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Finding the Best Small Filing Cabinets

A modern home office with a small filing cabinet, a desk and a computer.

The filing cabinet is a staple storage solution for the home, home office and business. Although it has remained pretty much the same since its introduction, there are several considerations to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best one. One of which is to identify its various types and purposes.

Size, cost, finishes and the materials it is made of are other factors to look into. The features of a filing cabinet such as locks, mobility and drawer extension may also be added bonus.

A. Lateral Filing Cabinets

1. Princeton Lateral File Cabinet for Home Office

Sleek, white cabinet with two file drawers.Two wide lateral file drawers and a sleek, modern appearance make this small filing cabinet a cute and contemporary addition to your home or office! Its pristine white color and shiny silver drawer handles make it appealing for an updated décor.

Even though it has a low height, there’s quite a bit of room in the vertical drawers. You could easily store four filing cabinets’ worth of papers, documents, or larger items like artwork. Plus, it’s not as wide as two separate filing cabinets set up side by side, so you’re saving even more space by choosing lateral-sized drawers.

You also want a filing cabinet that’s durable enough to be filled to the brim, without tipping over when you open one of the drawers. This cabinet has a hefty weight of almost 72 pounds, and its drawers easily glide open for easy document retrieval. In size, it is 17.99” deep (from front to back), 29.84” wide, and 29.25” high. That gives you plenty of storage space!


  • You can fit either letter or legal sized documents
  • Contemporary appearance
  • Huge amount of storage


  • Can be difficult to assemble

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2. Olivia 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Modern cabinet made of engineered wood great for home or office purposes.Handsome wood exterior and extra storage drawer make this small filing cabinet a really attractive addition to your home and office! You actually get three color choices of espresso, oak, or walnut to match your existing décor. In appearance, this filing cabinet actually resembles a high-end kitchen cabinet, and the contemporary horizontal drawer handles just add to its overall look. This little cabinet is small enough to go into an apartment home office. It will also hold plenty of files.

This little cabinet packs a lot of storage into a tiny space. At only 22” high, it could easily slide under a tabletop to create a writing desk or become a small printer stand. The 18” depth gives it a nice wide lateral file drawer for fitting plenty of documents, manuals, and notes. It’s 15.75” in width, making it smaller than most end tables.

One of the best features of this filing cabinet is its separate upper drawer, which you could use for extra paper or office supplies.


  • Two separate drawers for storage
  • Three colors to choose from
  • Sturdy and won’t tip over


  • The exterior is a wood grain laminate, not real wood

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3. Walt 2 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet

Durable and space-saving cabinet in a sleek design.Many of us are old enough to remember when all filing cabinets were made of metal! This one certainly is, making it the most durable and long-lasting one you can find at this size. For long-term document storage and with excellent balance and sturdiness, this lateral filing cabinet is a valuable addition to your home or office. You also get your choice of three neutral, go-with-any-décor colors: black, putty, or charcoal.

There’s nothing quite like a metal filing cabinet. It’s the choice for professionals in many fields, including law, medicine, and bookkeeping. This one comes with front leveling glides and hanging rails. One of the reasons why professionals choose metal filing cabinets is because they lock. You can lock both drawers, and an interlocking mechanism allows you to only open one at a time. Excellent for classified documents and sensitive material.

This handsome filing cabinet is 27.5” high, 30” wide, and only 17.63” deep, giving it a relatively small footprint with plenty of document storage space. The drawer interior space is 11.25” high, 27” wide, and 16” deep.


  • Made from 30% recycled materials
  • Extremely durable and will last for years
  • Locking drawers


  • Prone to dents during shipping

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B. Vertical Filing Cabinets

1. Worton 2 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet

Vertical filing cabinet with two drawers and a universal lock.An industrial look and classic metal design make this Worton 2 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet a sturdy and attractive part of your home or office storage. It’s made out of steel, so the regular trips, stumbles, drops, and bumps of life won’t matter at all. You won’t make a dent in this little filing cabinet.

It has plenty of great features, including high-side, lockable drawers that hold letter-sized files or folders and wide, sturdy handles to open them cleanly. It’s built like a tank or, rather like a storage cube. It also comes in two colors of black or putty.

As for size, this filing cabinet is 24.5” high, 14.25” wide, and only 18” deep, so it takes up very little space. Once you plunk this down in a corner of your office, it’ll quietly do its job holding files for years to come.


  • Very sturdy and durable to last for years
  • Weighs less than twenty pounds
  • Lockable drawers


  • Wire file holders aren’t included

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2. Orange City 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet

White filing cabinet with half-moon cabinet handles.How would you like to add the classic look of cottage furniture to your office? This little filing cabinet boasts plenty of storage space in a small area, with its two full-sized file drawers. The drawers sit flush with the furniture, and it also stands up on four legs. You’ll also notice its nice design style, with the beveled front of the drawers and shiny dome-shaped handles. You get your choice of an antique white or black for colors.

When you choose this vertical filing cabinet to store papers, documents, or office supplies, you’ll help clear up clutter, too. It is small but mighty and weighty enough to not tip over, even when the drawers are fully stuffed.

Overall, it’s only 26.25” high, 15.75” wide, and 16.8” deep, so its floor footprint space is less than two square feet. You can use this as a small printer stand or it can do double duty as a bookshelf, too.


  • Two full extension file drawers
  • Simple, clean design style
  • Takes up little room


  • Made from MDF, not real wood or metal

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3. Belham Living Cambridge 2-Drawer Wood File Cabinet

Wooden cabinet recommended for home office and work spaces.This little filing cabinet, which comes in either black or putty, has two deep drawers to hold all of your letter-sized papers and documents. Such a nice piece of handsome, traditional furniture would fit in well with any office situation, especially a professional or business environment. It can even accommodate legal files, which would be stored horizontally.

Sturdy metal railings and shiny silver dome-shaped handles complete the polished appearance of this little filing cabinet. It stores much more than a singular file drawer, and yet is small enough to fit into a home office, apartment or condo.

It’s 18” wide, 19” deep, and 29.25” high, made of wood with wood veneers.


  • Plenty of filing storage space with two drawers
  • Comes in two colors
  • Sturdy construction


  • Drawers do not lock

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C. Mobile Filing Cabinets

1. Lorell 16873 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

Mobile file cabinet that can accommodate letter-size hanging files.Four smooth rolling casters make it easy to wheel this little file cabinet anywhere you need to put it. If you’ve got back problems or difficulty moving furniture due to its weight, then you’ve got to get a mobile filing cabinet like this one.

It is a two-drawer vertical filing cabinet that comes in a sleek, industrial gray color, with two letter sized lockable drawers excellent for document storage and retrieval. The drawer fronts are embossed to give it a snazzy design flair. As an added safety bonus, the drawers only come out three-quarters of the way, so that helps prevent tipping.

In size, this small filing cabinet is 24.5” high, 14.3” wide, and 18” in depth. The casters are optional, so you can park this cabinet in a permanent spot if you want.


  • Steel construction for durability
  • Baked enamel finish in gray
  • Lock secures both drawers


  • Wheels don’t lock in place

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2. Giantex Rolling File Cabinet

Black, heavy-duty cabinet with an attractive design and practical functionalities.With four large canvas drawers for office supply storage, this handy black rolling file cabinet gives you plenty of space in a home or business. The rolling casters mean you can wheel this file cabinet anywhere and keep it within reach for convenience, too. It’s constructed of a sturdy frame with four floating brackets to accommodate the drawers.

You can easily pull the drawers in or out of the frame, and you can also reposition them pretty easily, too. The drawers are made from sturdy canvas that’s simple to keep clean, and they come with oval recessed openings to easily pull them out.

Overall, this file cabinet is 27.2” high, 11” wide, and 16.9” in depth, with each drawer being 13.8” long, 9.8” wide, and 4.7” high.


  • Removable drawers
  • The frame has steel pipe for sturdiness
  • Strong enough to support a printer on top


  • Does not hold vertical files

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3. Gigi 2 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

White mobile file cabinet in a cute but fancy aesthetic.A cute name and even cuter design style make this fun little filing cabinet great for safe and stylish document storage. You can lock the drawers and keep your files, letters, and important information secure from prying eyes. The two letter-sized drawers feature recessed drawer fronts for an added architectural feature, as well as gently curved silver handles.

In addition to the modern look, this small filing cabinet also has casters to roll it wherever you need to. That’s an especially important feature in a filing cabinet, which quickly gets heavy due to all the paperwork you can stuff in there.

The drawers are full high-side with a smooth glide suspension. Additionally, this filing cabinet is made of 30% recycled materials, making it eco-friendly. In size, it’s 26.5” high, 14.25” wide, and 18” deep.


  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Contemporary design
  • Lockable drawers


  • Assembly instructions are confusing

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4. Alera Mobile Pedestal File Cabinet

Three-drawer cabinet with locking casters, available in four different colors.You can choose from four colors – black, charcoal, light gray, or putty – when making your selection of this movable filing cabinet. It’s got three drawers for more storage space than you’ll find in a filing cabinet of this size. All three drawers lock, too, so this little cabinet can keep your secret information safe.

Also, it moves around on easily gliding and locking casters for simple mobility. That makes it perfect for a busy office, either in a business or one in your home. Inside the drawers is a legal conversion bar, if you want to change it to legal files.

The overall dimensions of this filing cabinet are 20” wide and 28” high, with your choice of either a 19.75” depth or a 23.25” depth. The bottom drawer is for vertical files, and each of the smaller drawers is 6” high each and great for flat storage.


  • Comes assembled
  • Made of metal, for strength and durability
  • Multiple colors and sizes to choose from


  • Dents easier than most metal filing cabinets

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5. South Shore Munich 2 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

Modern-style cabinet made up of weathered oak.A gray, weathered oak finish and minimalist black horizontal handles give this modern-looking filing cabinet a contemporary appeal to go with industrial décor. You can have something stylish in your home or office, plus it’s completely movable. Black casters are used to wheel this little cabinet around.

Within its small, almost cube-like design, you’ll find plenty of storage space in the bottom letter-sized drawer. Built-in metal along the tops of the drawers creates a natural ‘shelf’ to rest your tabbed files on. The upper drawer is nice and deep for office storage of supplies or flat papers.

As a small filing cabinet, this little guy is only 20.6” high, 15.7” wide, and 18.2” deep, but it has a sturdy weight of almost forty pounds, so it won’t tip over when the drawers are opened.


  • Versatile small size to fit in any office
  • Heavy-duty casters to wheel around
  • Extra storage drawer


  • Made of laminated particle board

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D. Conclusion

When setting up your office, you’ve got to have a filing cabinet! Even though most of us use plenty of digital document storage, having physical file storage is still very important and especially if the material is classified.

These small filing cabinets are the perfect little office storage solution, no matter what sized business you have. They are one of the bedrock pieces of office furniture that will be used for months, if not years to come, so you want to look for durable, sturdy materials.

So, whether you’re a professional law office that needs a legal cabinet to store classified client material or home-based business in a studio apartment, you’ll definitely appreciate choosing a small but helpful filing cabinet.