85 Southwestern Living Room Ideas (Photos)

Welcome to our Southwestern living room photo gallery showcasing numbers of Southwestern living room ideas of all types.

The sophisticated living room features a leather sofa filled with pillows and throw blanket. It is paired with a glass top coffee table and printed stool over a patterned rug.

Living room surrounded with glass windows overlooking a serene mountain view. It has a ceiling fan that hung over a pair of highback chairs and a round coffee table.

Southwestern living room showcases a framed wall art mounted on the brick wall. It has a wood beam ceiling and tiled flooring topped with a red vintage rug.

This living room boasts a brown tufted sofa that faces the wooden coffee table and blue wingback chairs. It has a sitting area next to the fireplace beneath a glass window.

The symmetrical living room features striped facing sofas and a pair of gray armchairs lighted by floor lamps.

Gorgeous living room designed with a framed painting that’s mounted above a red tufted sofa paired with a wooden coffee table and brown leather chairs.

Charming living room showcases a concrete fireplace situated in between rustic windows. It has a curved sectional with a metal coffee table facing the gray cuddle chairs and modular side table.

Spacious living room decorated with a serene painting that’s mounted above the stone fireplace. It includes front glass cabinets and framed glass windows.

Magnificent living room boasts a kiva fireplace and glass windows with a panoramic view of the mountain. It also has a window seat nook clad in stone bricks and topped with pillows.

Southwestern living room illuminated by a candle chandelier that hung over a wooden coffee table surrounded by mismatched chairs that’s accented with blue pillows.

Airy living room with a stone brick accent wall decorated with a yellow artwork mounted above a modern fireplace.

A beige sectional faces the fireplace in this white living room with concrete tiled flooring and dark wood plank ceiling accented with rustic wood beams.

Warm living room lighted by table lamps and wall sconces mounted on the marble wall above a fireplace.

The white living room features a television that faces the brown sofa surrounded by a wooden coffee table and mismatched chairs.

Cozy living room offers a fireplace with red brick surround tiles and natural wood mantel topped with a vintage clock and wall art.

Spacious living room with a carved wood console table topped with a zigzag bowl and tall table lamps along with framed wall arts.

Fabulous living room illuminated by a wrought iron chandelier that hung from the green vaulted ceiling. It has a purple couch paired with a hexagon coffee table and armchairs that sit on a lovely pink patterned rug.

Southwestern living room showcases a brown sectional and mismatched chairs surrounding a colorful ornate center table over a brown rug.

This living room boasts yellow walls designed with a red wall tapestry along with a white brick fireplace and arched glass windows.

Fresh living room enclosed with wood paneled glazing. It has hardwood flooring topped with a lovely blue and red area rug.

Red fleur-de-lis patterned pillows lay on the brown leather sectionals in this mustard yellow living room. It has diamond flooring and wood beam ceiling.

Rustic living room surrounded by full height glass windows allowing plenty of natural light in. It is illuminated by a twig chandelier that hung from the wood beam ceiling.

Bright living room features glass doors that open to the balcony. It has light hardwood flooring that complements with the wood plank ceiling.

Gorgeous white living room designed with wall decors placed above a brick fireplace. It has an L-shaped gray sectional and skirted armchairs surrounding a tree stump coffee table.

Southwestern living room showcases a stone brick accent wall and rustic wood plank flooring. It has a gray L-shaped sectional that sits on a red printed rug.

Natural light streams through the glass windows in this white living room filled with a leather sofa and gray armchairs along with recliners and ottomans.

Clean white living room boasts a polished hardwood flooring topped with a lovely blue rug. It is lighted by wall sconces and rattan desk lamps that sit on round wooden side tables.

Charming living room with concrete flooring and glass windows covered in cream draperies. It has a decorative fireplace facing the beige textured sofa set over a shabby chic rug.

Marvelous living room offers a wooden coffee table surrounded by matching sofas and armchairs. It has glass windows with a clear view of the outdoor scenery.

An open living room features a beige sofa fitted with blue cushions and pillows along with wingback chairs and metal coffee table accented by a charming rug.

This living room showcases a white kiva fireplace that camouflaged with the wall. It includes a gray tufted sofa filled with various styled throw pillows.

A white couch accented with a red blanket faces the fireplace next to a skylight that’s fixed on the wood beam ceiling in this cozy living room.

Living room with a slanting layout features wood plank flooring that matches the ceiling lined with wood beams and fitted with a skylight and recessed lighting.

Gorgeous living room boasts a stylish stone accent wall framed with dark wood beams. It has a wood ceiling with a hanging wrought iron chandelier.

Southwestern living room showcases a stone fireplace fixed to the wood plank wall. It is illuminated by a vintage chandelier that hung from the cathedral ceiling.

White living room features open archway and inset walls lined with dark wood floating shelves and illuminated by sconces and track lights mounted on the wood beams.

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