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Top 10 Accent Chairs

Accent chair with thick foam

What Is an Accent Chair?

An accent chair is an additional piece you may add to your decor as a focal point or feature. You can add a piece that fits in with the other furniture or opt for a chair that adds interest or a splash of color to a room. There are many types of accent chairs in a variety of styles and forms. If you’re limited on space, you can opt for a piece with a smaller frame such as a side chair.

What to Look for in an Accent Chair

The color is only a minor feature when considering an accent chair. You should also consider the form and function of a chair. A club chair, for example, is often oversized and roomy for a place you’ll want to linger in comfort for a long time. They come in a variety of styles that can complement your decor or even set a mood.

Think of a Queen Anne style wingback chair that will bring a bit of romance and elegance to a room. And there’s no denying the sense of adventure and travel that a rattan arm chair. You can think of an accent chair as the defining piece of your decor. And since it’s often a single purchase, you may be able to splurge on the ideal chair.

How We Selected Our Top 10

The styles and designs of an accent chair range from the heavy frame of a traditional recliner to the futuristic form of a modern chair—and everything in between. Some styles like industrial may not appeal to all tastes. We selected a wide variety of styles to inspire you. We considered two primary factors.

1. We focused on chairs that were likely to have a broad appeal. Some styles such as the Mid-Century Modern may have a smaller following than the more familiar traditional designs.

2. We recognized the investment of an accent chair, so we homed in on quality. Some accent chairs commanded a high price. But that doesn’t always mean high quality. We looked for the attentions to detail that define fine craftsmanship.

10 Top Accent Chairs

1. Coggins Club Chair


Coggins Club Chair

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  • Style: Traditional
  • Design: Classic example of an oversized leather club chair

The Coggins Club Chair is the quintessential club chair. It’s an oversized dark brown leather chair. Its handsome design includes brass nailheads along the fronts of the side panels. It is a roomy chair with plenty of padding to seat you comfortable for hours.

We loved the simple yet elegant design that is nothing short of classy. It is a well-made piece of solid wood construction. The rounded, padded arms and roomy form add to its value. The Coggins Club Chair isn’t the least expensive of accent chairs, but its quality makes it an excellent investment.

2. Louisa Side Chair

Louisa Side Chair

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  • Style: Modern/Contemporary
  • Design: Simple, vintage industrial design

The Louisa Side Chair has a minimalist design that belies how sturdy the chair is. It has simple lines that give it a casual feel. You can use these chairs inside or outside with its rust-resistant coating. You can stack them out of the way when they’re not in use. The frame is galvanized steel.

The side chair is lightweight, so you can move it room to room easily. Clean up is a snap. The chair is sold in sets of two pieces.

3. Delphine Arm Chair

Delphine Arm Chair

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  • Style: Cottage/Country
  • Design: Wide box form with a T-shaped seat cushion

The Delphine Arm Chair has such an unassuming design that makes it a perfect fit for a cottage/country style room. It is a simple design with spindle legs and comfy down-blend cushions that make it a delightful chair for lingering. There’s nothing formal or uptight about this chair. It’s simply meant to be enjoyed.

The back cushion reminds us of a fluffy pillow we’d find on our bed. It feels homey and inviting. This chair is the essence of versatility with seven choices of upholstery material and many color options. If the design appeals to you, the chances are you’ll find the ideal match.

4. Exuma Lounge Chair

Exuma Lounge Chair

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  • Style: Coastal
  • Design: Rattan frame with polyester-blend seat cushion

The Exuma Lounge Chair has a delightful tropical feel about that make it an excellent choice for creating a relaxing atmosphere. The rattan frame is sturdy and eco-friendly. Its beautiful design is the essence of this chair. It comes complete with a polyester-blend seat cushion. We challenge you not to find the color or pattern you want with 79 choices of fabric.

We can easily see this chair in a sunroom next to a table with a pitcher of iced tea on it. The Exuma Lounge Chair is well-made and will stand the test of time.

5. Tribeca Arm Chair

Tribeca Arm Chair

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  • Style: Glam
  • Design: Box-shaped wingback style chair with velvet upholstery

The Tribeca Arm Chair exudes elegance, setting the perfect tone for a glam-style room. The chair is a riff on the wingback style with a high back and closed side panels. It has a roomy frame with a seat cushion that falls on the softer side on the firmness scale.

The velvet upholstery is what really makes it a stunner. It looks gorgeous set against the black legs and exposed bottom frame. The nailhead trim is a beautiful addition. You can get the chair in gray, purple, or blue. We love the classy appearance of the gray.

6. Zahara Club Chair

Zahara Club Chair

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  • Style: Rustic
  • Design: Faux leather upholstery with ornate stitching with a box shape frame

If there’s one thing we can say for sure about the Zahara Club Chair, it’s that it will grab your attention. It’s a bold interpretation of the Chesterfield design club chair. The upholstery is faux leather with duck-blend cushions for extra comfort.

But it is the well-placed accents that really steal the show. Stitching along the arms and front as well as the tufted back cushion give it a luxurious feeling. The chair comes in either silver or black. Either one is a handsome example of the rustic style.

7. Drumahiskey Flair Arm Chair

Drumahiskey Flair Arm Chair

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  • Style: Mid-Century Modern
  • Design: Simple bucket-style seat with a geometrically designed base

The Drumahiskey Flair Arm Chair is exactly what we’d expect to find in a Mid-Century Modern piece. It is simple and to the point with a bucket-style seat made of polypropylene. Its curvy form provides a comfortable seat. But the real eye-catching feature is its base.

The geometrically designed base has warm espresso brown legs framed with black accents. It drew our attention immediately. The retro-style chair is sold in sets of two and is available in six colors.

8. Evander Club Chair

Evander Club Chair

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  • Style: Industrial
  • Design: Steampunk style with faux leather front and brass nailhead trim

The industrial vibe of the Evander Club Chair may escape you until you examine it all the way around. The upholstery is black faux leather that has a lived-in look that we loved. The front is accented with brass nailheads that give it a classy look.

The back is curved and plain, making it a stark contrast to the more decorative front. It has an oversized seat cushion for comfort. It’s a good-looking piece that would fit in with a variety of decors.

9. Parks Slipper Chair

Parks Slipper Chair

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  • Style: French Country
  • Design: Wide, low frame with an armless back

The Parks Slipper Chair ticks off a lot of the boxes for what we’d like in an accent chair. It catches your eye with its black linen upholstery and its white script pattern that gives it a continental feel. The chair is very comfortable despite the fact that it has no arms which is indicative of the slipper chair style.

Black curved legs give it a sense of flow and a casual look. It has a wide frame that sits lower than many chairs. The overall design says class. We could easily see ourselves spending an afternoon daydreaming in this chair.

10. Dampicourt Wingback Chair

Dampicourt Wingback Chair

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  • Style: Glam
  • Design: Stylized wingback chair with tapered back and flared side panels

The Dampicourt Wingback Chair is the kind of accent chair that you’d notice from across the room. It’s glam meets contemporary in a twist that says luxury. The glam comes in with the plush velvet upholstery. You can just sink into this chair. The contemporary part is in the design which is a modern take on the wingback chair.

It has the high profile with a back that tapers down to the seat. The closed side panels flare out a bit from the chair, giving it a unique, chic look. The curved lines suggest flow and movement which is what makes this piece so appealing.