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Top 20 Types of Black Chaise Lounges (Buying Guide)

Discover the top 20 types of black chaise lounges here. Extensive buying guide and our listing of the top 20 types to help you with your chaise lounge search.

Black chaise loungesChaise lounges are intrinsically indulgent, conjuring glamorous images of a bygone era.

With the support of a chair and the comfort of a couch, they present the best of both worlds, providing the ultimate in both form and function.

Widely popular in the 19th century, these loungers were once reserved for the rich and famous. While chaise lounges are available in a range of colors and styles, black varieties make quite a statement.

From clothing to home decor, black lends its elegant simplicity to everything it touches. Most certainly, a chaise lounge in this iconic color will add a level of sophistication to any bedroom, living room or entryway.

If you’re thinking about adding a chaise lounge to your home, you’ll want to consider its style, function, size and more to determine your best match.

From the inspiration behind its conception to its impact on modern-day decor, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know to find your perfect piece.

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The name of this furniture favorite was derived from a French term that means “long chair.” Though its name can be traced back to France, the idea of a chaise lounge was first introduced by the Egyptians. Using pieces of rawhide for cord, they laced together palm sticks to form a cross between a chair and a bed.

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Starting in the 17th century, early Americans adopted the design as a modified daybed. Until this point, chaise lounges and similar throne-inspired designs were used only by royal families. When the 20th century rolled around, opulent embellishments and intricate details were added to chaise lounges.

As a result, they could be found in the drawing rooms and parlors of upper-class homes where they often featured lavish tassels and trimmings. Upon their debut in Hollywood, these chaises gained the widespread fame that they possess today.


Though these loungers come in many different shapes and sizes, most pieces draw their inspiration from the basic designs of the récamier style and the méridienne style.

1. Récamier

Equipped with two raised ends, a récamier has no sides and is often associated with the neoclassical style. This type of chaise typically features roomy dimensions and rich upholstery. Popular in Europe, it is one of the pricier varieties as it boasts an air of sophistication unlike any other design.

Since récamiers are often oversized, they easily become the focal point of a room, and they are a great option for large spaces. Originally designed for drawing rooms, this style is an excellent choice for living rooms. Bold and beautiful, the récamier is ideal for the consumer who wants to make a statement.

2. Méridienne

A méridienne-style lounger has a high headrest that slopes down toward a low footrest. In most cases, a single side joins the two ends.

This type of chaise lounge may also include just a headrest with no end at the feet. Artistically asymmetrical, méridiennes are closely related to day beds, making them great additions to bedrooms as well as living rooms.

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The single side makes it easy to push flush against a wall, so this style is excellent for rooms that are tight on space.

Today’s chaise lounges usually blend current fashions with these classic designs for a distinct look.


While loungers are available in various sizes, they can generally be categorized by their ability to hold either one or two people. Most chaises intended for one person are just shy of 6 feet long and range from 20 to 30 inches wide. Those designed for two people, however, may be slightly longer and range from 40 to 50 inches wide.

When selecting a size, you need to think about its function. If you will mainly use it for napping or reading a book, a smaller variety may be just right. If you are looking for a place to curl up with a loved one, then opt for a two-seater chaise.


Fabric is an important feature to consider when purchasing a chaise lounge. You may even want to choose a fabric based on the particular room in which the chaise will be used. If you’re looking for bedroom furniture, think about comfort, and consider choosing a soft, comfortable fabric such as cotton or a polyester blend.

If the chaise will be used in a high-traffic area, leather may be your best option as it is low-maintenance and can stand up to daily wear and tear. If you don’t like the feel of leather but still need a durable material, try a stain-resistant microfiber fabric.

If white is more your style, check out our white chaise lounges.

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Each home has a unique style, and your future chaise lounge should complement your existing decor. Whether your layout is classic, modern or something in between, look for lounges with details that reflect your personality.

1. Traditional

If you love the classic look of the original designs, go for a chaise with a wooden frame. Such frames often feature intricate, hand-carved detailing on the arms and legs. As for fabric, consider a piece with rich upholstery for a truly traditional feel.

2. Contemporary

Though chaise lounges date back several centuries, there are many designs on the market that can complement a modern style. For clean, sleek lines, consider an armless lounger, which flows well with the minimalist and industrial styles that are popular today. As opposed to wooden feet, opt for a steel frame with a chrome finish for an ultra-modern look.

3. Transitional

Great for households with differing tastes, transitional pieces offer happy mediums between traditional and contemporary styles. This type of chaise may pair plush fabrics with chrome feet or armless designs with diamond-studded tufts.


Before purchasing a chaise lounge, you’ll need to think about the function that you want it to serve. For instance, if you need additional seating for your guests, a lightweight lounger may be best so that you can easily move it as needed. Is your guest bedroom tight on space?

Perhaps you could opt for a double chaise lounge with a reclining back instead of a bulky bed. Will you be using your new chaise as a reading nook? If so, you may want to consider a model with a built-in headrest for added support. If you have small children or pets, leather is a good option as it is durable and easy to clean.

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With chaise lounges, you’re often paying for the opulent style just as much as the expert craftsmanship. After all, these throne-style pieces were once reserved for royalty. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay upwards of $500 for a quality chaise lounge.

The oversized options will cost a little more, but the extra room is worth it to many consumers. Handcrafted pieces and those with intricate details can soar past the $1,000 mark. If there is room in your budget for them, such loungers are worth the extra money as they can double as artwork.

Pros and Cons

Chaise lounges offer the ultimate in relaxation, providing you with a comfortable place to kick up your feet and relax. Thanks to an extended cushion, they eliminate the need for additional furniture to support your feet. As for color, black hides dirt and wear better than light colors, so you won’t have to worry as much about guests seeing minor messes.

However, this dark color has one minor disadvantage, which is the fact that darker hues make spaces feel smaller. If you are already tight on space, a black lounger may not be the best option. Also, chaise lounges often lack the modern conveniences found in recliners like additional storage or cup holders, so you may have to look harder to find the right piece.

20 Fabulous Black Chaise Lounges

To help you in your buying process, here are 20 examples of black chaise lounges that are sure to inspire you.

1. Garson Chaise Lounge

Garson Chaise Lounge

If you could use some extra storage space, this roomy chaise includes in-the-seat storage for double the function. A cozy seat for two, it features a traditional style with elegant nail accents and tufted polyurethane foam. For comfortable lounging, it is upholstered in a soft microfiber fabric.

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2. Handy Living Commotion Chaise Lounge

Handy Living Commotion Chaise Lounge

This low-maintenance chaise lounge is both comfortable and functional with its 100 percent polyester fabric that is easy to clean and soft to the touch. Great for heavy use, it features sinuous springs for additional support and a sturdy hardwood construction.

3. Sable Chaise Lounge

3black-chaise-loungeIf modern is your style, this contemporary chaise lounge fits the bill with its contoured lines and steel frame. Covered in a faux velvet fabric, it provides a cozy way to nap in style.

4. Julia Chaise LoungeJulia Chaise Lounge

For a furniture piece that pulls double duty, this faux-leather lounger easily folds down into an extra-large sleeper, making it a great option for overnight guests. With its long seat and tufted design, it is the perfect place to read a book, watch a movie or take an afternoon nap.

5. Reclining Chaise Lounge

Reclining Chaise Lounge

For a modern twist on a classic style, this reclining chaise lounge features a four-star base with chrome legs for an ultra-sleek look. Featuring a soft nylon blend, it has an adjustable back, making it easy to find your perfect position.

6. Convertible Lounger

Convertible Lounger

An ideal size for a kid’s room or game room, this convertible lounger can switch between sitting, reclining or lying flat in seconds. For comfort and stability, it is covered in a microfiber fabric and comes equipped with a durable locking mechanism to keep the chair in place until you’re ready to switch it up again.

7. Tufted Chaise with Crystal Buttons

Tufted Chaise with Crystal Buttons

Drawing its inspiration from years past, this traditionally tufted chaise features cabriole-style legs in a chrome finish for a classic look with a modern twist. Outfitted with crystal buttons, it’s a great choice when a glamorous look is your goal.

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8. Italian Chrome Chaise Lounge

Italian Chrome Chaise Lounge

For a touch of vintage flair, an Italian-inspired chaise lounge like this one would be an elegant addition to any room. Upholstered in faux leather, it is supported by a tubular chrome frame and features integrated side cushions for comfy relaxation.

9. Upholstered Chaise

Upholstered Chaise

Mixed hardwoods, black leather and two-tone upholstery come together beautifully to form this chic chaise. For added intrigue, it features expertly carved details along the bottom, legs and rolled arm.

10. Adjustable Chaise Lounge

10black-chaise-loungeFind your sweet spot with this fully adjustable chaise lounge. Crafted of stainless steel and 100 percent leather, it is just as stylish as it is comfortable.

11. Skyline Chaise Lounge

Skyline Chaise LoungeStreamlined for simple elegance, this chaise lounge features ultra-plush padding and suede fabric, giving you or your guests a cozy place to rest.

12. Viper Chaise Lounge

Viper Chaise Lounge

Designed for comfort, this contemporary chaise lounge features curved lines to cradle your body in a relaxing position. Its sturdy frame is crafted of durable metal for years of enjoyment.

13. Euro Style Chaise Lounge

Euro Style Chaise LoungeInspired by European fashion, this chaise features faux leather, tufted foam and a chrome finish. It also includes a supportive head cushion to eliminate neck strains while you’re watching television or reading a book.

14. Daydream Chaise Lounge

Daydream Chaise Lounge

A true statement piece, this ultra-modern chaise lounge features eco-friendly leather and steel springs. Its injection-molded foam is great for those times when you just want to kick back and relax.

15. Bardot Chaise Lounge

Bardot Chaise Lounge

For a bold, contemporary look, this durable lounge sports a channel-tufted design and is covered in blended leather for comfort. Beautifully contoured, it sits on a steel frame for solid support.

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16. Longa Chaise Lounge

Longa Chaise Lounge

Following the natural curves of your body, this minimalist lounge was built for relaxation. Upholstered in faux leather, it includes a built-in headrest for added support.

17. Celebration Chaise Lounge

Celebration Chaise Lounge

Built for sharing, this oversized chaise lounge is covered in a cotton-polyester blend and features removable wooden legs. For your comfort, its back sits at a 45-degree angle, and its cushion is elegantly curved for style and function.

18. Newton Chaise Lounge

Newton Chaise LoungeFeaturing plush cushions and large rolled arms, this cozy chaise lounge may quickly become your favorite seat in the house. Great for living rooms and bedrooms, it is upholstered in a soft polyester-linen blend with welted details for a clean, simple look.

19. Fordwich Chaise Lounge

Fordwich Chaise LoungeMake a statement as soon as guests hit the door with this tufted chaise in your entryway. Exquisitely styled, it features handcrafted diamond tufts and a durable pine construction.

20. Skylar Chaise Lounge

Skylar Chaise LoungeSupportive in all the right places, this curved chaise lounge includes a plush headrest and a comfortable, curved cushion. Constructed for a lifetime of enjoyment, it features a hardwood frame and sinuous springs.