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10 Stunning Bathrooms and Kitchens by Kohler’s New Interior Design Service

Welcome to our gallery featuring Kohler’s latest bathroom and kitchen designs.

Kohler is known for exceptional bathroom and kitchen sinks, basins and faucets.

What you my not know is they’ve recently rolled out accompanying interior design services to help you with your bathroom and kitchen design. The design service cost is fairly low, but Kohler is counting on you outfitting your new bathroom and/or kitchen with Kohler products.

My take on Kohler’s design service, based on this gallery is that they pay tremendous attention to detail. Every square inch is considered.

Also, Kohler’s design services can be bold. Most of their designs are bold showcasing bright colors, prominent patters and textures and overall creating memorable spaces.

That said, you’ll also notice a few more subdued designs as well for those of you that don’t want to go so bold.

Kohler reports that one aspect of their design process is to showcase what’s trending now. That’s not such an easy thing to put your finger on because there are so many variables that go into trends and being able to spot what’s actually trending “right now” requires more than just having checked out other designs. You need to have your finger on the pulse of design beyond just interior design.

And this is where Kohler is interesting because as high end faucet and sink designers, one can argue that their product design is a contributing driver to design in general. They aren’t reacting to what’s happening; they are in-part driving what’s happening.

Which means they didn’t launch their design services solely as a way to just generate more sales. It seems to me, based on the work they’re doing, is they recognize that they are in effect a “design” company and a fairly progressive one at that.

I think you’ll agree Kohler’s designs are bold. Whether they’re progressive, time will tell. But if history is an indicator, Kohler has repeatedly been a trend-setter in design and so I suspect what you see below will be the future of bathroom and kitchen design. Now that’s super cool, and you can have a trend-setting bathroom and/or kitchen by using Kohler’s design services.

So much going on color and pattern-wise. It’s a lot, but it works. I love the blue vanity that jumps out among a field of neutral colors and patterns.  Speaking of bathrooms, we opted for a Kohler toilet in our powder room.

Above is a dramatic kitchen design. Imagine if the ceiling was white. It would be so different. However, because the ceiling matches the booth seat back, it results in a powerful overall design.

Here is an example of Kohler keeping it a bit toned down. This kitchen is gorgeous with it’s extensive dark wood. I like the choice of lighter wood stools, which contrast nicely with the dark wood.

Here’s a brooding masculine bathroom design with a real touch of traditional via the wood paneling and wallpaper. This is bathroom you could image that came right out of the 19th century.

I love the above black and white bathroom. There’s enough black to create a particular mood, yet sufficient white to keep it bright. The zig zag black and white floor is spectacular. You’d think the angles wouldn’t work with the subway title walls, but the angles work very nicely.