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7 Different Types Of Closet Doors

A collage of closet doors.

Whether you are doing a complete remodel or are only trying to make a few changes to modernize the look of a room, new doors can change the feeling of a space. They can also increase a room or closets functionality if you choose wisely.

The doors you choose will partially be determined by the type of close you have. A walk-in closet will have different options than a reach-in closet will.

No matter what type of closet you have, there is a door out there that will give your room the look you want.

There are numerous styles of closet doors available. From custom-designed doors to doors you can find at your local big-box store, closet doors come in a range of styles and prices.

We’ll break down the different styles to help you decide which type of doors will work the best in your home.

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Different Types of Closet Doors

Below you will find types of wardrobe doors and closet door styles

Bypass Closet Door Types

This style of door was popular in mid-century construction, and common through. the 80’s. Though still used frequently, they are no longer as popular as other styles. Bypass closet doors are simply your basic sliding closet door.

They are lightweight and save space in small areas since they slide along a track instead of opening into the room. You can find bypass doors to match any design aesthetic. They come in wood, glass, paneled, plain front, mirrored, and more.

Bypass doors can be a bit inconvenient since they can make closet access difficult. You can only reach into one side at a time, and they make it difficult to fully utilize the center space in your closet.

They require a track to move along, which also means if there are a lot of moving parts than can be damaged, causing the doors to not open smoothly or to pop off the track.

As long as you keep the track maintained, bypass doors are a simple and convenient style of door for a reach-in closet.

Bifold Closet Door Types

This is a close look at bifold doors adorned with Santa hats.

This is one of the most popular closet door options. Bifold doors are similar to bypass doors in that they slide along a track. However, bifold are made of two door panels that are hinged in the middle so they fold together and open to the side.

This style of the closet door allows you to access both sides of your closet at the same time and allows you to easily access the center space in your closet. Bifolds come in a variety of finishes, and can easily be found to match any room.

One downside of bifold doors is their propensity to pop off the track. They leave room in the center at the expense of making the far sides of your closet more difficult to access.

The bifold door is another space-saving closet door option for a reach-in closet. If the door is installed properly, you will have fewer issues as a result of poor tracking.

Sliding Barn Door Closet Door Types

A look at a set of white sliding barn doors with wrought-iron support.

As rustic farmhouse styles of decor have become more popular, so has the sliding barn door. This door is installed outside of the frame, with visible rustic looking hardware.

This door style can be made to suit any size door opening, and since it stays along the wall, is a good space-saving option.

Sliding barn doors are for a very specific aesthetic, so if the rustic style is not your favorite, these may not be to your taste. If you enjoy an industrial style, they may work for you depending on the door materials.

If you do not like the look of external hardware, this door is definitely not for you. These doors are often customized to a room, so they may not be the most budget-friendly option.

These doors can be made to fit any size or style of the closet. They can be space-saving, and surprisingly take up very little space on the wall they slide on.

Pocket Closet Door Types

A look at a set of Pocket doors on the wooden closet.

A beautiful feature in many older homes, pockorset do slide into a pocket in the wall. This saves space in rooms with very little clearance for a door to swing. Pocket doors are an excellent space-saving feature that provides a high-end traditional look.

Installing pocket doors can be expensive. You will need to find special hardware and have an opening made into the wall.

Unless you are incredibly handy, you will most likely need a professional to help you with the installation.

Pocket doors are a beautiful feature that can really enhance the look of your bedroom while saving valuable space.

Pivot Closet Doors Types

This is a look at the set of pivot doors.

If you do not have to worry about door clearance, and you like a little drama, pivot doors are an elegant option. They are attached at the top and bottom of the door, which allows them to open fully. They can be customized and made to suit any style or room size.

These are definitely not for the buyer on a budget. The hardware can be expensive, and they need to be professionally installed. Since the doors themselves are also typically customized you are looking at quite a price tag.

For a large room, pivot doors with their easy opening motion, are choices that are both convenient and impressive.

Read more about pivot doors here.

French Closet Door Types

A set of frosted glass French doors flanked by chairs.

Nothing says elegance like french doors. Hinged double doors that open out to the side, these doors are the epitome of classic style.

They require quite a bit of clearance to open, which makes them best suited to a large room that needs something grand to anchor it.

French closet doors can run a little pricey, depending on the material and finish, and they are definitely not suited to a small room.

French doors with clear glass panels can be a very elegant choice to open on to a walk-in closet. Wood-paneled French doors are also elegant and provide a more traditional look.

You can even get French doors in a flat front extra glossy finish if that is more your aesthetic. They can suit any style from the very ornate, to the very simple.

Accordion Closet Door Types

This is a set of vibrant red and gold accordion doors.

Accordion doors are the most budget-friendly option you will see. They are made of multiple panels that fold together like an accordion and run along a single rack installed at the top of the opening.

You may have an image in your head of white accordion doors that you struggle to open, that are cracked at the bottom, and falling off the track.

Those days are long gone. Accordion doors are still lightweight and made of vinyl or PVC that can mimic most finishes. You can even find them with panels that look like glass.

The single track makes it very easy for these doors to pop off the track, and since they are so lightweight, they don’t feel or look very substantial. The track has improved since accordion doors were first introduced, and they are designed to look more substantial.

Accordion doors make excellent pantry, utility, or laundry room doors. Placing an acrylic paneled accordion door in front of your pantry can mimic the look of a glass door, and be a fun addition.

Since they are made of vinyl they are easy to clean in the event of any spills, and if they crack, or become discolored, they are very inexpensive to replace.

This is a look at the simple foyer with a large closet on the side with sliding doors.

When choosing your doors you will have more than just the style to decide on. Do you want solid or louvered doors? Paneled or smooth? Do you dare go for mirrored doors? The decisions seem never-ending.

If you need some design inspiration check out the photos in this post for some more ideas! Not quite what you were looking for? We have hundreds of bedroom ideas on our site.