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Is the Superior Comfort Bed Lounger Any Good? We’ve Had One for 5 Years

Picture of the Superior Comfort Bed Lounger

When we set out to buy a queen bed frame, we purposely chose one with a reclining headboard so that we could sit up comfortably and read/use laptops in bed.

Talk about a bust that turned out to be. The attached headboard wasn’t high enough and it was too angled to be comfortable.

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Don’t you hate it when something feels right in the store, but once you get it home, it just doesn’t work or feel as good as it did in the store?  Well that’s what happened to us with our queen bed.

Instead of selling the bed at a steep discount and buying another $1,000+ bed, we opted to buy a bed lounger. This was 5 years ago.

Yes, it costs $149, but it’s less than a new bed and our comfort bed lounger turned out to be a lot more useful than we expected. Moreover, we can have it for future beds as well.

Most importantly, it’s far more comfortable than any bed headboard could be. It’s absolutely ideal for anyone who likes to read or use a computer in bed. We use it daily. Our 2 year old son loves it too.

Why did we choose this version?

There are certainly cheaper types of sitting pillows for beds we could have purchased. However, we really wanted something that was sturdy and soft; not some shaped pillow that lacked support.

In fact, the best thing about the HS bed lounger is how it retains its shape while providing support and comfort. Our 2-year-old has tossed it around, jumped on it and who knows what else, and it still feels as good and is as supportive as it was the day it arrived to our home (5 years ago).


This product must be set against a wall or something solid. It will not stay upright with weight against it. Therefore, if the head portion of your bed is not against the wall or you don’t have a sturdy headboard, don’t get this because it won’t support you.

It’s not only for the bed

  • If you need more seating, it works great as a chair on the floor against a wall.
  • Kids love them (at least our toddler does). In fact, we should consider getting another one because he’s taken it over quite a bit.
  • Added bonus if you have young kids – it accommodates me and my toddler son which makes a comfortable place to read him books.

Profile view of how the Bed Lounger is constructedMaintains its shape very well

This is key. It has an internal plastic frame so that it maintains its shape, even after 5 years of consistent use. Cheaper versions don’t do this (at least from the customer reviews I’ve read online).

The foam used for the cushion is decent quality. It hasn’t warped or flattened at all.

What you get

The basic features include:

  • Shaped bed chair with arms and headrest.
  • Pockets on the outside of the arms for storing things. The pockets are really a fabric pouch so it’s limited to holding lighter/smaller objects. It accommodates items such as magazines, tablets, remote control, etc. Generally, flat items are best.
  • Adjustable headrest that slides up and down (see my critique below about this feature).
  • Stylish design. It’s well made and looks good… even in a family room setting.

Who should buy this bed chair?

Anyone who likes to sit upright in bed or would like a quality chair for use on a floor.

While I don’t have back or neck pain, some customers with neck/back pain report it’s made sitting in bed much more comfortable. I can say that it prevents neck strain if you typically prop head up on pillows in bed to watch TV, read or use a tablet.

Where can it be used?

  • The most common use is in bed. It will fit on single beds as well. Queen/king beds can accommodate 2 side-by-side.
  • On the floor (against a wall or something solid).
  • Kids love them – it’s a great floor lounger for kids.
  • What about the beach? Not so good. Sand gets inside it and you need something solid to lean it against.
  • Meditation chair:  It’s ideal for meditation because it provides back support, yet is wide enough to cross your legs. In fact, yoga studios and teachers could buy several of them for meditation sessions (but they do need to be set against the studio walls for support).

What I don’t like about it?

I have two beefs with this thing. They are:

1. The headrest. Yes, it adjusts up and down which is great in theory, but it’s a little flimsy and doesn’t stay up all that well. I’m tall (6′ 3″) and tend to not bother with adjusting the headrest. This works best.

2. The arms and using a laptop.  The arms are fairly high, which is great when lounging, reading and watching TV, but not so great if you’re using a laptop. Your elbows will be in an elevated position unless you elevate your laptop (which is what I do to address this).

Despite my complaints, I love the product. The arms height issue is a double-edged sword. The arms make it a great lounger, which impedes laptop. An armless version wouldn’t be nearly as sturdy and not as comfortable for reading and watching TV.

Other than that, we have no complaints and consider it $149 very well spent.

Is it still in good shape after 5 years of use?

Yes. It’s a very durable product. It’s as supportive and comfortable as it was the day we bought.

=> Buy it here

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