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55 Tropical Style Primary Bedroom Ideas (Photos)

Tropical bedroom surrounded with panoramic windows that overlook the outdoor greenery. It has a gorgeous drawer chest and a wooden bed dressed in patterned bedding that complements the area rug.

A wooden canopy bed sits on a jute rug in this primary bedroom with stylish seats and rustic nightstands topped with glass table lamps.

Charming bedroom illuminated by a boho chandelier that hung over the sectional sofa paired with coral pink ottomans. It has a floral skirted chair and white bed situated in between the nightstands with gorgeous table lamps.

This primary bedroom features a colorful artwork and coconut tree lamps that sit on the dark wood nightstands. It includes a skirted bed and cushioned stools over a tropical area rug.

Airy bedroom with carpet flooring and cathedral ceiling mounted with recessed lights and fan. It has a canopy bed and a window seat nook placed in between built-in shelving.

Clad in foliage wallpaper, this bedroom showcases a lovely portrait and wicker bed that sits on a beige area rug over the rich hardwood flooring.

An oriental ceramic vase sits on the dark wood dresser in this white bedroom with striped armchairs and a four-poster bed in between wooden nightstands lighted by glass pendants.

The blue bedroom offers inset wall niches fitted with glass shelves along with a cool canopy bed that sits on a jute rug. It is accompanied by wooden nightstands and wicker chairs illuminated by a dome pendant light.

A lovely framed photo hangs above the four-poster bed in this tropical bedroom boasting wooden shelving and blue floral armchairs that sit on rich hardwood flooring.

A cozy bedroom overlooking the stunning beach features a four-poster bed wrapped in a beautiful tropical quilt along with a freestanding tub on the side over the hardwood flooring.

A white ceiling fan with leaf blades is mounted on the coral tray ceiling in this charming bedroom with a classy four-poster bed and drawer chest topped with a fishbowl and lovely table lamp.

An eye-catching runner lays on the vinyl flooring in this tropical bedroom showcasing a wood beam ceiling and mint green walls framed with bamboo woods.

Shared bedroom designed with wood-paneled walls and unique wood wall arts mounted across the black beds accompanied by a nightstand and wicker storage baskets.

A tropical bedroom decorated with floral wall arts and boat paddles that hung above the upholstered bed flanked by wooden nightstands and table lamps.

The highlight of this bedroom is the bedsheet and pillows of the bed that has a complex Tropical-style patterned design. This makes the bed stand out against the light gray sleigh bed and the hardwood flooring as well as the wall behind the bed that s dominated by large mirrors.

The circular wooden bedside tables that flank the cottage bed bears table lamps with a yellow-green hue complementing the colorful painting of a flower garden above the bed. This matches with the lush tropical landscape outside the sliding doors.

The bright white pillows and sheets of the traditional bed stand out against the green wallpaper of this Tropical-style bedroom that is filled with depictions of tropical plants and animals. This matches the flowers on the bedside tables with the table lamps.

The cheerful green walls of this bedroom match well with the green potted plant in the corner that complements the green landscape outside the tall windows as well as the colorful painting of trees mounted on the wall above the wooden headboard of the traditional bed.

This is a fabulously chic Tropical-style bedroom that has walls dominated with a bright pink wallpaper with patterns of flamingos. This creates a complex background that matches the colorful floral patterns on the bedsheet and cushioned chair beside the bed.

This is a tropical-style bedroom brightened by the open walls and folding doors that open the interior of the bedroom to the exterior areas with tropical trees.

Designed by: Palma

This is a tropical-style bedroom brightened by the open walls and folding doors that open the interior of the bedroom to the exterior areas with tropical trees.

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