceiling.

The brick fireplace makes this sunroom look special together with the red hardwood flooring. The seats look cute as well.

White large sunroom with elegant window curtains and foam seats. The room also features French doors and windows.

A classy sunroom featuring beige walls and gray large rug covering the hardwood flooring. The dining nook looks attractive.

White and simple sunroom with carpet flooring and blue foam seats along with beige curtains.

A rustic sunroom featuring hardwood flooring with a modern square dining table set lighted by a gorgeous ceiling lighting.

This sunroom features colorful and lovely curtains matching the foam seats and the throw pillows.

A modish sunroom with stylish lounging seats set on the sparkling gray tiles flooring.

This sunroom looks stunning with its built and furniture sets. The white curtains look very charming as well.

Waterfront sunroom looking fresh and crisp with its white-colored finish.
Designed by: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Waterfront sunroom looking fresh and crisp with its white-colored finish.

Zanon Architetti Associati

A classy sunroom with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and brick floors along with a colorful and stylish seat. Do people sit on this often? Probably not. Is it still absolutely wonderful? Yes.

Designed by: IROJE KHM Architects

A uniquely designed sunroom featuring stylish railings and flooring. I have no more words. It’s just too amazing.

Spacious, farmhouse sunroom with multicolored furnitures and neutral walls.

Spacious, farmhouse sunroom with multicolored pieces of furniture and neutral walls.

Zillow DigsTM

Large sunroom featuring beige, pink and brown shade along with stylish windows and cozy seats.

Sunroom for dining with arched windows and columns.
Zillow DigsTM

The gigantic two pillars add elegance to this stunning sunroom. The multiple indoor plants add colors to the room as well.

Source: Zillow DigsTM

An elegant large sunroom with brown walls matching the brown classy seats and rug covering the white flooring. The large wall decor is a very attractive piece of decoration as well.

Zillow DigsTM

Large deck-type sunroom with cozy bench seating and stylish ceiling.

Traditional pink sunroom with indoor plants, wicker chairs and tile flooring with rugs.
Source: Zillow DigsTM

The red walls of this sunroom match the warm brightness of the sunlight breaking through the glass windows.

Source: Zillow DigsTM

The stunning panoramic view surrounding this sunroom makes this place a very peaceful and romantic spot.

Source: Zillow DigsTM

This white sunroom offers a comfy and cozy seat with a round table and additional chairs set on the brick tiles flooring.

A Mediterranean type of sunroom in a floral aesthetic.
Source: Zillow Digs TM

The wall designs matching the colorful window curtains and seats make this sunroom look so lovable.

A modern style sun room with a neutral color combination.
Source: Trulia

Large and white sunroom featuring a stunning ceiling with skylight. It also features attractive wall decors.

Source: Trulia

The white sofa set in this sunroom perfectly matches the white walls and ceiling.

Minimalistic sunroom in neutral colors.
Source: Zillow Digs TM

White sunroom featuring tiles flooring and French doors and windows.

Beach room with glass windows. The color ranges from pure white, royal blue to cool tones of brown.
Source: Zillow Digs TM

This sunroom offers a pleasant view of the sea-side while relaxing on the purple cushion seats.

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