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Most Popular Interior Design Styles by Room (Data Analysis)

While you don’t want to base your renovation or new build style on what other people, if you’re struggling deciding one style, it can be helpful to see what’s popular or not popular.

Perhaps you like to go with the flow or perhaps you like to be unique and go with something different.

But the question is, where can you get the data which reports the most popular interior (and exterior) design styles?

That info is not easy to come by. Fortunately, we’ve done the research, crunched the numbers and then put together charts and tables that show you what the most popular styles are overall and by the main rooms of a house. We also include a chart for exterior home styles just for kicks.

A. Overview

Here’s a simple table setting out the top 3 design styles for each room we include in this analysis. I don’t think you’ll be surprised. The top 3 are pretty much the same for all rooms so it’s not all that terribly informative.

Popular room styles by room

Now let’s get into more detail so you can see how the several other styles measure up against one another.

B. All Styles for Each Room

1. All Rooms (Aggregate Analysis)

The following chart and table shows you interior design styles by room as a percentage for all interiors and exteriors. It’s an overall number based on all rooms and exterior designs.


The following chart is based on analysis of 10,355,106 interiors and exteriors.

2. Kitchens

The following analysis is based on 1,677,266 kitchen designs.


For more kitchen analysis, see our data-driven article on kitchen upgrades that result in highest ROI which includes charts of the most popular kitchen features. Or have fun with this and take our kitchen design quiz.

3. Bathrooms

The following is based on analysis of 1,070,502 bathroom designs.


4. Bedrooms

The following data is based on 545,851 bedroom designs.


5. Living Rooms

The following living room design analysis is based 1,214,736 living rooms.


6. Dining Rooms

The following data analysis is based on 387,660 dining rooms.


7. Foyers

The following analysis, chart and table is based on 21,529 foyers.


8. Home Offices

The following chart and table is based on 158,040 home offices.


9. Home Exteriors

The following data is based on analysis of 732,867 home exteriors.


C. Thoughts and Impressions

When we set out on researching this topic, we expected that there would be more differences across the rooms, but it’s uncanny how each room really has very similar percentage of styles. The one exception, and it’s not a huge deviant, is home exteriors which is light on transitional style, but otherwise falls more or less in line with interiors.

Another point is that it’s likely traditional, contemporary and transitional will remain popular styles for many years since they’re the broadest with respect to the interiors that apply to those 3 design styles.