100 Country Kitchen Ideas for 2019

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Architects, as well as homeowners, has always been fascinated with country style kitchens throughout the years. The thing with country style kitchen is that—it never goes out of style. It still looks refreshing, warm and gorgeous as the years go by. It is by far, the safest style for your kitchen.

So, what’s in the country style kitchen? Why it has been the standard kitchen style by majority of deluxe households all over the years? When we say country style architecture, it means a styling that is very close to our hearts. It brings out back to the old simple ways—a style that reminds us of our old farmhouses. It is the look of the kitchen we all grew up to call “home”.

Since country style is very close to the styling of our old farmhouse, it is composed of natural furniture, walling or flooring—like wood and bamboo. Handcrafted and DIY accessories, decors and other elements abound the entire room.

Features of a Country Style Kitchen

  1. Wooden Furniture. Nothing screams “country” even more so than a wooden cabinetry or other kitchen units. The more natural and “farmhouse” looking, the better. To have a country style kitchen, there is no single wooden unit that would instantly create the theme. You need a combination and various pieces of wooden furniture to create the look.

Traditional country styles would have wooden ceilings, walls and even flooring, however, modern styling made some twists and having wooden kitchen units that are well-complementary to each other will still give the “country style” to your kitchen.

If you want to follow an all-traditional style to your kitchen, your best bet is to combine the dining area and kitchen in one—separated with an isle of breakfast bar or something. The dining set, the isle, the cabinets—all of these should harmoniously complement each other, forming a warm and farmhouse look.

  1. An old-style range. Your range is the focal point of your kitchen. It is the star of the kitchen room. If you want a country-style kitchen, you know that’s the best way to capture it is through old-fashioned ranges. Vintage is always in-fashion. It will always look sophisticated and classy.

There are countless reasons why the old-style stove that your grandma used is way better than spending tons of dollars to get the modern ones. For one, you know that they are solidly built and works entirely on gas. Do you even know how much electricity does your modern electric stove is consuming? Just look at your electric bill!

Going old-style, you can be creative in creating like a hot plate oven, rustic oven, or if you are not a creative person, you can just order online from various antique sellers such as bigchill.

  1. Wooden worktops. To eat together harmoniously or to work on the dishes, one must feel the warmth of a country style kitchen through the table tops and worktops. Country style often involves rustic, stone and wooden worktops. However, the best option for the all-traditional yet fresh country style is to go wooden.

The drawback of using stone worktops is that a change in the finish—matte or glossy and color selection can easily transform the entire look from being classic country—to something else. The same thing is true with wooden finish, yet it is harder to miss with the wooden finish.

The wooden worktop needs to be as neutral and natural to achieve a good country-look. Polishing and redecorating, don’t hurt as well. The only problem is that wood requires a little more maintenance. You need to keep it dry always and prevent yourself from cutting or scratching the surface. You must treat it as you are treating a wooden dining table and here’s a good read in how to take care of your wooden tabletop.

  1. Wooden flooring. Wooden walling is not always a requirement in country-style kitchen. Since walls in the kitchen can always be painted, covered and redecorated, we can leave that to the architect or home-decorator. However, when it comes to flooring, it should be wooden.

Wide wooden planks are not only sophisticated, it also wrapped up the entire look of any country style kitchen. You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finish—from dark wood to oak, you can match any color combination you might already have for your kitchen!

  1. Old storage, accessories and other decorations. If you hate to be separated from your old beloved cabinets and other pieces of furniture, this is a great opportunity for you to hold on to them. You can repaint it or just leave them looking antique and traditional.

To add more to the country look, you can also place wicker baskets in any open storage or empty table top. This way, you give a country feel to your kitchen while adding more space for fresh fruits and vegetables.

  1. Farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sink, to be familiar with it is a square-shaped sinks that are often used by butlers. To be exact, it’s the same square sink that is common in the dishwashing area in your favorite old diner place. It is like a butler or Belfast sink to be exact.

Nowadays, the farmhouse sink is modernized with various design and styling to complement modern and contemporary kitchen theme. It would be wise to just stick to whatever theme you are trying to pull off—this time, it’s country style. Usually, when you say farmhouse style, the salesman already gets an impression that you are going country style.

All About the Country Style

When you hear the word, “country style”, what automatically pops into your mind? Do you visualize an old farmhouse with a natural wood finish from ceiling to floor with a rooster, deer and other decorations hanging on the wall? Well, that is the picture of an old traditional farmhouse…but the country style is not limited to that.

Over the years, the country style already has evolved. Nowadays, when we say, “country style” it means a simplistic and minimalistic home arrangement. It connotes clean and spare with simple shapes and furniture.

Traditionally, we often see old style furnishings, but it doesn’t really mean that you go ahead and overdo it with collecting everything vintage. Having one or two antique things would be nice, but flocking everything with rustic and antique items will make everything too rustic and unsophisticated. Truly, country style evolved into a more classy and elegant theme for your kitchen design.

Country Style Cabinetry

Wooden Cabinets are an essential part of your kitchen. Be it a below-the-counter cabinet or over-the-head cabinet, storage is an essential piece of furniture for you to store items in your kitchen and make it neat and clutter-free! Who would want to work in a crowded, and dirty kitchen anyway (without salary)?

What makes a kitchen cabinet country style, anyway? As mentioned above, it should be made of wood—does this mean, all wooden cabinets are considered country style? Not necessarily.

What makes a good country style cabinet, then?

  1. It should be wooden.
  2. It should be simple, functional and traditional
  3. There should be elements of handcrafted design—like some sort of detailed linings and carved linings.
  4. The knobs should also look “country” or “farmhouse”.
  5. It should be classy and not at all very old and outdated looking.
  6. The colors should be neutral, safe and refreshing. It shouldn’t look old, smelly and torn down.

I can go on and on trying to describe what a good country style cabinetry is. However, when you already go there and look at people’s kitchen cabinets, you can easily distinguish a country style cabinetry among the others. Something inside you will tell you which is “warm and cozy” from being overly modernized or tackily outdated.

Country Style Ceiling

Whenever you enter any room—it is the ceiling that you first notice. The ceiling plays a vital part in the architecture and design of any home. How unfortunate for any room, particularly kitchens where the ceiling remains unnoticeable.

For the ceiling to be noticeable, it should have a life. To add life, the architecture (how it is built), plays the biggest part—There are many questions to be asked like: Is it dome-shaped? Coved? Paneled? Etc. The next thing that people would notice is the lighting. Do you need a chandelier? Hanging pendant light? Does your ceiling lighting match the entire look of your kitchen? And so on.

When we talk about the country ceiling, the safest way to approach it is going with the traditional type of ceiling—beamed ceiling with a rustic or traditional ceiling fan (which is a common element in any country style room).

If you want to be more country-ish, you could also opt for a high ceiling (like an old farmhouse style), with wooden accents and poles for lighting and ventilation.

Here are some features of a typical country style ceiling:

  1. Presence of an old or rustic ceiling fan with a center light.
  2. Recessed lighting on corners of the room.
  3. The color of the ceiling is typically neutral—white, beige or bare wooden which adds to the farmhouse effect.
  4. Yellow lighting is always the preferred lighting in a country style kitchen. To be honest, all country style rooms prefer yellow lighting since it gives an aura of “warm and cozy home” which is what the country style design is all about.

Country Colors

Choosing a color for your country style kitchen is not rocket science. As repeatedly mentioned in this article, anything that is warm to the eyes is considered in “country style” home design. Most traditional country style will have an off-white, beige, light yellow and light brown color for walls. These are the same colors that are widely used in the ceiling and flooring.

Mixing color combinations

A good country-style kitchen is not monotonous when it comes to color combination. There should be a variant of around two or more color elements that dominate the entire room or kitchen. Since a country style kitchen usually combines the dining and kitchen area, there are more pieces of furniture to harmonize in color.

Hues in country style are drawn from nature—rose pink from flowers, green from leaves, brown from trees, yellow from sunlight, and the rest go on. The style can be plain and simple or can have patterns and details which are, most of the time—floral.

Tips for creating harmony and balance to your country style kitchen:

  1. It is always nice to “harmonize” or match the color of the tabletop (of the dining table) to your worktops. Sophisticated country design often includes a dark mahogany worktops and tabletops. When using this color scheme, put in mind that other colors should be toned down. The cabinetry should have a lighter color or with dark color accents.

If you are more experimental, Green is a good color to play with. It has the aura of fresh and clean combined with the country style elements.

  1. The color of the cabinetry should always match—be it an over-head cabinet or under-the-table.
  2. The appliances should complement the design of the furniture in the kitchen. Glossy and stainless steel appliances look modern, which is contrary to the more traditional, country-style theme. Always opt for a more vintage color.
  3. The color of the fabrics should match—the dining chair cushion and the kitchen curtains. If it has pattern or design, they should match too. This harmony will prevent your traditional country style look from looking too outdated, tacky and just… “old”.
  4. If you are planning to add details, a good wicker basket will do. If you are out of old or vintage furniture, you can just repaint a second-hand furniture and have it sanded to get an “aged” look.


Of all the kitchen styles, the country style kitchen is one of the most budget-friendly and easiest to put together. Almost everyone has an idea of what a cozy and warm country style kitchen should be. Adding a touch of your own creativeness, you can create an elegant and classy kitchen that will never go out of style in this lifetime.

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