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Where Can You Put a Console Table in Your Living Room?

A picture frame and a console table in the living room.

Giving your living room a splash of life and accent comes with great furniture pieces. You can embellish any style or theme in your living room with the help of a console table. A thin but open table, the console table is a piece that can be flexible to your needs and also come in endless options. Choose from a rustic and traditional console table to something more edgy and modern. No matter which console table you choose, there is a good place to put them so that you shift the attention to where you want it. 

Use the Console Table at the Front Door

A wooden console table beside an open door.

For living spaces that have small foyers, it is a great area to hold the daily essentials of bags and keys that you are looking to drop when you first come in the door. It is also the first place that guests will navigate to when they are visiting for a party. In this case, it is a great place for appetizers or drinks for guests to grab and go with.

If you are having guests over casually, make sure to leave space so that they too can sit down on their phones and bags when they come in to visit. You want them to be as comfortable as you are. It is good practice to only place minimal decor if this is where you are using your console table. 

Entertain With Your Console Table

Since many electronic devices have minimal wiring, there is no need for the large entertainment centers of the past. However, a console table beneath the television on the wall helps guide the attention of your family and friends in your living room to the entertainment.

Place a couple of pictures or a small houseplant beneath the television to bring the home together. You can also use the console table to store controllers and remotes in decorative home pieces. 

Mock Mantel

A mock table below an empty picture frame.

If you do not have a fireplace in your home, then you do not have a mantel. However, a console table, can act as that oversized shelf and hang below a large piece of art or decoration that you otherwise would have placed above the mantel.

Along the table, you can add staple pieces that are found on the mantel, such as photos or small home decor pieces that add ambiance to your living room. Add a small stack of books in a more classic living space or a vine to add a splash of color. 

Mini Bar Central

A minibar in the living room with wine glasses.

If you want to offer a mini bar in your living space, a console table in the corner of the room is a great addition. They give a clean appearance as a mini bar and work well in rooms that are small.

You can store an ice bucket, beverages, and clean glasses on the table so that your guests are able to enjoy their visit. The console table allows you to bring out your best and prevents you from hoarding beverages in a single space. 

Give Your Room an Additional Flare

Some living rooms are pretty standard, a little dull, and need a lot of love. If you are renting your home currently, you may be limited with eh changes you can make to wall color, trimming, and other features of the home.

If you have a dull living room, you can give it some flair and spice by adding a console table to an employ wall. Unlike other uses for the console table, you want to add lots of decorations to the table. Include pieces that are large, bright, and show off any loud personality traits that you are limited within other places. 

Sit Behind the Couch

Especially in living rooms with small spaces, you have to get creative with storage space for drinks and phones while sitting on the couch. End tables may not be the right option because of space limitations. With a console table, you can set it right behind a sofa and use it for storage purposes. While it is there, you do want to add a few decorations and maybe some additional lighting.. 

Where Will You Put Your Console Table?

A gray sofa and a console table in the living room.

There are so many great places to consider for your console table, and you may be having a dilemma on where it should be. Keep in mind that these tables are flexible, so if you are not sure, try it in one place for a week and then the other for another week. By that time, you should have an idea on where you prefer the console table and how it works best with your living room design.