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14 Different Types of Magazine Racks for Your Home (Living Room, Bedroom, Office and Bathroom)

Living room with a modern white magazine rack on the floor

I love magazines. Even though we have an iPad and smartphones with 24/7 access to the internet, there’s something relaxing and enjoyable about flipping through and reading a magazine. I find the same with books … I tend to prefer physical books over digital books.

Interestingly, there are more magazines now than there were in 2002. On the flip side, magazine revenue is down since then. Currently, there are approximately 7,216 magazines in circulation (I had no idea there were that many). Thanks to the internet, the amount of time people spend reading print magazines is down as well.

While you might assume the internet is killing the print magazine industry, and no doubt it’s killing some magazines, others are thriving. In fact, in recent years, some magazines have enjoyed a surge in subscriptions and readership (see winners and losers here).

The only problem with print magazines is they pile up in the house. Before you know it, table tops are stacked with them. It happens in our house for sure. In a way this is good because they’re easily accessible and you can enjoy them over and over. The downside is it can get unsightly.

The simple solution is buying a magazine rack… or two or three for your home. They’re small, look good and are a convenient furniture accessory for the living room, family room, bedroom, TV room and bathroom.

While most people get the traditional floor rack, you really should be aware of the many different types of magazine racks. You have options. That’s what this article is about. Check out styles and designs below.

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1. Basic Floor Magazine Rack

Basic Leather Floor Magazine Rack

One of the most common places for people to put a magazine rack in their home is on the coffee table. People like to be able to read their favorite magazines while they are relaxing on the couch. A good coffee table magazine rack is going to make storing magazines as convenient as possible. You can keep them all neat and tidy in the rack so that they will be ready at any time for when you would like to read them.

The magazine rack being shown here is more of a magazine holder than a rack. It is meant to be placed on top of your coffee table to give you easy access to your magazines. You will be able to store several magazines inside this holder at once. Sometimes people also choose to put paperback novels in this magazine holder, too.

There are a few different color options for you to consider as well. This magazine holder comes in both black and brown. You can also choose whether or not you would like for it to have a handle. Even if you don’t want the magazine holder to have a handle, there will be handholds that you can use when you need to carry the magazine rack to another location.

This works perfectly for your coffee table. You will be able to easily store all of the magazines that you want to read without it being a hassle. Your coffee table will always look neat and organized when you can rely on easy solutions such as this.

2. Magazine Rack Coffee Table

Magazine Rack Coffee Table

If you like the idea of having a magazine rack on your coffee table, then you may also want to consider simply having a magazine rack coffee table. There are coffee tables on the market that have magazine racks built right into them. Sometimes the magazine rack section is built into the legs of the coffee table and other times it may be located elsewhere.

The magazine rack coffee table that is being shown off here is one of the models that has a magazine rack built into the legs. You can place your magazines right into the magazine slots that are built into the legs of the table. You should be able to store many magazines using this space. It will make it easy to grab a magazine to peruse when you are having your morning coffee.

The coffee table itself has a really modern design. It is clear and looks very interesting in comparison to other contemporary options. It has a fun look to it that will work well in a living room setting. It could also be very nice in a home office setting if you would like to place it there.

This coffee table is big enough to use in a living room, but it isn’t overly large. It won’t take up too much space. You’ll like how useful it is and having a convenient spot for your magazines is one of the best features of this piece. Your magazines will look really nice stacked up neatly against the transparent coffee table.

3. Desktop

Simmer Stone Rose Gold Magazine Holder, Desktop File Sorter Organizer, 9 Slot Triangle Shape, Size 12.2"L X 7"W X 6.9"H

It isn’t unusual for people to want to display magazines on their desk at home either. Many people in the modern era work right out of a home office. There are many career paths that allow people to work as professionals from the comfort of their own home. When people spend a lot of time in the home office, they like to have a little bit of entertainment when they need to take a break.

A desktop magazine rack is going to be a good solution for storing magazines in your home office. This is actually a very simple file organizer that most people decide to use to hold magazines. There are nine different slots on this organizer that can each hold at least one magazine. This will give you plenty of reading material when you need to unwind.

The magazine holder being shown here has a very stylish triangle design. It is certainly a bit simple, but it has an elegant quality that makes it work well in a professional setting. It can do a good job of looking really nice while serving a practical purpose. You can keep your desk organized while giving yourself easy access to reading material.

Another good quality of this magazine holder is that it is quite easy to clean. If you need to tidy up or dust your office, then everything will wipe right off of your magazine holder. It is going to look really good in your home office for years to come. You’ll be able to keep your magazines organized and you will be happy with the overall look of this rack.

4. Wall Mounted Magazine Rack

You can get something simple or if you buy a lot of magazines get something like you’d see in a dentist’s office. Here are examples of each.

Distressed wood single row wall-mounted magazine rack

Distressed wood single row wall-mounted magazine rack

Wall Mounted Double-Wide Teak Magazine Rack

Here’s a larger and stylish wall mounted magazine rack.

Multiple wall-mounted magazine rack


A wall mounted magazine rack is going to be one of the best solutions to make use of when you have limited space. If you mount a magazine rack on the wall itself, then it won’t wind up using any of your precious floor space. You’ll be able to have a good solution for storing your magazines that won’t get in your way. It’s a good idea that will appeal to just about everyone who loves magazines.

The wall mounted magazine rack being shown here is a three-tiered rack. You should be able to display many of your favorite magazines and it will look really nice on the wall. This rack has a gold color that really catches the eye and draws some attention. It may not work in every living space, but there are plenty of color options for these wall mounted magazine racks.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a magazine rack that will match up with your sense of style. There are wooden magazine racks that look a bit more rustic, if that works better for you. You can also find simple and sleek black magazine racks that you can mount on your wall. Whatever your preference is, installing your new wall mounted magazine rack should be easy enough.

All you really need to do is screw or nail this magazine rack to the wall. It isn’t something that will take much time and it will look really good. If you love magazines and want to be able to display them conveniently, then this is a great solution.

5. Tower

Free standing mahogany wood tower magazine rack


Magazine rack towers are fairly tall and will be able to hold many different magazines. People who subscribe to a lot of different magazines will like this option. It gives you the ability to store as many magazines as possible in a practical way. There are many types of these magazine rack towers on the market, and some of them are going to be bigger than others.

The tower magazine racks that you see in various retail stores are typically the largest. People do purchase these for their homes if they have a need to. It is more common for people to purchase smaller versions of the tower magazine racks, though. The tower magazine rack being shown here is a good example of a common version that is seen in the home.

This tower is large enough to store a lot of magazines and it looks really simple overall. It’s a basic black steel design that will look good in any modern home. It isn’t too big that it will get in the way, but it is large enough to help you store a good few magazines. It will definitely look right at home in your designated reading area.

6. Plastic Magazine Organizers

Magazine holder organizers

Source: Home Depot

If you are in the market for another simple solution for organizing your magazines, then you should take a look at these plastic magazine organizers. They’re really simple to use and are very practical. You can fit your magazines into these plastic organizers to keep them safe and tidy. Sometimes people will place these on a bookshelf and other times they may decide to use them on a desk.

Wherever these are placed, they make things easier to keep organized. If you subscribe to several magazines, then you may want to keep things separated so that you can easily find what you need. It’s a simple task to label these organizers into categories so that you can keep everything straight. Some people organize their magazines by categories such as fashion, science, or fitness.

The way that you make use of these organizers is completely up to you. They aren’t as good of an option if you wish to display your magazines, but they do a great job of keeping things safe. You won’t have to worry about random spills so much if you keep your magazines tucked away in these organizers. They are made from very durable black PVC material that will stand the test of time.

You get five different magazine organizers in a pack, making it a very cost-effective purchase. You will wind up being able to organize all of your different magazines without having to spend too much money if you go this route. It’s a convenient option that will definitely make things easier on you.

7. Bathroom

Bathroom magazine rack with small table and toilet paper roll holder

There are many people who decide to place magazines in their bathroom areas for the sake of convenience. Certain people are inclined to read while they are using the bathroom. Sometimes people just need something to help them pass the time. Magazines are perfect reading material for such an occasion and it isn’t uncommon at all for people to want to have a magazine storage solution for the bathroom.

Placing magazines in your bathroom needs to be done in the most sanitary way possible. You don’t want to place magazines anywhere that they are going to become contaminated. Getting a small bathroom magazine holder is going to be the best solution. You’ll be able to place magazines in this holder and will be able to have quick access to reading material when you want it.

This bathroom magazine holder here works so well because it is designed with bathrooms in mind. It has feet that will keep it up off of the bathroom floor. This keeps the magazines safe and you won’t have to worry about them getting dirty. This is also very easy to clean with a simple damp cloth, so it’s going to be a convenient solution for the bathroom.

It is made out of very durable materials as well. This magazine holder was constructed using stainless steel. It will be able to stand up to regular use and should become a staple of your bathroom for many years to come. If you have been in need of a solution for storing magazines in your bathroom, then this is it.

8. Decorative Wooden Magazine Rack for the Floor

Decorative wooden magazine rack with carrying handle.

This is the type my parents had growing up. It’s great for a rustic, traditional, country, cottage or farmhouse interior design.


There are magazine racks that are meant to be placed right on the floor. These differ from the tower racks and other options. They do not feature legs or anything such as that, as they simply sit on the floor and will hold your magazines. The one being shown here is a decorative wooden magazine rack.

The overall aesthetic appeal of this decorative wooden magazine rack is quite impressive. It looks very nice and has a bit of an antique vibe. If you enjoy furniture items that have an older look, then this magazine rack is going to fit right in with your style. It will look good in your home and will hold your magazines just right.

This magazine rack comes with a convenient handle too. You can pick it up and carry it to another room whenever there is a need to. It’s a good magazine rack option for people who prefer wooden racks to the metal ones. You can set this magazine rack down in your living room or your bedroom and you will be able to use it to great effect.

9. Two-Tier Freestanding Magazine Rack

2 Tier Magazine Rack Stand

Buying a freestanding magazine rack is going to be good so long as you have the space for it. These magazine racks don’t have to be incredibly large, but you will need to dedicate a little bit of floor space for this purpose. People who buy these types of magazine racks often place them right by their couch. It will be very quick to grab a magazine off of the rack and read it when the mood strikes you.

The two-tiered design of this rack makes it easy to place your favorite magazines in the living room. There isn’t so much space to store magazines that you will be able to fit dozens upon dozens on them. This solution is more modestly sized and will work nicely to hold current issues that you want to read. Most people rotate out the old magazines when the new issues arrive in the mail.

Setting up this magazine stand is simple enough. You’ll be able to simply let it stand against the wall and will be able to fit it into most living room settings. It will work better in a contemporary living room due to the overall design. It is black and made out of metal, so it may clash somewhat if your style is more traditional.

There are many different types of two-tier freestanding magazine racks on the market, though. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a wooden magazine rack that will suit your style better. Whatever your sensibilities are like, you’ll be able to find a good solution. Just look around for something that catches your eye properly before you make a purchasing decision.

10. Three-Tier Floor Magazine Rack

3-tier magazine rack

Source: Home Depot

Floor magazine racks will work well for people who are really into magazines. These magazine racks are actually quite big and can hold a ton of different magazines. If you subscribe to many different titles, then this could be a great way to keep all of your magazines displayed in your reading room. You’ll be able to enjoy picking one off of the rack whenever the mood strikes you.

This magazine floor rack has a three-tiered design that will make it so that you can see all of your different magazines with ease. You will be able to fit many magazines in this rack and they will all look good on display in this fashion. Some people wind up using these racks for other purposes as well. You don’t just have to put magazines on this rack, as it is capable of holding other things.

One popular use for this type of magazine rack is to hold comic books. If you happen to collect comic books, then this can be a fun way to display certain parts of your collection that you are proud of. Comic books are significantly smaller than magazines, so you’ll be able to fit more of them in the rack. Other types of books and pamphlets will be able to be displayed in this rack as well, so it is really up to you on how you will make use of it.

This rack here has a black finish to give it a really contemporary feeling. You’ll be able to make this magazine rack fit in easily if you decorate using a modern style. The look of the metal rods that hold the magazines is very nice, too. They have a pleasing pattern that will help to accentuate the look of the magazines that are on display.

11. Magazine Rack/End Table Combo

Magazine rack and end table combo


Sometimes it is important for people to maximize the usability of their living space. When you live in a smaller environment, it is smart to try to find convenient storage solutions whenever it is possible. Even people in larger homes like to be able to make efficient use of space. For this reason, there are magazine racks on the market that double as end tables.

These magazine racks and end table combination units are very convenient overall. If you own one of these, then you will be able to enjoy having a stylish piece of furniture that will help you to store all of your magazines. The end table part of this piece is fairly simple and it isn’t incredibly large. It will give you a perfect place to set down a drink or other items that you are using, though.

Underneath the initial end table platform is a magazine rack. You will be able to use this space to hold all of your current favorite magazines that you want to keep out. This is a great way to have access to your magazines conveniently without taking up too much space. You can keep this magazine holder and end table combo at your favorite spot to read to make things that much better.

There is a shelf underneath the magazine rack that you can make use of as well. Many people wind up placing books on this shelf, but you could also use it for decorative purposes. It would be practical enough to place a small vase or a little statue in this spot. It will definitely look good no matter what you decide to do, so take advantage of this convenient magazine storage solution if it appeals to you.

12. Wicker Basket Magazine Holder

Wicker magazine rack basket

Another surprisingly popular option to consider is the wicker basket magazine holder. This magazine holder is very nice looking and will definitely appeal to anyone who enjoys wicker. If you have any wicker furniture in your home, then this is going to fit right in with your décor. People often place these wicker basket magazine holders right in the living room near other pieces of wicker furniture.

It isn’t an incredibly large basket or anything, but it can definitely hold several magazines. You can also choose to use this wicker basket to hold other things as well. It is marketed as a magazine holder, but it will also fit items such as movies, CD’s, toys, and much more. It can become a convenient little storage solution in any room that you think it would look good in.

One convenient feature of this wicker basket is that it will not scratch or scuff your tables. There are many who like to put these baskets on their coffee tables or their end tables. You won’t have to worry about scooting them around since they are designed to avoid scratching and scuffing other surfaces. It will be safe to use the basket on your tables and you’ll have a good little convenient magazine holder.

It’s simple to tote this wicker basket magazine holder around, too. There are two convenient handles on the sides of this basket that you can use to pick it up. If you need to carry magazines into a different room, then you will always be able to do so readily. This is an excellent and fashionable solution for holding your magazines.

13. Sofa Arm Rack

Draping sofa arm magazine rack and organizer

It’s not the prettiest way to store magazines, but it’s sure convenient. You simply drape it over the arm of your sofa or chair and have immediate access to your magazines as well as remote control, smart phone, tablet or whatever else you choose to store.

14. Corner Magazine Shelf

Corner magazine rack shelf (or end table)

Here’s a great way to efficiently use corners for storage with a corner magazine rack shelf.