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Fresh and Chic Country House by ARS-IDEA Interior and Architectural Design

A lovely family room featuring natural wood accents and a large porthole.

Welcome to our gallery featuring the crisp and clean Country House by ARS-IDEA Interior and Architectural Design.

Ukranian-based ARS-IDEA Interior and Architectural Design has built an incredible reputation based on their passion for design and attention to detail. Working closely with their clients, ARS-IDEA’s Architects and Interior Design team strives to create livable primarypieces ideal for modern families.

Collaboration is key, and excellence in design is instrumental to their approach.

Their commitment to quality is evident throughout the Country House. This gorgeous home is at the cross section of luxury and comfort, and this impressive gallery is sure to inspire your next project.

The above space is a charming family room rich in natural woods. A burberry print sofa is accented with Union Jack accent pillows, and a porthole allows for easy stargazing. Large, colorful wall art lets us know that this area was designed with family in mind. Reading material fills natural wood built in bookcases, while a white area rug offers additional contrast.

The rest of the home ranges from elegance in simplicity, to boldness in fun, fresh colors steeped in whimsy.

We hope you enjoy this special gallery of the Country House by ARS-IDEA as much as we have!

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country 2

This fun and fresh sitting area features a theme reminiscent of a ships cabin. The unique porthole bar overlooks light, modern furniture. The vibrant throw pillows in orange and blue create a bright space for relaxation, while the coordinating plush bench covers in orange can be seen on the cozy eating nook towards the back of the room. Painted brick walls provide an interesting experiment in texture.

country 6

This elegant bedroom space is made all the richer by deep burgundy walls offset by white bedroom furnishings. Peach accents complement the darker room, and the off-white textured area rug adds a feeling of cozy warmth. The thin veil of the drapery allows natural light to flow freely, while a lovely chandelier hangs from the painted wooden beams of the ceiling.

country 12

This shot features another view of the study and family space. The classic L-shaped desk has details that mimic the circular porthole and offers plenty of work space. A-frame shelving is built into the walls and has plenty of space for reading material. A rustic, polished hardwood floor complements the various shades of woodwork found in the room.

country 18

This small bedroom area features mint and butter linens, and is beautifully shadowed by a veiled canopy. Bolder artwork appears on the walls, and a simple desk area is perfect for work or study. Rustic pillars and woodwork arise to reveal shelving above the white headboard.

country house 3

A lovely sitting room is bright and cheerful. Wisps of gauzy drapery allow natural light to filter through, while a desk area is available for work and study. Painted white cabinetry and wooden planking reinforce the country theme of the home, while beautiful pastel wallpaper offers a splash of color coordinating with accent pillows.

country house

Another view of the impressive sitting room features white painted brick walls with natural wood flooring. The porthole of the wooden door keeps with the theme of previous rooms, while a blue and cream striped arm chair patiently waits for its owner. An interesting and uniquely modern lighting fixture hovers over the space, while a thoughtfully arranged series of wall art provides additional interest.

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