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18 Different Types of Magazine Storage Ideas

A collage of different types of Magazine storage.

Digital versions of magazines have taken over but that doesn’t mean that the bygone paper versions are completely forgotten.

For some of us who lived in the good old days of print, we still prefer to have them or at least keep a collection of them. Nostalgic as it may seem but the stockpile of these issues can be a clutter problem at home.

The magazine stockpile shouldn’t be an issue at all. There are creative ways to display them and even add them as personal touches to your home decor. Check out these storage solution ideas for a stylish yet organized look of your favorite magazines.

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HofferRuffer Magazine Basket Holder, Foldable Magazine Rack, Document File Holder Organizer, File Folder, Newspaper Storage Bin Organizer for Home or Office, Home or Office (Brown)

Source: Amazon

Boxes are a great way to store your magazines, especially because they come in all different sizes and styles for you to choose from and they are structured. This structure will offer support to your magazines so that they do not bend and become damaged while they are being stored.

If you want to be able to flip through your magazines easily, then choose a box that does not have a lid as these attractive options are great for displaying some of your favorite magazines and keeping them close to you so that you can easily take a peek at them.

On the other hand, if you are interested in keeping your magazines out of the way and want longer-term storage options, then make sure that you buy boxes that come with lids. These can easily be stored and even stacked on top of one another so that you can keep the magazines protected while they are in storage.

Tank Holder

Spectrum Diversified Grid Over The Tank Holder for Organization and Storage of Magazines Reading in The Bathroom Washroom and More, White

Source: Amazon

Sometimes you need a magazine to read while you are in the bathroom but many people do not have bathrooms that are large enough to have an additional piece of furniture in them used solely for magazine storage.

If you want to have reading material in the bathroom but tend to forget to take it with you each time you go in, then it’s time to invest in a magazine holder that will hook over the tank of the toilet.

These holders are great because they keep your magazines close to you but also protect them so that they won’t get wet or damaged in the bathroom. Because they are kept off of the floor, you not only save on precious space in your bathroom but don’t need to worry about them getting dirty or ruined.

These holders are generally metal so that they aren’t damaged by the water and damp in your bathroom and you can easily match them to the rest of the fixtures in the room for a really cohesive look.

While they aren’t going to be as big as other storage options, they are great for keeping a few reading materials close by when you are in the bathroom.

End Table

End table for magazine storage

Source: Wayfair

One popular way to enjoy having a functional piece of furniture in your living room as well as storage for your magazine is to buy an end table that also has an attached magazine rack.

This does double duty as you no longer have to worry about buying both an end table and some sort of storage for your magazines. Because your magazines will be close by to where you are sitting, you will be able to easily choose one when you want to read.

Make sure that when choosing an end table with magazine storage that it is visually light enough to work with your space as the magazines at the bottom of the piece of furniture will make it appear very weighted and heavy.

It’s also important to remember that these pieces of furniture are generally not very big so if you need more storage space for your magazines, then you may need to opt for something else instead.


Yesland Hand-Woven Magazine Basket, Natural Narrow Water Hyacinth Holder Magazine Wicker Basket,15.5 x 5.5 x 9.75 Inch Decorative Magazine Storage Basket Bin for Home, Office, Desk

Source: Amazon

Storage baskets are an attractive option for when it comes to storing your magazines and will also provide a great way to keep them out of sight if you are aiming for a less cluttered look in your home.

When you are looking for baskets, you will first want to make sure that you have a place to put them as they will not be easily stacked on top of each other due to their lack of lids. These are great to place on bookshelves, in cubbies, and even under a side table in the living room, depending on their size.

You will want to take into consideration the décor and style of your living room and home unless you are going to be hiding the baskets behind doors or in a closet as they will be visible to everyone who comes over.

Since baskets are rather solid, you won’t have to look at the cover of your magazines but you will want to choose a basket in a material and a color that fits with the rest of your décor.

Also make sure that the basket has enough structure to provide support to your magazines so that they don’t bend against each other, which can make them difficult to read later on.

Rack Bin

mDesign Steel Magazine Holder Storage Organizer Bin - for Bathroom, Living Room, Home Office Organization - Holds Papers, Books, Files, Folders - Omni Collection - Matte Black

Source: Amazon

If you only need to store a few magazines out in the open, then a wall-hanging rack bin may be a great choice for you. This is ideal if you are actively reading a magazine and want to keep it close to you so that you can easily grab it or if you want to set aside a special magazine to show another person.

They are not very large, which is great because they don’t take up a lot of room on the wall, but can be frustrating since they aren’t able to hold very many magazines at once.

With so many styles to choose from you will want to take your time when selecting a magazine rack bin so that it will fit with the appearance of the rest of your home.


Bamboo Desk File Organizer Tray, 6 Slots Office Paper Sorter, Large Document Storage Rack, DIY Compartments Mail Letter Magazine Folder Holder

Source: Amazon

Slotted storage hangs on the wall and not only allows you to store a number of different magazines but makes it very easy to see which ones you have on display.

They are great since they don’t stick out from the wall very far so you never have to worry about accidentally knocking into the storage when you are in the room. Since they show more than one magazine front at a time, they are great in a space where you want to show off specific magazine covers.

This means that they are ideal in a man cave or a child’s bedroom where the owner wants to proudly display some of the magazines that he or she has. They can be used in the living room for regular magazine storage as well but since they show so many different covers, they can come across a little distracting and loud.

This only means that if you want to display your magazines in slots in a main area of your home, you are discerning when it comes to choosing what covers will be on display.

File Storage Box

Tunnkit Magazine File Holder, Cardboard Storage Organizer Box with Label, Magazine Holder for Home, Office and School, White, 6 Pack.

Source: Amazon

File boxes are a great choice for storing magazines since they are the right size, offer support and structure, and allow you to put the magazines in a cupboard or on the bookshelf without them sliding all over the place and being visually distracting.

File boxes are ideal if you like to change up your décor on a regular basis as they can easily be painted or bought in new designs to match the appearance and colors of your room.

While they can only hold a limited number of magazines at a time, as long as they are full then there isn’t any worry about the magazines bending due to lack of support.

When looking for this kind of storage, it’s important to know that it is more of long-term storage than allowing the owner immediate access to the magazines as it has to be pulled out from the shelf or cupboard in order to remove a magazine.

It can be turned either way when stored and facing forward it will show you a beautiful back, while turned around will allow you to see the names of the magazines, making it easier to select the one that you’re looking for.



Maydear Bamboo Magazine Rack, Free-Standing Simple Bookshelf,Space-Saving, for Transporting Newspapers, Magazine,Book, Walnut

Source: Amazon

Freestanding magazine storage is great because it allows you to easily move the magazines anywhere in the room without having to worry about making additional holes in the wall.

When you opt for freestanding storage, you have many more options as this is the most popular type of magazine storage. The only problem with freestanding magazine storage is that if you are not careful it will begin to eat up the floor space in your room.

This is why many people choose to use this type of storage on a bookshelf or in a cupboard or closet as it allows you the freedom of moving your magazines easily so that you can choose which one you want to look at but doesn’t take up a lot of precious floor space.

While open containers of magazines on the floor can really add to the appearance and personality of your room, you have to make sure that you have enough space to handle this extra visual weight or your room will quickly begin to look cluttered.


Wall-mounted magazine storage

Source: Wayfair

Opting for wall-mounted magazine storage is a smart move if you don’t have a lot of floor space in your home for freestanding storage and are interested in adding some visual interest to your walls as these storage options will quickly draw the eye.

This is due to the bright colors that are so typical on magazines so it’s important to be prepared for the magazines you store to add a splash of color to your room.

If you are not ok with that, then you will want to choose wall storage that will hide the magazines that you have stored, although this is generally a little trickier to find.

Wall-mounted storage is ideal if you want to keep certain magazines up and out of reach of animals or children because you do not want them to be damaged.

Another great use for this type of storage is having your cooking magazines close to hand when you are in the kitchen as you can easily grab your favorite magazine off of the wall when you are in need of a little inspiration.

On Furniture

Mkono Macrame Sofa Armrest Organizer Remote Control Holder Magazine Storage Basket Bed Couch Chair Arm Bedside Caddy for TV Remote Control, Magazine, Books, Cell Phone, iPad, Boho Home Decor, Ivory

Source: Amazon

Keep your magazines by your bed so that you can easily read your latest issue when it’s time to go to sleep when you choose a magazine storage option that hands from your bed. These hanging storage options will slip in between the mattress and allow the pockets to hang freely down by the bed.

With enough space to store your magazines, reading glasses, and cell phone, you will have everything you need within arm’s reach. If you don’t like reading at bedtime then this same storage option can be used over the arm of your favorite chair or sofa.

This keeps your magazines up and off the ground, allowing you to easily reach them without having to dig through a slippery pile of them. While this option doesn’t have enough space to store a large number of magazines, you will still be able to keep your current issue close by.


In the Wall

EasyPAG Office 3 Pocket Wall File Folder Holder Hanging Organizer Metal Magazine Document Rack Black

Source: Amazon

If you are serious about the magazine storage in your bathroom and want to make sure that your storage is part of your home and not just an afterthought, then adding storage that actually fits into your wall is your best bet.

This type of storage is great because it does not take up any room in your home and actually creates storage out of a bare wall. Look for a built-in wall magazine rack that also holds toilet paper so that you can get of your toilet paper holder at the same time.

These storage options usually come with a door that allows you to hide other items at the same time but the toilet paper and the magazines will be on full view.

While this works just as well in large and small bathrooms, it really is a blessing in a tiny area as you can have everything close to you without hassle. Installation is easy and involves simply cutting the drywall and using a strong adhesive to fix the magazine storage in place.



PAG Wood Desktop Literature Organizer Adjustable File Sorter Mail Center Magazine Holder Paper Storage Cabinet Classroom Keepers Mailbox for Office Home School, 27 Compartments, Brown

Source: Amazon

Wooden magazine storage generally looks great in any home and will add a touch of warmth to the space. There are a few options that you will have to consider when choosing wood for your material.

You have to decide if you want the wood to be painted, in which case you are mostly relying on the strength and durability of the wood, or you want the natural grain to show through.

This can be beautiful, especially if the wood used to create the storage is high-quality and been professionally worked. Some of the types of wood that look especially beautiful left with the grain showing through the finish and stain are walnut, cherry, and oak.

Even if you choose wood that has been painted, you will enjoy a major benefit, which is that you can easily paint the piece if you do not like the paint color or pattern. This makes it very easy to update your magazine storage as you tastes change.


KINGFOM Plated Metal Wire and Premium Faux Leather Magazine Holder Rack, 2-Slot Standing Rack for Magazines, Books, Newspapers

Source: Amazon

Metal is a great choice if you need magazine storage but are on a budget or are interested in creating an industrial look and feel in your home.

Since metal magazine racks are generally going to expose the colors and designs of the covers of your magazines, you will want to be a little pickier when choosing which ones to display so that the area of your room where you have your magazines doesn’t look too busy.

Metal is great in the bathroom or kitchen as it can easily stand up to the damp. For this same reason, if you want magazine storage in the work area of your garage, then you are best off choosing metal storage. This will last for a long time without being damaged and won’t look out of place in your work space.


Simple Houseware White Magazine File Holder Organizer Box (Pack of 6)

Source: Amazon

Plastic storage can look surprisingly modern and chic. Instead of choosing flimsy black or white plastic storage, when you opt for stronger clear choices, then you will instantly see an update in the overall appearance of your storage.

Make sure that if you do choose clear plastic storage that you have enough color and movement in your home to fit with the brightness of the magazines that you’re going to display.

While generally not as strong or long-lasting as other materials, plastic is fast becoming a great option for magazine storage.


Over the Door File Organizer,Wall Mounted Hanging File Folder Holder Mail organizers,Home Office Supplies Storage Pocket Chart for Paper,Magazine,Notebooks,Planners,5 Large Pockets Grey

Source: Amazon

Fabric adds a lot of visual interest and softness to your magazine storage and isn’t nearly as harsh in appearance as other options are, making it great if your décor scheme is more country than it is modern or Victorian.

If you do opt for fabric magazine storage, then you will want to make sure that you love the fabric choice that you select as it is more expensive and time-consuming to change this than it is to quickly spray paint a metal or wood magazine rack to change the color.

Fabric options are especially great if you have young children as the children will not be able to accidentally injure themselves on the storage if they were to fall and hit their heads. This is why many people choose fabric magazine storage for nurseries.


Wicker for magazine storage

Wicker comes in many different colors and styles, including painted, which means that the storage that you select may be totally different than the wicker magazine storage that your neighbor has. This is great as it allows you to choose storage that will fit with the feel of your home.

One of the major benefits of wicker is that it allows air to pass through the storage so that you don’t have to worry about your magazines getting mold or mildew on them.

This makes it a great choice not only in the home but also in a sunroom. While wicker does allow for air flow, you don’t want to get it wet as it is a natural material and too much water can cause it to mildew.


Leather magazine storage.

Source: Wayfair

For a more expensive look and to create a really classy area in your home, opt for leather magazine storage. This is not only just as sturdy and durable as other options but appears very classy and will instantly update and improve the appearance of your room.

Leather comes in many different color choices but unless you have an eclectic style, you will want to choose a brown, black, or gray. These deeper colors are very rich and will bring out the natural beauty of the leather without masking it in wild colors or with dye.

You can easily find dyed leather that is bright orange, blue, or pink, among others, but this does not have the natural appeal of darker colors. When you do choose leather, make sure that you take care of it so that it does not crack.

Different leather will have different care requirements but it’s not unheard of to have to oil the leather from time to time to keep it in great condition.

Hair or Hide

Hair or hide magazine storage.

Source: Wayfair

Depending on where you live and the décor that you have chosen for your home, hide can look great on your magazine storage. Having the hair of the animal left on the hide produces an entirely different look than you achieve when you opt for a leather magazine storage option.

The hair is textured and makes the storage very interesting both to look at and to touch. It has been treated so that you don’t have to worry about losing the hair in the home.

If you want a cabin feel, live on a ranch, or simply love eclectic pieces in your home, then this material may be a great choice for you.

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