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10 Terrific Budget-Friendly Cribs Under $200

We have two kids and so we know the monumental costs associated with preparing for a baby's arrival, especially your first child.  A crib is just one of many, many items you'll need.   While you don't want to skimp on anything for your child, you also don't want to go bankrupt.  Fortunately there are many budget-friendly cribs that cost less than $200.  We feature 10 here and include a great carousel gallery at the bottom with many more inexpensive crib options. 

White convertible crib in baby nursery

We have two kids and so we know the monumental costs associated with preparing for a baby’s arrival, especially your first child. A crib is just one of many, many items you’ll need.

While you don’t want to skimp on anything for your child, you also don’t want to go bankrupt. Fortunately there are many budget-friendly cribs that cost less than $200. We feature 10 here and include a great carousel gallery at the bottom with many more inexpensive crib options. Check them out below.

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A. Convertible Cribs

1. Grove Convertible Crib

Source: Wayfair

This gorgeous crib has sturdy construction that ensures that it will be able to stand up to years of use. Since it’s convertible, it will easily change from a crib to a toddler bed, a daybed, and finally a full-size bed, making it the only bed that your child will ever need. The beautiful nontoxic paint looks great in any room as neutral colors are often preferable since they will not stand out too much in a space.


  • It is an incredibly attractive and solid piece of furniture.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • It does not come with all of the parts to change it into a bed.
  • The color looks darker in person than it does online.

2. Graco Crib with Drawer

Source: Hayneedle

This crisp white crib is ideal if you are looking for a crib that will brighten up your nursery while still adding a little extra storage space to make life easier for you. Made of quality wood, the design and shape of the crib is classic and will look great in any nursery. In addition, there is a large drawer under the crib that is ideal for stashing extra clothes, blankets, or even diapers to keep them all close at hand. This crib is a 4-in-1 conversion crib, meaning that it will last for decades and can always be adapted to meet the needs of your child.


  • It is very attractive and airy in appearance.
  • While assembly is required, the pieces fit together perfectly.


  • It has a strange smell and some pieces have arrived broken for buyers.

B. Crib and Combo Changer

3. Pacific Convertible Combo Crib

Source: Wayfair

This crib is ideal if your nursery is a little small and you want to maximize space without adding a lot of extra furniture. Because it has both a crib and a changing table, this piece of furniture is able to perform the function of two pieces. In addition, there are two large shelves under the changing table portion of the crib, which allows you to stash items that you may need and have them in easy access at all times. Instead of having to fumble with a drawer to get a new diaper, you will be able to easily grab what you need for middle-of-the-night changes. In addition, this crib will convert to a daybed, toddler bed, and full-sized bed when you no longer need a crib.


  • It is very lightweight yet incredibly durable so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.
  • It comes with very clear instructions and packaging.
  • Pieces all arrive in great condition.


  • The plain look doesn’t appeal to everyone.

4. Dream on Me Crib and Changer

Wooden crib and changer combo in a dark brownish red shade.Source: Hayneedle

This crib and combo changer doesn’t just offer storage space as well as a safe place to change your baby; it’s also a convertible crib that will grow and change with the needs of your child, making it an ideal purchase for the family who does not want to have to buy a lot of furniture. The open shelving on the crib makes it easy to access the items that you have stored there from any direction so you never have to panic when you are in the middle of changing your baby.


  • It’s very easy to access baby items without having to go across the room.
  • The adjustable mattress height keeps babies safe as they learn how to pull up and stand.


  • There aren’t many decorative touches to this crib and the plain appearance doesn’t add a lot of interest to the nursery.

C. Mini or Portable Cribs

5. Babyletto Mini Crib

Beach-style mini crib in Baby Blue.Source: Houzz

This crib is ideal for very small spaces or if you want to be able to move the crib and baby with you throughout the home. With small rolling feet and its light construction, it’s easy to relocate the crib to a new room with minimal effort. In addition, this crib collapses flat for easy storage under a bed or in a closet. For this reason, it’s a favorite with grandparents or at homes where baby comes to visit but does not live. The light seafoam blue finish will brighten up any space without overwhelming it since it is a much smaller size crib.


  • At only 44 pounds, it’s easy for a single person to move or to collapse this crib without any problems.
  • All-wood slats are safe and secure.
  • The casters lock so there isn’t any worry about the crib rolling on its own.


  • The blue color doesn’t work in more traditional nurseries.

See many more small crib options here.

6.Delta Folding Crib

Whit, folding crib with a mattress.Source: Hayneedle

Mini and portable cribs can still be very stylish and this crib proves that. While it folds easily and is simple to move from one room to another, it still is beautiful and will stand out in any room. It’s available in a number of finishes so you can easily choose the one that will best complement your space. The white, natural, and gray finishes all look great in open and airy nurseries while the dark cherry and dark chocolate will become more of a focal point in traditional nurseries.


  • It’s very easy both to assemble and to put away for storage.
  • It fits perfectly in very small spaces without taking up too much room.


  • This crib is very low and it can be difficult to bend down to pick up the baby without injuring your back.
  • Longer babies that move around in their sleep will not be very comfortable due to the width.

D. Standard Cribs

7. Westbourne Standard Crib

Brown, wooden crib with a smooth laminated finish.Source: Wayfair

This gorgeous two-toned crib will look amazing in any modern nursery and will instantly become a focal piece and conversation starter. It’s available in combinations of soft gray and white or espresso and white and while the crib is under $200, it looks much more expensive. The straight lines in the crib will appeal to any buyer and the adjustable height settings will ensure that your baby is always safe, even as he or she learns to pull up to a standing position. There’s enough room under the crib to be able to easily vacuum and the three solid sides will ensure that your baby feels safe and protected while sleeping.


  • This crib is beautiful while still a great price.
  • The modern look can be difficult to find in a quality crib but this crib captures the style perfectly.


  • All of the height options are still very low to the ground, which is fairly typical in modern-style cribs.
  • If the crib was not painted carefully, then there will be a very rough edge of paint along some of the surfaces.

8. LA Baby Traditional Crib

Dark-brown baby crib with a white mattress.Source: Hayneedle

Traditional can be beautiful and the solid construction of this crib is a testament to that. The strong lines of the crib will look wonderful in any room and while the crib looks amazing in a nursery, it also works extremely well in the parents’ bedroom so that baby can be close at hand. With white, cherry, and pecan finishes, it’s easy to either match the crib to the rest of the furniture in the room or allow it to pop.


  • The small size is ideal for a little nursery or to have next to the bed for easy nighttime feedings and diaper changes.


  • Shipping takes a very long time so you have to plan ahead if you are going to order this crib.

E. Metal Cribs

9. L.A. Baby Metal Crib

Source: Houzz

Part of the beauty of this crib is that it is made of metal, a different material than is typically used for cribs. This makes it very light to move around while still offering unmatched stability and strength so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child. While it comes in a brown color, because it is metal, this crib can easily and quickly be painted to match the décor in any nursery. This makes it very easy to customize your nursery without having to worry about priming wood.


  • This is a very strong metal crib and while some smaller cribs aren’t able to accommodate older babies, this one will last for a very long time.


  • If you repaint the crib, then it can be difficult to get a smooth finish that doesn’t appear streaky.

10. Chelsea Steel Crib

Source: Hayneedle

Made of steel, this is a heavy-duty crib that was built to last and sustain any damage. It does not fold flat, which ensures that your child will not accidentally injure himself or herself while playing in or around the crib. Depending on your preference, the crib comes with either slatted or clear view ends so you can be sure that your child is safe and still has fresh air and the ability to see out of the crib. It’s rolling and the heavy casters can easily lock into place so there isn’t any concern about the crib rolling with the movement of the baby.


This crib can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

The non-porous finish makes it difficult for bacteria and germs to live on the surface.


Any damage to the paint needs to be repaired quickly so you don’t have to worry about the steel rusting if it gets wet.

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