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101 Celebrity Homes in 2019: Interior & Exterior Photos

The best celebrity homes here. Interior and exterior photos. Search by celebrity name, claim to fame or price range.

Welcome to our celebrity homes section where we showcase photos of the celebrity home interiors, exteriors and in some cases, aerial shots.

This is a super fun section, but it’s also excellent for inspiration given celebs often live in amazing houses.  Many like to buy older mansions and fix them up dramatically.  Courtenay Cox and Ellen Degeneres are known for this.

Simply browse the offerings below.  We add new listings weekly.

Search Celebrity Homes

Enter celebrity name and/or location or other search terms relevant to celebrity homes. Or leave blank and browse.

Individual Celebrity Room Galleries

In addition to showcasing celebrity homes, we also created galleries showcasing individual rooms and outdoor spaces of celebrity houses.  Here they are:

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I have a guilty confession.  Publishing this section is one of my favorite aspects of this site. It’s not the most popular (but is growing in popularity), but I enjoy seeing checking out fabulous homes owned by celebrities of all types.  I also enjoy doing the research for the brief write-ups we include in the gallery posts.

Why publish pictures of celebrity homes?

For a long time this site did not have this section, but that changed when the real estate sites Trulia and Zillow told us we could feature celebrity home photos on this site as long as we give attribution.

Since most homes listed for sale in the USA get listed on either or both Trulia and Zillow, we figured showcasing celebrity mansions, estates, condos, townhomes and homes would be a good fit for our audience.

Moreover, I thought it would be a fun section to add; I was right in both respects.  Readers enjoy these posts (based on visitor volume) and I enjoy publishing it.

Searching Our Celebrity House Photos

As you can see above, we offer several ways to search for celebrity houses.  They include:

Search phrase:  You can type search words or phrases.  For example, you can search by celebrity name (i.e. Neil Diamond), location (i.e. Beverly Hills) or any other term that may fall into the content of our posts.

Sort:  You can sort by date or alphabetical order.  The alphabetical order is based on the first letter of the post title.

Claim to Fame:  This is a drop down menu which offers celebrity categories including actresses, actors, musicians, athletes, TV personalities, authors and business executives.

House price:  We also offer a search function by price range so you can narrow your search for truly extravagant (> $30 million) or perhaps the more modest mansions.

Celebrity Neighborhoods and Towns

While celebs buy homes all over the world, many of the featured cribs are located in Southern CaliforniaNew York City, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida.  Other hot spots include the Hamptons, ski resorts such as Aspen, Vail, Lake Tahoe and Telluride.

Off course there are specific Southern California neighborhoods and municipalities where many celebs live such as Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood Hills, Malibu, Holmby Hills, Venice Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara, La Jolla, Brentwood and Calabasas  to name a few “famous” burbs of the rich and famous.

Other countries include celebrity homes in the UK, Canada, France, the Caribbean, Italy, Australia and in time, I hope to include many other countries.

Other info we include

When possible, we include a map of the area in which the home is located as well as the net worth, a brief write up about the celebrity and comments about the home’s interiors and exteriors.

Enjoy the guilty pleasure

Real estate eye candy isn’t for everyone, just like gossip magazines and websites (Hollywood Reporter is one of my favorite) aren’t for everyone.  However, for those of use who enjoy various aspects of celebrity lifestyles, this section is for you.

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