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Epic Ikea Furniture Reviews and Buying Guides (We did the testing)

IKEA trolley in an IKEA store in Bangkok, Thailand.

One of the most frustrating things about researching furniture online as a consumer is finding accurate reviews. Product descriptions can only go so far. They’re sparse at best and leave out all the critical information that you need to make a purchasing decision. For example, IKEA is not going to mention that you probably shouldn’t plop on a particular couch because you’ll bruise your tailbone.

That’s where I come in.

To provide an honest and detailed review of IKEA’s sofa options, I went to the Jacksonville, Florida, location and spent hours reviewing every sofa that they have in their showroom. I sat, bounced, tried to snuggle up and take a nap on a few of them. I checked for sturdiness and durability. I may even have fallen in love with one or two of them, too!

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Our IKEA Furniture Reviews

IKEA is a haven for the discerning consumer who is looking for interior design inspiration, unique furniture, and affordable pricing. If you’ve ever entered a store, it can be very overwhelming by the sheer size and maze-like atmosphere of the showroom, and the neverending marketplace.

While there are IKEA showroom locations throughout the world, you can also order furniture and home goods through their eCommerce website or through their catalog. However, one thing that is really difficult to purchase without seeing it in person is furniture. While each model on their website does have a link to consumer reviews, most are very dated, and of course, are subject to personal opinion. It can be hard to figure out whether or not someone’s love of a product will also translate to you loving the same product.

To help you save time and give you an honest and thorough review of IKEA’s furniture selections, we decided to create a series where we reviewed all the different options for the primary furniture categories in your home. These reviews were conducted with you in mind, and we visited the IKEA showroom to sit, bounce, plop, and lay on each product listed. We also tried to keep in mind differing tastes and scenarios that a particular piece would fit, even if it didn’t match our aesthetic. More importantly, we focused on durability, stability, and how well-constructed items are, which are the foundational aspects of choosing a piece of furniture.

1. IKEA Sofa Reviews

Read our detailed IKEA sofa reviews here.

The average person spends more than 20% of 24 hours in their living areas, the second highest next to the bedroom. As such, your living room furniture must be durable and comfortable while meeting your specific interior design aesthetics. Whether you’re designing your new family room, upgrading your living room, or creating a formal space to host guests, IKEA has a sofa to fit your criteria. We hopped on each one, bounced around, and tried to nap to be able to give you an honest review of the comfort and stability of each showroom model. From sleepers to sectionals, overstuffed to practical, there’s an IKEA sofa for everyone.

2. IKEA Futon and Sofa Bed Reviews

Read IKEA futon and sofa bed reviews here.

We were going to include futons and sofa beds in our already ridiculously long and detailed sofa reviews, but figured people looking for a futon or sofa bed are specifically looking for that and not regular sofas. Hence, we separated it out. Hopefully, it was the right decision.

3. IKEA Mattress Reviews

See our IKEA mattress reviews here.

When you spend half your life in bed, sleeping or trying to sleep, your mattress must be comfortable and supportive. IKEA offers many options when it comes to mattresses, but you do run the risk of getting something you can’t sleep on without trying it first. We spent time laying and napping on each one so that we could give you an honest review of how comfortable it was (or how not satisfied it was), plus our opinions on durability. Whether you’re looking for pocket springs or memory foam, IKEA has something for everyone.

4. IKEA Bed Frame Reviews

Click to read our IKEA bed frame guide

Let’s face it, a bed frame can make or break your bedroom design. A large frame can become the centerpiece of your room and create a comfortable and inviting focal point. For studios and small living areas, you’ll need something that’s not only versatile but doesn’t take up as much space. We bounced, tossed, turned, and shook each frame on the showroom floor to review their construction and durability. IKEA has tons of choice, and whether you want to make a statement, or the ability to hide stuff underneath, there’s a bed frame with to meet your expectations!

5. IKEA Armchair Reviews

See our IKEA Armchair revies here.

Armchairs can break-up your living area and provide additional seating. They also work really well in offices and bedrooms, to give a homey feel. IKEA has an extensive selection of armchairs that fit into a variety of different decor and aesthetics. We plopped, adjusted, bounced, and tried to nap in each one to give you our honest opinions on each. If you’re designing a living space and want a variety of seating options or are looking to add an exciting piece to your room to give it character, IKEA has a model for you. Bright and unusual color options with a modern flair, to overstuffed and traditional, there’s something for everyone.

6. IKEA Dining Room Chair Reviews

Click for IKEA dining room chair reviews

Your dining room is where you gather to share a meal or game night with your family and friends. As one of the vital gathering spots in your home, you must create a space that is inviting and comfortable. You’ll find a vast array of options for dining room seating at IKEA. We sat and plopped in each one, to determine how durable, supportive, comfortable, and stable each one is. From simple to detailed ornate, from modern to traditional, no matter the aesthetic you’re trying to go for, IKEA has a dining room chair option for you.

7. IKEA Daybed Reviews

Click here for our IKEA daybed reviews

We love a good daybed! Both comfy and cozy to sleep on at night while adding a relaxing place to sit during the day. Daybeds are great options for a teen’s bedroom and offer additional guest bedding when they have sleepovers. They are also excellent choices for an office or guest room since it’s a comfy place to sit and reflect, while also being a great extra bed for when you have guests staying. IKEA has a few options for day beds, including a few with under bed storage options and some that even pull-out to create a double bed! We tried them all to give you our best opinions on what would work for your particular situation!

About IKEA

The Sweedish-founded multinational group designs and sells tons of home goods, ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances, to fill each room of your home. IKEA has transformed the way that consumers shop for furniture, by giving us beautifully designed, functional, unique pieces at an affordable price. It’s no wonder that they have stores in 52 countries, more than 433 stores and hoards of enthusiastic and dedicated customers, who are IKEA diehards throughout the world.

Founded in 1953 by Ingvar Kamprad, the first IKEA store opened in Almhult, Sweden. He named his store IKEA as an acronym for his name (I for Ingvar, K for Kamprad) plus his birthplace (E for Elmtaryd), and a nearby village in Southern Sweden (A for Agunnyrad). Ingvar grew his business rapidly, and in 2008 IKEA was named the world’s largest furniture retailer, sold over $44.6 billion worth of goods and furniture in 2018.

IKEA’s brand vision is to “create a better everyday life for the many people,” and has been working on that vision since the day it opened. They work to achieve that vision by focusing on their mission to offer functional and practical home furnishing products, that are well-designed, at reasonable prices. The product lines they offer are made to furnish your entire home, making them an easy one-stop-shop for all your interior decor needs.

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