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19 Different Types of Office Storage Ideas

Folders and boxes for office storage.

Whether you’re working at an office or at home, a good amount of storage is important to maintain order and efficiency. Paperwork can pile up at a furious pace and the amount of documents and files generated must be stored in an organized manner. Otherwise, control is lost and a lot of precious time wasted.

Even if your work promotes a paperless environment, there are still a few essentials that you’d want to keep within arm’s reach and some that you’d rather tuck away in a box or shelf until you need them again. Make your life easier by trying out some of our office storage ideas below. It’s all in a day’s work.



Bookcase for office storageSource: Home Depot

A bookcase is one of the most useful and important pieces of storage furniture that you can have in your office and that’s because it can be used in so many ways. While many people only think of using a bookcase to store their books, it can be used for many different items such as awards, magazines, knick-knacks, and even company-related information or tools. One of the main reasons why bookcases are so popular is that you can change what you have stored on them with very little trouble. Instead of committing to always storing and displaying books on your bookcase, you can easily remove them and store something else. Another reason why so many people love using bookcases in their offices is that they can hold storage containers. This makes it easy to keep items out of view if you want to have them hidden or to corral smaller items that might otherwise fall off of the shelf. A mixture of hidden and exposed storage is great and will create visual interest in the office without making the space appear too busy.


Desk for office storageSource: Houzz

A great desk is important in any office and acts as a command center of the room. When looking for the right desk for your office, you want to make sure that not only does it have enough space on top for your computer and papers that you are working on but that there are drawers where you can store items as well. This makes it very easy to keep a clean work station so that you can focus on your task at hand and will allow you to quickly clear space when you have clients come in to talk to you. Another reason why it’s a good idea to have storage in your desk is that you want to be able to easily access paperwork or manuals without having to get up and look through a cabinet or the bookcase. Having everything right at your fingertips makes doing your job well very easy and will cut down on the time that you spend looking for your paperwork or project.

File Cabinet

Filing cabinet for office storage

Source: Hayneedle

A filing cabinet is important in any office as it will give you a safe place where you can store files and paperwork. Instead of dealing with stacks of paper on your desk that will invariably slide off and fall onto the floor, when you have a filing cabinet, you will have a safe place to easily store all of your papers and won’t have to worry about them getting misplaced or lost. When looking for a filing cabinet that will meet your needs, you will have to consider much more than simply the size of the filing cabinet. You will also want to think about whether you want it to be a lateral file cabinet, which will take up more floor space but tends to look more impressive and be a solid and permanent fixture in your office, or a vertical file cabinet. The vertical file cabinet is the obvious choice if you have a smaller office or are worried about the amount of floor space that you can devote to this piece of furniture but doesn’t always have the classy look that a lateral file cabinet does.

Computer Armoire

Computer armoire for office storage

Source: Hayneedle

Depending on the size of your office as well as your type of work, you may prefer a computer armoire over a desk. This piece of furniture fits up against the wall as opposed to desks which can either be against the wall or pulled out into the room. Automatically, this means that computer armoires are better suited for smaller offices as they tend to look out of place shoved up against a wall in a larger, open office space. They have more than enough room for your computer and plenty of storage along the bottom, sides, and top so that you can easily store materials and items close to hand. From reference books to office supplies, when you opt for a computer armoire, you will have everything that you need while working. Look for one that is large enough to give you the extra storage that you need but not so big that it becomes overbearing in your space.

Magazine Rack

Magazine rack for office storage

Source: Home Depot

Depending on the size of your office, you may want to have a space for magazines to be displayed. Many companies and even home entrepreneurs get a number of magazines every day as they are useful for inspiration and to keep up with the competition. While you will want a different way to store older issues of magazines, having some of the newer issues out and available for people to look at it is very inviting and will improve the feel and flow of your office. Instead of keeping your magazines in a stack that can easily slide off of your desk and onto the floor, having a magazine rack will allow you to display your chosen magazines and have them close to hand so you can easily grab the one that you are looking for.

Magazine Holders

Magazine rack for office storage

Source: Wayfair

Magazines holders are a great option if you want to hold on to older issues but don’t need them as easily accessible. These come in all different styles and designs but the main theme is that they are sturdy and will hold a smaller number of magazines. Although you can’t store a large number of magazines in them at once, they offer great support and structure so that your magazines won’t slump and bend while they are being stored. If you want your magazine holders to be stored out in the open in your office, then you will want to opt for ones that are attractive and will fit with the rest of the décor; otherwise you can choose more utilitarian options to store your magazines. Because magazine holders can stand alone and do not need any additional support to keep from falling over, they are great on desks, bookcases, and other furniture. They fit perfectly on shelves and can be easily labeled so that you know what issues you have in each holder, making it easy to find the exact one you are looking for.

Charging Station


Charging station for office

Source: Houzz

A great charging station offers plenty of storage for your electronics so that you never lose where they are and they don’t die when you really need them. While you may think that you can get away with not having a charging station, knowing that your cell phones, tablet, and laptop are all in the same location each day will keep you from frantically tearing your office apart looking for them. In addition, the cords will all be contained and corralled so that you do not have a mess in your office. This is especially important in more modern spaces where you are trying to achieve a certain aesthetic and want everything to be neat and orderly and to have its own place. Keeping all of your electronics stored in the same area is a good idea and will free up desk space for projects that you’re working on.

Office Cart

Office cart for storage

Source: Houzz

While many people do not want a lot of clutter in their offices, the truth is that you have to have all of your necessary items close to hand when working or you will waste a lot of time getting up and trying to find the necessary items or parts. Office carts are great because they can easily be positioned anywhere in the office, making it easy to move your workspace around or to make room when you have called a meeting. When looking for an office cart, you will need to decide if you want open or closed storage. Open storage is great because it allows you to easily reach in and grab your needed items. Since you can see what’s in the cart, you can get it quickly without long searches but this also means that the contents are exposed and visible to anyone who comes to your office and can look a little messy. On the other hand, closed office carts will ensure that your office never looks messy but can be a little more difficult to use as you won’t be able to see inside to tell where your items are. Which type you choose will depend more on whether you value a clean aesthetic in your office or the ability to see what you have stored.

Storage Bins

Storage bin for officeSource: Home Depot

Whether you want to corral small items or simply keep some things out of view of customers and other employees, storage bins and baskets are a great way to maximize the space in your office without letting it appear cluttered. These bins come in all different sizes, materials, and colors, making it fun and easy to choose ones that will look great in your space and improve the way that you work. Make sure that when you choose your bins, they are large enough to store your items neatly or you will be frustrated when using them. To store items long-term, look for bins that have lids. These will allow you to stack your bins so that you can really optimize storage space in a closet or corner of your office. Not only will lids make it possible to stack your bins but will keep moisture and dust out from the bin so that your items are protected.

Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinet for officeSource: Hayneedle

Similar to a bookcase but with the added benefit of doors that can easily be shut to hide the clutter and mess inside, storage cabinets are a great addition to any office, whether at home or in a commercial setting. They come with multiple shelves, some of which are adjustable, and work well to store items from books to promotional materials. If you are worried about security, make sure that you opt for a storage cabinet that can be locked to ensure that nobody takes or moves your items. Cabinets can be as industrial or as contemporary as you want, allowing you to really improve the décor and appearance of your office. If you have the floor space and want something large and impressive, then you will want to opt for a storage cabinet that sits on the floor. This will take up some of your floor space but give you plenty of room inside to store items. On the other hand, if floor space is at a premium in your office, then you can easily buy a storage cabinet that will hang on the wall. These will not be as large and will have smaller space inside but are a great way to maximize space in a smaller office.

Supplies Storage

Supplies storage for officeSource: Wayfair

Without the right storage for your supplies, you risk your desk being taken over by push pins, sticky notes, and paper clips. Having them all stored in one neat location on your desk makes it really easy for you to keep them in one place and tell when you are running low. This is really useful if you have a desk that doesn’t have a lot of drawer space as you won’t want to sacrifice your space for your loose desk supplies. Keeping them stored together will minimize the clutter in your office.

Printer Stand

Printer stand for officeSource: Houzz

Most people do not want to have to give up part of their desks to house their printers but without a printer, you won’t be able to print off documents or projects that you are working on. Instead of leaving your printer on the floor, which can cause a number of problems and allow dust to get into the printer itself, when you place it on a printer stand, it will be elevated off of the floor and can easily be moved near to your computer if you need to connect it in order to print. If you are going to be buying a printer stand, make sure that you opt for one that also has additional storage underneath. This will give you a great place to keep extra paper, ink, magazine holders, and office supplies.

File Organizer

File organizer for officeSource: Hayneedle

If you ever need access to more than one file at a time, then you already know what a hassle it is to try to get them out of your filing cabinet. A file organizer that sits on your desk is a great way to keep them stored neatly so that you don’t have to worry about them falling on the floor and losing their contents but still have them close to hand so that you can reach the file that you need right away. These file organizers won’t be able to store a very large number of files and shouldn’t be relied on for long-term storage but do a great job keeping smaller “working” files near you when you are busy so that you don’t waste time digging around for them.

Paper Organizer

Paper organizer for officeSource: Wayfair

Anyone who has to use multiple colors or types of paper when printing knows how frustrating it can be to switch them out when you are in a hurry. Instead of keeping your paper stored away from your desk, when you have it easily accessible, it becomes much easier and faster to do the printing that you need without a lot of hassle. Look for a paper organizer that has a few different sections so that you can keep the different types and kinds of paper separated and don’t waste time trying to pull out the sheets that you need to print on.

Pen Holder

Pen holder for office

Source: Wayfair

Every busy person knows that not being able to find a pen right when you need one is incredibly frustrating and can delay your ability to finish the job that you’re working on. Keeping different types of pens nearby makes it easy to sign documents, make corrections, and meet with others who may need pens. Rather than allowing them to scatter and roll around on your desk, when you store them in a pen holder, you will know exactly where they are at all times and won’t have to pick them up off of the floor.

Mail Organizer

Mail organizer for office

Source: Wayfair

You’ll never have to worry about missing important mail when it comes in or your letters not making it out to the post when you have a dedicated mail organizer in your office. This type of storage is single-purpose, which many people do not like in their offices, but it is so useful that it has a place in all offices. If you work in a large company or keep strange hours, then this is an especially important type of storage as it will allow other team members to place your mail in a central location where it will not be lost in the clutter and shuffle of your desk. Additionally, you won’t ever have to worry about your important letter not making it out to the mail when the mail staff can easily find it in your organizer. This also makes it easy for you to sort through your mail when you get back from a vacation as it will all have been stored in a central location in your office.



Locking office storageSource: Wayfair

Any time that you are dealing with sensitive information or expensive items, you want to make sure that they are as safe as possible whether or not you are in your office. Rather than relying on the lock on your office door to protect information about clients or accounts, you are much better off buying storage that locks. This will allow you to limit the number of people who have a key to open the storage and will give you peace of mind that nobody else has been able to access your files while you are out of the office. Depending on the type of work that you do, this may even be required by your company and expected by your customers.


Rolling office storage

Source: Hayneedle

No matter how large your office is, being able to pull your storage to you or push it out of the way to clear extra floor space is important and will allow you a lot of flexibility in how you use your office. If you want to ensure that your storage isn’t moved accidentally or because someone has bumped into it, then you will want to make sure that the casters are locking. This will allow you to place your storage where you want it to be and then lock the wheels so that they can’t move. If you place expensive or fragile items such as your laptop on top of your storage, then this is an especially important feature as items can easily fall off and break when you are pushing the storage around in your office.

Adjustable Shelves

Office storage with rolling shelves

Source: Hayneedle

Over time, your storage needs will likely change and what you have stored in your bookcase, cabinet, or armoire may not be what you need to have stored in the future. Rather than struggling with making the storage space work for your new needs, when you choose storage that has adjustable shelves, then you will easily be able to adjust the shelves to fit whatever items you need to put in storage at the time. While this feature may cost a little extra when you are buying your storage, it’s a great one to look for as it will allow you to use your storage for a long time in the future and will prevent you from the expense of having to buy new storage whenever your needs change.


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