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16 Nursery Wall Art Ideas

Interior of a modern nursery.

As first-time parents, you must be super excited to welcome your baby. You must be going on shopping sprees and must be planning things of all sorts. Most importantly, you must be working on putting up a nursery for your baby. Having a baby is an exhilarating experience. It keeps you on edge. You want everything to be perfect and just right.

When preparing for the baby, the most exciting and sometimes tiring task is setting up a nursery. It gets even more difficult if you are not aware of the baby’s gender. We think babies will be able to understand what they have around them but in reality, it takes time for a baby to start seeing and understanding things.

Babies are able to tell subtle differences between colors when they are about 5 months old. Before that, they can only tell a few prominent colors apart. When we talk about decorating a nursery, it is not just a fun activity but it is critical for your child’s development. Baby vision researchers say that a child’s visual development can be enhanced by giving them an interesting and rich environment. So, you need to put in a lot of thought when decorating a nursery. Don’t panic. We are here to assist you and give some amazing nursery wall décor ideas that will make this job a lot easier for you.

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Things to Consider When Decorating a Nursery

Make sure that nothing you put up poses any risk to the baby. As things do fall off the walls every now and then, avoid any objects with sharp edges. Moreover, avoid using anything that can possibly entangle your baby.

Most importantly, use wall art that can be easily removed and replaced. Your child may get bored seeing the same things every day as he grows up. You wouldn’t want to put up any wall art that damages the wall beneath. As your child grows, he may show interest in other things and they would want their room to be as per their liking. Using removable wall art is beneficial for you in the long run.

Decorating a Nursery

Below are the basic things that you can use to decorate your nursery. We are sure you will be stunned by the facts that we are about to enlighten you with!

1. Mobiles

The reach-to-grasp response of newborns is primitive. Their motor coordination is not well-developed. Hanging slow moving mobiles over your baby’s crib will help your child practice following objects with their eyes. With the help of slow-rotating mobiles, your child will get an experience that will enable them to grab the toy even without looking. Their touch, vision, and motor coordination will be developed over time. Hence, mobiles over the crib of babies not only make an essential part of nursery décor but they also have a significant impact on the development of responses.

2. Night Light

New parents try to keep the lights in their baby’s nursery dim to help their baby sleep. Fancy night lights are an important part of nursery décor. But let us surprise you with some facts. A one-month-old baby just needs fifty times more light to be able to detect the presence of illumination as compared to an adult. This is because the photoreceptors in their retina have not yet developed. This means that it doesn’t matter whether the nursery is well lit or poorly lit. The baby won’t be able to detect it anyway.

3. Shaped Toys

The most common items of décor in a nursery are toys. Toys make the best nursery décor. Whether they are giant stuffed toys or smaller toys that sit on shelves, toys are the heart and soul of a nursery. But did you know that a baby cannot identify what the toy is? They can only make out the shape. Yes, this fact was surprising for us too! Babies rely on the borders of brightly colored objects for identification.

Nursery Wall Art Ideas

The most effective, straight-forward, affordable, and an easy-to-do decor for a nursery are wall décor. Wall art breathes life to the nursery. Even if your furniture is of dull, single-colored wood, wall art can make your nursery a feast for the eye. What is a nursery without a lot of colors? Let’s look at some adorable nursery wall art ideas.

1. Colorful Garlands

HEARTFEEL Yellow Green White Aqua Blue 30pcs Tissue Paper Pom Poms Tassel Garland Kit for Wedding Bridal Shower Decorations Birthday Party Decor Supplies

Using colorful garlands are a great way to make use of blank wall spaces in a nursery. They are simple, soft, harmless, and add generous color to the décor. They fill wall space effectively. They are available in many colors. If you want to put in the additional effort for your baby, you can make them yourself as well.

2. Pinwheels

Baoblaze Pack of 10 Pieces Plastic Rainbow Shiny Pinwheel Windmill Wind Wheel Kid Whirligig Toy Garden Lawn Sculpture Party Festival Decor

Pinwheels make us nostalgic since each of us has played with a pinwheel when we were young. Kids nowadays might not play much with pinwheels but we can assure you that pinwheels make amazing wall art. They are everything a nursery should be: colorful, funky, and cool. They are lightweight and harmless just like garlands, making them suitable wall art for a nursery. Their eye-catching patterns and colors are sure to grab your baby’s attention as well.

3. Tissue Paper Flowers

zorpia Tissue Paper Chrysanth Flowers for Wedding Baby Shower Nursery Room Parties & Events Decorations Pom Poms (Set of 12, White Pink)

Another affordable yet super-cute nursery wall art idea is tissue paper flowers. They are available as ready-made in numerous colors and sizes. They are not difficult to make yourself as well. They are a perfect accessory to fill in wall spaces that you feel look incomplete and dull. Above all, they comply with the basic requirements of nursery wall art which are light-weight and harmless.

4. Storage Shelves

Shuohu Nordic Display Wall Hanging Shelf Swing Rope Floating Shelves Home Decor

A kid comes with a lot of clutter. When you have a baby, you will be amazed at how to nursery can look chaotic even though the kid is in his crib! The clutter is mostly of toys and baby accessories you should look at ways to maximize the storage. You can’t overload the nursery with cabinets and drawers. How about something that serves as wall art and a storage option at the same time? Well, a wall-mounted shelf can serve the purpose for you. A wall-mounted storage shelf on the wall away from the crib is the most functional wall art you can install in a nursery. These shelves can house toys and baby accessories and keep the nursery looking neat and clean.

5. Colorful Wall Tapestry

Felu Wall Hanging Tapestries, The Bear in The Colorful Mountain Wall Art Tapestry Boho Hippie Curtain for Children's Room Dorm Decor 51x59 Inchs

The colorful wall tapestry is yet another amazing child-friendly nursery wall art idea. Tapestries are available in many sizes, designs, and colors. You can choose the one that goes with your intended nursery theme. They make a wall stand out. We are sure you will find your baby eying the colorful tapestry closely because of its attractive colors.

6. Pom Pom Ball Hanger

Yamalans Nordic Style Colorful Pom Pom Ball Wall Wooden Hanging Ornaments Girl's Room Decoration Random Color

The moment we hear Pom Pom balls, small and colorful balls come to our mind. A Pom Pom ball hanger wall hanging is the prettiest and cutest wall art idea you can come across. They add color to the nursery and fill up the empty space on the walls effectively.

7. Paper Fans

Yugust Paper Craft Set Paper Fan Flower Hanging Banner 8pcs Round Tissue Garland Wall Home Decor Supplies Flavor Handmade Striped Pinwheels for Kids Birthday Wedding Party Decoration (Colorful)

Do you remember we used to make paper fans in our art classes when we were kids? Do you remember how colorful they used to be? Why not relive your childhood and use what you learned back then today in your baby’s nursery? Paper fans are cool, brightly colored, and extremely affordable wall art. They are also available ready-made in the market at a very affordable price. Arranging different sized paper fans in different colors and patterns in a cluster on the wall makes a very attractive wall art. You will be amazed to see how such an ordinary piece can make an extraordinary wall décor.

8. Helix Wind Spinner

OUNONA Helix Garden Wind Spinner Kindergarten Decorative Pendant Wall Hanging Partition Curtain

A helix garden wind spinner can be hanged on the nursery walls. Their colors will make your nursery appear bright and lively. The way they’ll swirl and spin every time you open the windows will make them look stunning and attractive. They are simple and very cute that makes them an ideal wall art for nursery.

9. Hanging Stars

Bokze Nordic Cute Stars Hanging Ornaments Banner Bunting Wall Hanging Decoration Kids Room Decor Photography Props

Star-shaped wall hangings are a neutral wall décor. These wall hangings complement nursery themes whether the nursery is for a girl or a boy. Kids can detect shiny items and a shiny star wall hanging is sure to catch your baby’s attention every time you bring them into their nursery.

10. Moon and Star Wall Hanging Shelf

Labyrinen Nordic Style Wooden Round Wall Hanging Shelf - Lovely Moon+Stars Pendant Design, Wall Floating Storage Shelf Display Shelf for Bedroom Nursery Children's Room

baby nursery is incomplete without stars and the moon. A moon-and-star wall hanging shelf is ideal wall art. Not only is a moon-and-star shelf a superb wall décor but it is extremely functional. You can keep your kid’s toys or other everyday use items without affecting the appearance of the room!

11. Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery Kit, Creative Flower Hand Embroidery Cross Stitch Starter Needlepoint Crafts Kit with Color Pattern Cloth, Embroidery Hoop, Color Threads and Tools Kit for Home Decor-C

How can you keep a grandma’s love away from your baby’s nursery? To incorporate the special feeling, you can use embroidery hoops creatively. You baby’s grandma can make them herself! Creative embroidery hoops come with another benefit. Your child may get too old for Mickey Mouse or Pooh décor but embroidery hoops make the theme a bit grown-up which your child may like for longer than others.

12. Colorful Alphabets Wall Stickers

Decowall DA-1701A Uppercase Alphabet ABC Letter Kids Wall Decals Wall Stickers Peel and Stick Removable Wall Stickers for Kids Nursery Bedroom Living Room

Every place that is meant for kids has colorful alphabets on their walls. This makes these quintessential nursery décor items. Large, colorful alphabet stickers are a super cool way of decorating the nursery walls. They serve a decorative purpose and as the child grows, they become a useful learning tool.

13. Alphabet LED Light

Dream Primary Neon Light Sign LED Marquee Letter Lights Sign, Light Up Alphabet Letter for Home Party Wedding Decoration (White Y)

An alphabet LED light of your child’s initial or their complete name will make the best nursery wall décor. Not only will they label the room with your baby’s name but these LED lights will also do the job of night lights in your baby’s nursery. How cool is that?

14. Animal Marquee Light

High-Season DELICORE Cute Unicorn Head Led Night Light Animal Marquee Lamps On Wall For Children Party Bedroom Decor Kids Gifts S027 (Pink)

Just like alphabet LED lights, an animal marquee light would also make a pretty nursery wall art. It is colorful, funky, and pretty all at the same time. It would also end the need for any night lights.

15. Wallpaper

Neartime Kid Bedroom Wall Sticker, 2018 Jungle Animal Baby Nursery Child Home Decor Mural Wallpaper Decal (90X30cm, White)

When we talk about wall art, how can we not mention wallpaper? Funky, colorful, and super-cute wallpaper will make the best, we repeat, the best nursery wall art! You don’t even have to think twice before getting a fun wallpaper pattern installed.

16. Wall Decals

Wall Stickerwall Sticker Mural Cartoon Animal Sheep Color Wall Stickers for Kids Rooms Decoration Cute Sheep Removable Wallpaper Wall Decals Nursery Home Decor

Like wallpapers, wall decals also make an effective and pretty wall art. Wall decals are removable. They are available in an endless variety for you to choose from. Pick the one that you think blends well with the theme and see how a simple wall decal can transform the entire look

Dos and Don’ts of Designing A Nursery

Nobody is born experienced and learned. Everyone has their first time. Don’t panic. Your first baby will be welcomed in the prettiest nursery ever. All you have to do is take care of some dos and don’ts of designing a nursery.

Dos of Designing a Nursery

Don’t forget the must-dos that we have listed down for your help:

Do choose a specific theme or a style.

You don’t have to limit yourself to any one thing but choosing a specific theme will help you narrow down your focus to create a better-coordinated design.

Do Pick the Perfect Color Palette

The color palette would be the decision maker of the nursery décor. The perfect combination of colors will make a perfect nursery.

Do Choose All Textile Before Paint

Choosing textiles like curtains is important before you paint the nursery. Why? Because we have seen people finding the perfect curtains that do not match with the paint. We don’t want you to go through that kind of misery! You will always be able to find the paint in the colors of your textile so you don’t have to worry about that!

Do Identify a Focal Point

Usually, a crib is the focal point in a nursery but you can always go with other options. It could be anything, like an oversized stuffed toy or a bold wall hanging.

Do Decorate the Ceiling

The ceiling is what the baby will be looking at most of the time so you have to decorate the ceiling as well. Give your baby something to enjoy while he lies in the crib.

Do Create a Nursing Station

In order to keep the nursing time stress-free, it is important that you create a nursing station.

Do Prepare a Sanitation Station

Hygiene is extremely important for babies. Their immune systems are weak and they can fall sick pretty quick. Make sure that you have sanitation supplies at the changing table to make sure your kid does not get any germs from you.

Do Keep An Arranged Cabinet

Maintaining a tidy closet for babies is a challenge. It is important that you consider a closet that makes organizing and arranging your kid’s clothes easy. It may sound odd right now but you will thank us later.

Don’ts of Designing a Nursery

After looking at the dos, let’s look at the things you should not do.

Don’t Overlook Windows

Neglecting windows is something you shouldn’t do. You don’t want the room to get too hot or too bright for your baby to sleep.

Don’t Use Bright Lighting

Eyes of babies are very sensitive. Do not use lights that are harsh for them.

Don’t Forget Installing a Night Light

Night lights are not just adorable but they ensure safety and comfort during late night feedings.

Don’t Forget to Baby-Proof the Nursery

Your baby will be out of his crib even before you know it. Do not wait for the baby to grow that old before baby proofing the nursery, do that beforehand!

Don’t Wait For the Last Minute

Don’t wait for the end of your pregnancy to begin working on the nursery. Start out early so that you have plenty of time.

Setting up a nursery for your baby before he arrives is a special time. You want the best for your child. If it is your first child, we are sure you will be clueless now as to where to begin and what to do. With the help of these nursery wall art ideas, you must have gotten an idea and a direction in which you should be moving.

Don’t stress out, you will design the most beautiful nursery for the most beautiful blessing of nature!