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9 Stylish Small Table Lamps (Gourd, Candlestick & Tiffany Styles)

Need a small table lamp? We extensively researched hundreds of small table lamps across multiple categories (gourd, candlestick and Tiffany) and put together this really nice collection of options.

Bedroom nightstand with small table lamp

With today’s extensive use of ceiling lights such as recessed lighting, chandeliers and pendant lights are table lamps even necessary?

Yes. A resounding yes. Table lamps are very relevant and are a terrific lighting option because they give you lighting control in a room. They are also a great reading companion.

If you have small nightstands or small side tables, you may want small table lamps and that’s what we list out here. Check out our short, but stylish list of small table lamp options below.

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A. Gourd Lamps

1. Safavieh Cybil Double Gourd Lamp

Glass double gourd table lamp with red base and white lamp shade.If you need two lamps instead of 1, this is a good option to go with. It’s a good option for living rooms, bedrooms, and virtually anywhere else in the home. It works especially well for bedrooms with 2 nightstands, you know, for those times when you live with somebody, need light, but don’t feel like sharing a lamp. You can put these in the same room or in different rooms too. Now that is what we call versatility!

This lamp comes in at 14″ x 14″ x 26.5, making it a fairly average sized lamp. It’s large enough to provide you with adequate light for scratching off your lottery tickets but small enough to fit on any small table or nightstand. It’s a 100-watt lamp, so it is fairly bright. We do like the glass build of this lamp. It might be a little fragile, but it sure does look nice. The white cotton lampshade is ideal for diffusing the light and making sure you don’t go blind.

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  • You get 2 lamps
  • Beautiful red glass construction
  • Durable cotton lampshade
  • Fairly bright
  • Good for any room


  • Glass is fragile

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2. Safavieh Lighting Collection Amy Gourd Glass Table Lamp

Glass double gourd table lamp with yellow base and white cotton lamp shade.This particular gourd lamp looks kind of like a genie lamp. Heck, maybe if you rub it hard enough you might just get a few wishes out of them. Even if you fail to get 3 wishes, at least this lamp is bright enough to illuminate a whole room. It can be placed anywhere you need light, a true revolution in the world of lamps. It’s a great option for living rooms, offices, and bedroom night tables too.

This particular lamp is made with yellow colored glass, but if you don’t like yellow, it does come in a few different colors too. Glass might be a little fragile, but darn if it doesn’t look nice. The white cotton lampshade is pretty useful too. It’s good for those times when you need light but doesn’t feel like being blinded by a bright bulb shining right in your face. If you have limited space, or just normal sized nightstands, these lamps are right for you. They come in at 14″ x 14″ x 24″ inches, making it a fairly average sized lamp.


  • Beautiful glass build
  • Cotton lamp shade
  • Very bright
  • Ideal size for most spaces
  • You get 2 lamps


  • Glass is fragile
  • Color schemes are off

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3. Double Gourd 24″ Table Lamp

Double gourd table lamp with drum shape design and silver base.If you like gourd lamps, you will really like this particular lamp. It has 2 gourds, making for double the action. The lamp itself is made out of glass, which seems to be a big theme right now. Not that we have anything against it. Just don’t drop the thing. The shiny silver metallic finish of this lamp makes it extra shiny. It’s a good option for any modern looking home with lots of glass and metal furniture. It creates a nice silhouette.

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If you like making shadow puppets this lamp is definitely a good option to go with. It comes in at 7.7” W x 7.7” D and is 2 feet high, making it a fairly average sized lamp. It may not be small per say, but it is not so large that it won’t fit on any normal nightstand. It is a fairly bright light and more than good enough to illuminate a living room, more than enough for you and your family to play monopoly and get into arguments about who owns which properties.


  • Very bright
  • Nice glass design
  • Extremely modern looking
  • Has a lampshade
  • Average sized
  • Good for any room


  • The glass is a little fragile
  • Won’t look nice in old-school homes

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B. Candlestick Lamps

If you are not a fan of gourd lamps, maybe you might like candlestick lamps. Let’s take a look at some nice options right now!

1. Yana 28.75″ Buffet Lamp

Metallic buffet lamp with brown cord and downward light function.This particular candlestick lamp is a fairly large one. Unlike the gourd lamps that are short and fat like a dwarf, this candlestick lamp is tall and skinny like a Cover Girl supermodel. This lamp is 2.5 feet high, making it a fairly tall lamp. It’s a good option for any living room or bedroom that needs lots of illumination. It does come with a nice ruffled lampshade. Not only does the lampshade look nice, but it also stops this light from blinding you as soon as you look at it.

This lamp is made of real solid wood and features some really intricate detail work. There is no denying that it looks nice. It’s a good choice for any vintage looking home that wants to keep up appearances. It might not be the most modern lamp, but change is not always good anyway. All in all, this is a bright, beautiful, and useful candlestick lamp.

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  • Nice and tall
  • Good for most rooms
  • Ideal for vintage homes
  • Beautiful finish
  • Made with real wood


  • Not ideal for modern looking homes
  • A little wobbly

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2. Marla Candlestick 31″ Table Lamp

Elegant looking table lamp with chrome base and crystal fixture material.If you like beauty and elegance, look no further because this lamp is about as elegant as a white swan wearing a diamond tiara. It features a nice metallic base and stems with crystal accents, making it an awesome choice for both modern and vintage homes. It is made of real metal, so you know that it’s as tough as the toughest prizefighter out there. No, it can’t take a punch very well, but it certainly can give you a whole lot of light. This is a fairly tall lamp, coming in at 31 inches in height, making it a good choice for a living room table or dining area.

It’s not the best option for bedroom nightstands due to its tall size, but heck, you don’t need a light when you are trying to sleep anyway! This is a compact fluorescent candlestick lamp, something that comes in useful if you like saving money on your energy bill. Fluorescent lights are also really bright and do a good job illuminating large areas, which is probably what you are going for seeing as you are looking to buy a lamp. That being said, this lamp does come with a thin shade to make sure that you don’t get blinded by the light every time you look up.


  • Tall and elegant
  • Metal and crystal build
  • Good for dining rooms and living rooms
  • Features a lampshade
  • Durable construction
  • Great for modern homes
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  • A little heavy

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3. Signature Design by Ashley Nyssa Table Lamp

Metallic table lamp with matching drum fabric and purple finish.If you are into Barbie, unicorns, and vibrant purple colors, this is definitely a good candlestick lamp for you. From top to bottom, this thing is purple, pure purple with some clear crystal accents. It definitely makes for a good lamp for a dorm room, for a kid’s room, or just if you love the color purple. Not only is the color of the lamp very bright and vibrant, but it actually serves to light up your whole room. Yes, this is what lamps do.

The matching drum fabric shade helps to calm the lighting down and illuminate your ceiling for full room illumination. It makes for a fairly good reading lamp too, but it’s best and biggest benefit is that it looks awesome. The bottom and the stem are both made of real metal, which is a big bonus. Not only does this lamp look nice, but it’s tough too. If it were a human, we’d say that it has the best of both worlds. It comes in at 11 diam. x 23.5H inches, making it a fairly average sized lamp, therefore ideal for nightstands and living room tables alike.


  • Very brightly colored
  • Looks nice
  • Good for kids and adults
  • Durable metal build
  • Drum lampshade
  • Good for any room


  • Definitely not for homes with lots of wood furniture
  • Might be a little too purple for some

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C. Tiffany Lamps

If gourd and candlestick lamps aren’t your cups of tea, maybe these Tiffany lamps might suit you better.

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1. Warehouse of Tiffany Mission Style Table Lamp

Elegant table lamp with brown and tan glass shade together with gold and silver finish.If you don’t like change, you like vintage, and you want your home to remain to look like it’s the 1980s, you are going to love this classic Tiffany lamp. It is definitely a conversation starter, to say the least. The stained glass style lampshade provides enough illumination to see the whole room. At the same time, it helps dim the light a bit, so you don’t get blinded, plus the light can pass through it a little bit, creating some nice colors and shadows on the wall.

The tan and brown glass looks nice, but it’s not too vibrant, making it ideal for old-school homes. The zinc bass and brass finish do look really nice. There is just no denying that. It comes in at 18 diam. x 28H inches, making it a fairly large lamp. You know what they say, go big or go home. That being said, it is still compact enough to any nightstand, or better yet, for any small living room table.


  • Nice design
  • Classic Tiffany style
  • Solid metal build
  • Average size – good for most rooms
  • Great for old school and vintage homes


  • Fairly heavy
  • Not for modern homes

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2. Driscoll Tiffany Style Floral Table Lamp

Traditional table lamp with glass and zinc materials together with brown cord color.If you like old school designs, lots of jewels, and stained glass, this is a great lamp for you. It features close to 400 separate pieces of glass and 30 jewels, making it a really elegant looking lamp indeed. The lampshade is really cool because the light colored and semi-transparent glass helps to create so neat patterns on the wall. The shade is thin enough to let light through and to create a mesmerizing light show, but thick enough so you can sit comfortably beside it without getting blinded.

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The brass and stained glass design of this particular lamp make it ideal for both vintage and modern homes alike. This light actually features dual bulbs for twice the illumination, making it ideal for larger rooms that need a lot of illumination. It has dual pull cords, one for each bulb. Even better is that the stained glass base contains a third bulb that illuminates from the inside out. Beauty is definitely something you get with this lamp. This lamp comes in at W 18″ / D 18″ / H 23″ and weighs 11 lbs.


  • Beautiful brass and stained glass look
  • 3 bulbs for great illumination
  • Creates nice light shows on the wall
  • Great for any room
  • Good for vintage and modern homes alike


  • Contains led
  • Not very energy efficient

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3. Chloe Lighting Tiffany-Style Victorian 2 Light Table Lamp

Bronze table lamp with glass and metal materials.Another great vintage Victorian era lamp to go with, this particular Tiffany style lamp features a beautiful brass colored base. The base is pretty hefty, heavy, and wide, thus ensuring good stability and durability. The top features a nice stained glass lamp shade with floral patterns and lots of bright colors. It’s a good option for an old-school home that could use an infusion of color.

The stained glass lamp shade is definitely a beautiful feature. This lamp comes in at 16.1 x 16.1 x 22 in, making it a fairly average sized lamp. It’s a good fit for a small living room table, coffee table, and for your nightstand too. This lamp actually has 2 bulbs for twice the brightness, thus ideal for rooms that need a fair amount of illumination. Each bulb is separately controlled by pull strings.

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  • Beautiful stained glass lamp shade
  • Creates nice colors
  • Solid metal base
  • Good size for most areas
  • Great addition to vintage homes
  • Dual bulbs


  • Not suit for contemporary homes
  • Not very energy efficient

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D. Conclusion

If you are on the hunt for some nice small table lamps, any of the above options are awesome choices to go with. Whether a gourd, candlestick, or Tiffany lamp, we’re sure that you can find something to suit your taste and needs.