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6 Cozy Guest Bed Alternatives

A photo collage of a different guest bed alternatives.

You don’t need to have a designated guest room to ensure that your guests get warm and cozy during their stay. The market is loaded with plenty of multifunctional and stylish furniture pieces that meet a broad range of budgets and can serve as alternatives to guest beds.

All you need to do is consider the pros and cons of each alternative to determine how best to maximize your small space for squeezing in overnight guests.

1. Cot

Two folding cot in navy blue colorway.

Cots have been staples of many people’s homes for a long time. This is one of the tried and true guest bed alternatives that are still popular to this day. A nice cot can provide a comfortable place for someone to sleep for the night.

These are small, somewhat portable beds, that can be tucked away when they aren’t in use. Generally speaking, cots fold in half and can easily be placed in most closets.

People bring out cots when they have people staying the night at their homes. A cot isn’t a permanent bed that you will leave out all of the time, so it is perfect for those who don’t have a guest room.

If you need a nice sleeping option for guests that won’t cost too much money, then buying a cot is a reasonable choice to make. You’ll be able to find a comfortable cot that will allow your guests to get a good night’s sleep.


You can store a cot in a closet or some other area when it isn’t in use. Cots like this are generally very affordable too. You will be able to use this cot whenever someone needs to stay the night at your home. It’s simple to pull it out and set it up in the middle of a living room, making it great for people who don’t have guest rooms.


Cots may not be the best solution for every guest. Usually, cots are a little bit on the small side. If your guest happens to be a little bit bigger, then it is likely that the cost may be a bit too small for their frame. Those who are tall or really stocky will sometimes not feel as comfortable on cots as other people.

2. Futon

An ashgray colored futon guest bed.

Those who want to save money on a guest bed alternative will want to consider purchasing a futon. A futon is basically a couch with a metal frame that can fold down into a bed.

This is going to allow people who live in small spaces to have access to a bed without taking up too much room. Futons are popular among college students who live in dorm rooms for this reason.

Some people have issues with futons due to thinking they are not all that comfortable. Mileage can vary when it comes to futons, though. There are those who love these pieces of furniture and many who dislike them. They will work great in guest rooms that don’t have a lot of space, though.


Futons are very cost-effective guest bed alternatives. You will be able to buy a futon at a very low price, so this might be the easiest solution for you to choose. If you want a bed that will be able to function as a seat in a guest room, then this is going to work well. It may not be the most comfortable option, but it is a practical one.


Some people think that futons are generally uncomfortable. Depending on the type of futon that you are buying, you may wind up feeling the metal bars of the frame through the mattress. A thick mattress can offset some of these problems. The look of a futon isn’t necessarily fantastic, but there will be different color options for the mattress.

3. Fold-Out Couch

A women unfolding her folding couch.

A fold-out couch is going to be one of your best options when you are trying to save space in a guest room. It can act like a normal couch during the day, and when people are ready to sleep, they can simply pull out the bed.

This is a method that has been in use for a very long time. People love these types of guest beds, and they fit neatly into just about any type of guest room.

This is a popular option for people who simply don’t have a proper guest room, as well. You can place a fold-out couch in your living room and have it act like a normal couch. When someone is staying the night, he or she will be able to make use of the bed. It’s an easy solution to your problems that is going to work out nicely.


You are going to need a place for people to sit in a guest room, so this allows you to provide two important things by purchasing one piece of furniture. Using a fold-out couch is going to be simple, as well.

Most of these couches can be transformed into bed mode without things being too cumbersome. It is a simple way to provide a guest bed to your friends that won’t take up unnecessary space.


Some people find that these couches with beds hidden in them are not the most comfortable. If you are planning on using this couch as an everyday element of your living room, this may not be ideal. It really depends on how you feel about things personally. It could work out excellently for some while it may not be ideal for others.

4. Trundle Beds

A wood trundle bed with extra bed in the core isolated in a white background.

A trundle bed is going to be a good solution for people who need to be able to allow multiple guests to sleep in their homes. A trundle bed will only take up the amount of space that a typical daybed does.

The added benefit of having a trundle bed is that there is a small bed that extends out from the bottom of the normal one. This is an extra space where someone else can sleep.

When you have a couple of different people coming over to stay the night, this will allow them both to have a comfortable spot to sleep. This is great for when you have guests who are necessarily a couple.

They may not want to share a bed, and this gives each person their own sleeping space. It will be spacious enough to be comfortable without taking up too much of your floor space.


This is a good way to tuck away an extra spot for someone to sleep. You will have two mattresses that will only take up the space of one during the day. It’s a good solution for your guest bed problems. If you have multiple guests, then owning a trundle bed is going to come in handy.


The layout of these trundle beds may feel a bit awkward to some. Even if the two people using the trundle beds aren’t sleeping on the same mattress, they will be sleeping in very close proximity to one another. This may make things awkward for some people. One person will also be sleeping very close to the floor, which may be less comfortable for them.

5. Inflatable Mattresses

A navy blue colored inflatable mattress with two pink colored pillows.

If you need to find a guest bed alternative that won’t cost much money, then buying an inflatable mattress is going to be your best bet. These inflatable mattresses are also sometimes referred to as air beds. You simply take the mattress out of storage and blow it up using an air compressor. It will inflate to the size of a normal mattress so that people can sleep.

Most people choose to lay these inflatable mattresses down on the floor. It is possible to place the mattress on a bed frame, but you will want to be careful about poking holes into it.

You want to keep the air mattress safe from harm so that it can be used whenever you need it. It can be a convenient and portable sleeping solution for when you have guests come over.


You won’t have to spend much money at all to get an inflatable mattress. These mattresses are available in multiple sizes too. If you need a queen-sized mattress that can fit two people, then you will be able to get one without having to break the bank. Setting an air mattress up is a simple process too and shouldn’t take up much of your time.


These inflatable mattresses are inexpensive but they aren’t necessarily durable. It would be easy for a pet such as a dog or a cat to poke a hole in an air mattress like this. Once a hole is poked in an air mattress, it becomes less usable than before. Also, the comfort of inflatable mattresses can be pretty hit or miss.

6. Wall Beds

A simple murphy bed or wall bed.

Wall beds make for a very good guest bed alternative. You can put a wall bed in a guest room without having to take up much floor space at all. As you may have guessed by the name, these types of beds are built into the wall. Sometimes you can also purchase beds that will come with a kit for installation.

Many of these types of beds will look like vertical dressers when they are standing up. They look very sleek and should fit in nicely with your décor.

There are many styles of these beds available on the market, so you’ll have a lot of choices to consider. If you need a space-saving guest bed solution for your guest room, then you should think about going with a wall bed.


While this bed is in vertical mode, it will be easy to use the guest room for activities. The bed will fit neatly up against the wall so that you won’t have to feel like it is in the way. Wall beds like the one shown here are fairly easy to install as well. You won’t have a lot of trouble fitting it into most guest rooms, so it’s a good solution to your problems.


A wall bed is still going to take up the same amount of space as a normal bed when it is put down. This may wind up making it less practical than you initially hoped. Your reasons for seeking out a guest bed alternative are likely either due to space or budget restrictions. If you are lacking space, then this will only save you floor space when it is in vertical mode.

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