35 Luxury Swimming Pools (Residential)

Aren't all swimming pools luxury? Nope. It's all relative. This is a collection of truly luxurious, spectacular swimming pools that will blow your mind. Includes large, small, waterfalls, indoor, infinity, glass-walled and more. The best of the best.
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L-shaped pool overlooking the ocean

You might argue that an article featuring “luxury swimming pools” is redundant. After all, a swimming pool is a luxury feature for most homes. For this reason I nearly didn’t publish this gallery. However, while considering this post, I scanned through hundreds of swimming pool design ideas and realized that some are definitely nicer than others.  While a pool is expensive, some pools cost much more than others.

Accordingly, this gallery showcases what I consider the nicest backyard residential swimming pools; in other words, this is the luxury collection. Enjoy.

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