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Beautiful Contemporary Concrete Dwelling Designed by NMD Nomadas

The Guaparo House designed by NMD Nomadas provides an open connection between the indoor living space and the outdoors that invite nature inside.

The Guaporo Concrete HouseThe Guaparo House designed by NMD Nomadas creates a connection between the indoor space and the surrounding environment to create a pleasing sense of harmony. It epitomizes the essence of a dwelling of the tropics where the line between inside and outside is often blurred.

Creating a Sense Place Outdoors

The sprawling 5,672 square foot house embraces a contemporary design. Its hard, straight lines and manmade materials provide a striking contrast to the softer lines of the surrounding environment, creating a cool atmosphere. High walls and screens offer privacy. The shape of the structure includes flat, white roofs and second-floor additions that jut out from the main house.

A horizontal ribbon connects the interiors and exteriors of the house and creates a sense of flow. An open patio provides an outdoor dining area, one of several contained outdoor spaces and terraces on the lot. The gray concrete walls belie the beauty that lies within the home. Located on the grounds of an old drive-in theater, the two-year project was completed in 2016.

The Guaparo House features include:

  • Wide open rooms that maximize space
  • Seamless dining room and kitchen areas
  • Outdoor terraces and patios
  • Built-in shelves for extra storage
  • Stunning complementary landscape elements such as a channel pool

A Detailed Look Inside

The outer walls are composed primarily of glass because of the high walls surrounding the property. That gives the house an unmatched closeness to the natural environment. The design minimizes solid walls on all levels. It brings to life the designer’s philosophy of this two-way connection. One of the outstanding features of the main level is the open great room.

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The dining room, living room, and kitchen comprise one living area. The focal point is the open kitchen. The countertops and stove form an L-shape like an island within the space. The neutral-colored floors and warm-stained woodwork give it a warm, inviting feeling. The living room also includes a fireplace and built-in shelves that reach to the ceiling.

Round columns provide support to the structure and lend a classic architectural look to the house. The great room opens out to the backyard with an outdoor terrace of similar materials as the floors in the home. A channel pool runs the length of the dwelling and gives it a calming Zen-like feel. There is also a half underground and covered terrace for outdoor entertaining.

There are several entryways to the patios and terraces that emphasize the openness of the design. Despite the use of concrete, the design fosters a closeness to the hilly terrain surrounding it. The structure doesn’t fight the challenging topography but rather becomes a part of it.

The Guaparo House designed by NMD Nomadas provides an open connection between the indoor living space and the outdoors with glass walls that invite nature inside. It also creates a relaxing environment with this unique dwelling. It’s an excellent rendition of the designer’s vision where the interior spaces overlap those of the outdoors.

Design by NMD Nomadas

Design by NMD Nomadas