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The 10 Best Kitchen Faucet Brands (Experts Weigh In)

Beautiful kitchen sink set up with drop down faucet

Introducing the Best Kitchen Faucet Brands 

I’m a person who has moved over 30 times in my life. This means that I’m exceptionally good at packing, I’m even better at unpacking, and it also means that I’ve experienced so many different variations of apartments and all the little unique things that come with living in different environments.

One thing that I’ve come to realize over all the years is that you don’t notice the things that work well, but you absolutely notice the things that don’t work well. A room in a home that certainly should function seamlessly and be organized in an ergonomic fashion is the kitchen. 

One particularly important area of the kitchen is the sink. I’m sure you’ve been in a kitchen before where the faucet was too low, or didn’t have enough water pressure, or the sink wasn’t big enough, or any number of different imperfections that can make your kitchen experience more difficult than it needs to be. 

A great way to make your life easier is to create a kitchen set up that works so well that you don’t notice it. And so we’ve written an article going over the best kitchen faucet brands out there. This is such a big subject that we had to bring in some help.

We’ve been working with a tremendous group of interior designers who have very graciously answered us when we ask: what are your favorite furniture brands? In this article we’re going over all of the very best brands where you can get a top of the line kitchen faucet. 

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands (According to Budget) 

We appreciate that everyone is operating within a different budget. You may have to be especially frugal if you’re doing extensive renovations, and rightly so! Stuff is expensive these days! For this reason, we’ve organized the following section according to budgets: lower budget, moderate budgets, and luxury budgets. This way you can make the faucet-hunt process a little easier. 

All of the following information has been compiled from the advice of those great interior designers that I mentioned earlier. If you’re keen on getting to know their services and projects a little bit better, simply click on the link on their names to be directed towards their personal websites!

The Best Low Budget Kitchen Faucet Brands


Fancy pot filler kitchen sink faucet made by Kohler

Looking for bathroom hardware can be frustrating and overwhelming. There are tons of options and it’s hard to know which ones are good quality, which ones are the right style, and if you’re getting the bang for your buck that you deserve! Kohler is an excellent way to shop: they allow you to shop by finish, price, or popularity, making the hunt way more streamline. 

With Kohler it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will find a kitchen faucet that is not only nice to look at, but it will be well made and also coming it at a fair price point! But it doesn’t stop there, Kohler can set you up with pretty much everything that you could need for bathroom or kitchen renovations.

This recommendation is thanks to Samuel Grout. Samuel works with Bocote Design, which is a design firm that truly knows the ins and outs when it comes to finding products that are suitable for a tight budget, but ones that never sacrifice quality for price. This is why Samuel recommends Kohler: 

“Don’t overlook Kohler. They are the one-stop shop for your kitchen or bathroom remodelling project. In the past we’ve been delighted by their technical documentation making installation a breeze. Also, its hard to not be impressed by the staggering number of models and styles that they offer for different products.

While considering that their pricing extremely competitive, it is an easy decision especially if you’re not enjoying hunting around for different products for your new construction or remodel. They also offer products like bath tubs and shower heads that are just as pleasing to look at and also super durable.”

(P.S. make sure to check out their touchless faucets! Those things are simply revolutionary!) Kohler was recommended to us twice, so you know that it’s a brand that you can definitely trust. We received the same recommendation by a wonderful designer named Mairead Belcher. Here’s what she has to say about their faucets:

“Kohler has been around since 1870, and this well-established,  reliable brand can be found in many households worldwide. When looking for budget-friendly faucets, Kohler has a few options. Misto is one of my preferred single-handle pull-out faucets, incorporating function and design into one element to create a clean, stylish feel in your kitchen. It is touch control, and the one-handle design lets you control pressure and temperature together.”

APEC Water System

Black kitchen faucet made by APEC water filter

This is a really great recommendation coming from Ahmet Can Ozkara who as usual, thought outside of the box when we asked him what his preferred kitchen faucet brand was. He’s recommended us a company that specializes in filtered water faucets!

Filtered water faucets are becoming more and more popular, especially if you’re the type of person who really hates constantly having to refill the Brita water filter.  I learned my lesson about drinking safe water once it was revealed that a huge of pipes under Montreal are still made from lead! Yikes! 

APEC Water Systems has a certified gold seal, ensuring that you are being provided with the most safe drinking water possible. This little faucet can go right beside your regular kitchen faucet with flowing, clean, perfectly pure drinking water. Here’s what Ahmet has to say about APEC products: 

“Products from APEC are fantastically inexpensive. They use high-quality stainless steel materials and premium brushed nickel plating (accounting for the wonderfully low price). These materials guarantee safe, high heat temperatures that are wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, and anti-rust.

My personal favorite model comes with a button on the spout to freely convert the two water flow modes (strong spray mode and constant flow mode) according to your needs. In addition, with its flexible head that can rotate 360 degrees, it increases the water-holding range and allows for comfortable cleaning.”


Lovely spiral black kitchen faucet made by Wewe

Wewe is a really wonderful company that is dedicated to providing you with kitchen accessories that are not only attractive, but streamline, affordable, and that ensure longevity. This is superbly important especially when we’re talking about hardware that has constant exposure to water.

One thing that Wewe is really well known for is its wonderful customer service team, and they’re even better known for having super quick installation that can easily be done in 30 minutes or less. What’s more, you don’t actually need any fancy tools to be able to do so! 

We have Andrea Zivic to thank for this fantastic recommendation. Andrea has even provided us with her favorite model, and once you see it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price point considering how nice looking it is. To boot it has a pull down spray nozzle! Fantastic! Here’s Andrea on why she loves Wewe products: 

“Kitchen faucets are something that is used every day, and when they are bought, a long term of use is expected. Not only will you like the price of this brand, but also the design itself. The attractive appearance of classic faucets is no longer so appealing to us when we’re designing homes, now the market has allowed us to match the color with the kitchen, so why not take advantage of that. The black color of the faucet, has an association with elegance. It will effectively elevate your kitchen sink area.”


Gorgeous sunny kitchen with amazing faucet made by Moen kitchen

Moen is a bathroom and kitchen appliances store that has some pretty impressive and beautiful additions to the most important room in your home. Coming in at a moderate price, these folks are doing new and exciting things when it comes to your kitchen.

Moen is best known for their top-selling touchless faucets. They have this incredible mechanism where you can swipe left for hot water, swipe right for cold water, swipe up for warm water, and push your hand towards the faucet to turn it off. Talk about incredible! 

Artur Baja is a great interior designer who is always straight and to the point with his recommendations. He knows what works, he knows what’s in style, and he knows where to shop for things that both have longevity and are within a reasonable price range! 

“One of the best faucet brands is made by Moen. Moen’s products are of very high quality, in addition to high quality, they are very well designed and fit very well into the interior. Moen enables us to have his products in every furnishing style.”


The Best Moderate Budget Kitchen Faucet Brands 


Lovely kitchen with shiny silver kitchen faucet made by Gohe

Grohe is definitely a company that understands that something that works exceptionally well should go unnoticed, but still their products are hard not to notice. They’re sleek, streamlined, and made from some really high quality materials. 

Whether you’re looking to remodel your entire kitchen or just looking for the perfect faucet, it is certain that you’ll find something that is perfect for your space. And to boot, their faucets are ensured to last pretty much a lifetime with a great warranty, too. 

Samuel Grout has such a way with words when it comes to talking about furniture. He’s someone who not only obviously has a lot of experience, but it’s also clear that he’s someone who just really loves what he does. He can turn talking about a kitchen faucet into poetry. Amazing.

“Grohe is a fantastic brand to choose when looking for a quality but fairly priced kitchen faucet. They offer a multitude of options in style and finish. They offer a lot of different styles including different spout angle, cross bracing, and flared spouts. They also offer a couple of models that have multi-setting spray function.

We really enjoy that most of their models include the pull-down feature without the obtrusive exterior coiling. A very clean look indeed. We most enjoy their Essence model, it’s very unique with a 90 degree bend and a chamfered base. This one is very angular and we are here for it.”

Houzer Inc.

Beautiful bronze kitchen faucet on white background

Houzer understands that your kitchen is more than just another room. As the most vibrant and visible intersection of the modern home, it needs to be comfortable, functional, and versatile-as well as attractive and inviting. It’s a personal setting that reflects your unique spirit and style.”

Taken straight from their website, sometimes it’s best to let the product speak for itself. In my humble opinion, the kitchen is absolutely the most important room in your home, and having one that not only works properly but looks beautiful, is a great way to ensure the rest of your day goes smoothly. 

Houzer can provide that for you, and we have Ahmet Can Ozkara to thank for this truly tremendous recommendation. There’s something very appealing about a product that can work well and is made well, especially knowing that it’s made from materials are resistant to wear and grime! Ingenious! 

“With a distinctive look and elegance, Houzer Inc is a brand that manufactures their products from solid brass and chrome. They are stain-proof, dirt-proof, and not affected by chemicals. The pipes at the outlet of the water are made of PVC and are resistant to limescale.

According to the price, the products are of high quality and are often used in interior design projects. Also on these brands’ products, the water control lever is designed to slide forward for ultra-smooth water control but precisely engineered with limited 15″ rear travel to prevent back splash.”


Sleek and minimal kitchen with black faucet made by Kohler

The fact that Kohler has now been recommended three times now and in two different budget ranges, is truly a testament to not only the popularity of the products that they offer, but a testament to their range in style and in attainability to customers coming from different budgetary restrictions. 

Kohler has  a little something for everyone, and their products go way beyond just kitchen faucets, too! It’s always nice to find a one-stop-shop that could complete your entire remodel, and Kohler could be just that for you.

Andrea Zivic is really swell when it comes to giving us realistic and smart recommendations for furniture, and she’s done it again with this recommendation. Here’s what she has to say about Kohler products (she’s even given us her favorite model!): 

“The Simplice Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet model is for those who are fans of classic faucets without too many details in the design. Classics never go out of fashion, do they? They offer polished Chrome or another color-material choice, and that’s why they are the first ones we recommend. A wide range of design models and fantastic quality is the hallmark of the brand.”

There are some brands out there that you just know are reliable. Sometimes the best known companies can end up providing you with a product that can be disappointing, but that’s not the case with Kohler. It is made even clearer by the fact that this is the fourth recommendation! Here is what Mairead has to say about them: 

“I love to cook but not so much clean, so any modern invention that can assist me in both is an excellent addition to the home. The Kohler touchless is a bit pricey if you have no desire to be in the kitchen. But if you do this, advanced technology and design is a great addition.

These touchless faucets help reduce the spread of germs in your kitchen and free up a hand when performing cooking tasks. It is complete with a spray-down spout, and advanced technology means it won’t turn on when you do clean tasks/spraying etc.”


Sleek silver kitchen faucet on white countertop made by Delta kitchens

Delta is a really wonderful company that provides its customers with not only a great product in the end, but they help you along every step of the way with their really fantastic customer support team. What’s more is they boast super easy installation, which is great for folks who have a lot going on! 

One thing that’s great about Delta is the differences in style that they provide. Sometimes when searching for a faucet it can seem like they all look pretty much the same, but Delta offers an amazing range of styles, materials, and shapes. 

We’ve been working with Tina Martindelcampo for a good little while now, and I always really appreciate the way that she talks about furniture and appliances. It’s so obvious how valuable her experience is, so when she gives you a recommendation, it’s obvious that it’s one that you can trust. 

“I’ve remodelled many kitchens over my career and I have to say that when it comes to sourcing a faucet, I always gravitate towards Delta brands because of their sterling reputation. They have such an extensive library of faucet styles and finishes to choose from, that there is something for every kitchen.

One of my favorite styles that I often recommend is the Trinsic Single Handle Pull Down faucet in champagne bronze. They also offer it in a silver and black finish. Some really important features of the Trinsic faucet are that it’s ADA and no-lead compliant and has a water efficient system intact.

It boasts a high-arc gooseneck that pulls down and swivels around easily for you to clean the inside of the sink and then attaches back to the docking base seamlessly.  Another thing I love is the no-touch feature offered with some of the faucets. You just wave your hand under the faucet and the water turns on and you do the same to turn it off.

Keep in mind, Delta also offers a 10-year warranty on all their faucets and free shipping for items over $49. That’s quite the steal for such a high quality item, and I always appreciate the dedication they bring to creating happy customers.”

The Best Luxury Budget Kitchen Faucet Brands


Attractive kitchen faucet set up made by Brizo

Taken straight from the Brizo website, Brizo is a self proclaimed “Brizo is a luxury fittings brand for those who understand that fashion isn’t merely about the clothes they wear—it’s about their entire lifestyle. We create distinctive designs that don’t just complete rooms, they inspire spaces…

To that end, Brizo creates high-end collections for the kitchen, bath and shower that are constantly pushing the limits on design, craftsmanship and innovation. No detail is ever too small to be thoughtfully designed, meticulously handcrafted—and thoroughly obsessed over.” 

You know when you go to a really fancy restaurant and then you go to the bathroom and you’re completely shocked by how gorgeous it is? Sometimes I find a bathroom with unimaginably creative designs, and that is what I was reminded of when I visited the Brizo website. 

Samuel Grout is such an impressive interior designer. The fact that he knows exactly what to pick when someone wants something simple and affordable, all the way to something one-of-a-kind and special, really indicates his diversity and range. Here is him talking about Brizo: 

“It could easily be out of your price range, but Brizo is making some seriously attractive kitchen faucets. It is obvious that their products have been engineered to a T. From industrial to angular and beyond, they offer some seriously stylish options for your kitchen faucet as well as tub and shower faucets. While it is clear their products have been engineered, it is also true that their style is immensely artistic. Creativity meets practicality. A very high end brand that ceases to amaze.”

One of our favorites, Andrea Zivic, also recommends Brizo when she has a client who is creating a luxury kitchen design. Here’s her take on their faucets: 

“If you are looking to equip your kitchen at a higher level of style, you’ll need to use the best and highest quality materials, mechanisms, and designs. Buying a faucet from Brizo will complement your luxury kitchen both in terms of aesthetic appearance and functionality. Designed for ease of use with its fantastic mobility mechanism.”


Classic bronze kitchen faucet on white background made by Rohl

Inspired design meets brilliant engineering when it comes to Rohl, the luxury kitchen and bathroom appliance company. Rohl is the cream of the crop when it comes to streamlined designs. If you buy something from Rohl, you are guaranteed to get a product that will increase the appeal of your kitchen. 

Ahmet Can Ozkara loves to recommend brands that are doing things that new and different. It must be way more for designing interiors that are unique! It’s just an added bonus when a company makes something that is totally interesting but completely functional at the same time. Here’s what he has to say about Rohl: 

“Excellence, durability, and beauty. These are three great aspects that make Rohl the company to beat. Rohl guarantees that the appliances and decorations that they produce will make a difference in the general decor in the living area. Most importantly, Rohl offers an unlimited lifetime warranty. The kitchen faucets that create are chemical resistant, scratch resistant, and stain-resistant. Some of their best products are made from solid brass and chrome, which part of their higher price point. They are also ADA-compliant.”

Perrin & Rowe London

Lovely classic kitchen faucet on marble sink made by Perrin and Rowe

I’ll fall in love with anything that is branded as farmhouse or cozy country style home. I love those classic looks. They make me feel like I’m in a bed and breakfast, waiting for the scones to come out the oven. That aesthetic just screams coziness, so I really appreciate this recommendation. 

Mairead Belcher is always so on point with her recommendations. Being based out of Vancouver (coming from Ireland) really gives you a diversity of aesthetic perspectives, making her a super well rounded designer. 

Perrin & Rowe UK is just one of those companies where everything that you see is the exact product you want. They’re all so lovely that it’s hard to decide which is the perfect one! Visit their website, you will not regret it. Here is Mairead explaining why this is her favorite luxury kitchen faucet brand to use: 

“Perrin & Rowe UK designers excel in traditional-style faucets. They bring the high-quality traditional style up to modern-day functions. They incorporate modern elements, which I love, without compromising on traditional design elements. They integrate the two seamlessly.

This company’s products are at a high price point but are truly worth the splurge in a classic-style home. I consistently used their product when renovating traditionally styled homes in Ireland and the UK, as they produced excellent quality kitchen and bathroom elements.”

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Faucet for your Home

If you’ve never remodelled a kitchen before or just made slight adjustments you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed, or maybe you already purchased a kitchen faucet that just doesn’t work as seamlessly as it could in your space.

There’s a surprising number of things that you may not even think so consider when purchasing a new kitchen faucet, so take a look at this advice before you take the plunge and buy one. You’ll be better off thinking of all the small details! 

Beautiful golden kitchen faucet in bright nice kitchen

  1. Looks are important, but not everything – purchasing on something for looks alone is a mistake that I’ve made many times in my life. It is especially important when purchasing something that needs to be functional, so choose quality over style! You’ll be grateful for it in the end.
  2. Pay attention to sizing – there is nothing worse that trying to do the dishes in a sink with a faucet that is too short or too tall. Either you’ll hurt your back by having to lean over too far or be constantly splashing yourself. Make your measurements according to the height and depth of your sink, and go from there. 
  3. Spend money – I appreciate that budgeting is important, but automatically going for the cheapest faucet may not be the best move in the long run. Purchasing something that is higher quality means that you won’t end up having to spend money down the line when your lower quality kitchen faucet eventually craps the bucket. Not to mention that creates potential for a huge and annoying mess once it does!
  4. Choose ceramic valves – this is something I only recently learned, but ceramic valves are known to last way longer and are way less likely to drip. Ceramic valves are also great because they’re just as affordable as other types of valves. 
  5. Choose the right finish – if you’ve already been browsing the aisles at Home Hardware, you may have noticed that there are a wild option of faucet finishes out there. Try to pick one that matches with the rest of your hardware (countertops, drawer knobs, etc) and one that is durable. Chrome is one that really doesn’t wear and lasts forever, but brass, stainless steel, and bronze are also great options.
  6. Count the holes in your sink – this is probably the most important tip. There’s nothing more annoying then purchasing something only to find that it doesn’t fit. A sink usually has one hole for hot water, one for cold, and one for the spout. If you’re trying to switch from 2 handles to 1, you’ll likely have to switch your entire sink. Make this decision before purchasing. 


And there you have it! Who knew that there were so many beautiful options of kitchen faucets out there. Hopefully, you have found the exactly perfect one for your new kitchen, or at least you’ve found some inspiration. 

I’d like to thank again the wonderful group of interior designers who helped us make this article possible! If you’re interested in some other advice that they’ve given, check out these other articles where they recommend to us all of their different favorite furniture brands! Happy shopping!