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Parts of a Bed, Headboard and Mattress (Diagrams)

Bed with headboard and storage

Parts of a Bed, Headboard and Bed Frame (List):

  • Headboard slat: Vertical grid or screen attached to the back of the bed frame.
  • Headboard top rail: The horizontal piece set on top of the headboard slat.
  • Headboard cross rail: The horizontal piece set below the headboard slat that supports the bed base.
  • Bed side rail: Also known as cot sides, safety sides and bed guards, these are those parts of the bed that run from the headboard to the footboard and support the bed lengthwise.
  • Bottom side rail: Wood or metal pieces that run below the headboard to the footboard.
  • Footboard slat: Decorative piece of vertical panel attached to the front of the bed frame.
  • Headboard leg: Vertical parts at the opposite sides of the headboard slat used so that the headboard sits at the desired height.
  • Cleat: The area that serves as base for the bed to which cut slats are attached.
  • Footboard top rail: Vertical grid or screen attached to the front of the bed frame.
  • Cut slats: Thin narrow pieces cut in desired lengths and widths that create a series of overlapping grid or screen at the base of the bed.

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Diagram illustrating the different parts of a bed

Parts and Layers of a Mattress

  • HD PU foam (High Density Polyurethane Foam): Plastic with an open cellular structure that makes it flexible or rigid and used for comfort by providing support to mattresses, upholstered furniture and car seats.
  • Double foam quilt: A two-sided quilted mattress.
  • Memory foam: Made of polyurethane and other chemicals, it’s designed to mold to the body in reaction to body heat and pressure and has the beneficial effects of providing relief from back/spine pain and pressure points, among others.
  • Polyester padding: A mattress’ non-woven, thermally bonded component designed to feel either soft or firm and to provide comfort.
  • Springs: Resilient metal coils used to support the bed mattress.
  • Cotton felt: The mattress component that separates the coil system from the cushioned layers of the bed.
  • Quilt: A warm decorative bed covering usually made of three layers of padding stitched together.

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Diagram illustrating the different parts of a mattress.